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I Told Y’all Californians Are The Problem

The trend is clear and consistent. Yuppies have been flooding across the Golden Gate for years. Regrettably this unfortunate trend has become a rush. For years I’ve worked in unbelievable homes people live in for a couple weeks a year. San Fran big shots buying summer homes in what was affordable little Sonoma County. Now from every direction the starting price for this county is half a million dollars.

What’s “rich” about all this, is the crazy demographics and answer to the housing shortage. The answer is more “low income” housing. What about middle class housing? You need a middle class to house one. These people want lattes, baby sitters, and lawn mowers. All the while telling me it’s “big business” that wants illegal immigration.

I personally see the benefactors of illegal aliens everyday. The champagne socialist swine that is swarming this area like locusts. Fujian caretakers for their parents, Mexican yard maintenance, and Asians for fingernail whatever. The cheapest and most vulnerable population possible, that’s their life.

All of these pukes have “causes” they can chat With their friends about. All the while living a complete contradiction and they all know it. They justify everything they, and their side, does without question. I’m a hero for paying the absolute lowest cost to an immigrant who I have no idea about. Help a friend? Please. I help the foreigner by gypping them on every service I get. They can’t talk to anyone without mentioning one of their pets. Oh Marseilles is so good maybe we could loan him to you.

There is a poison in this place now that seems to bring out the absolute worst in people. They are nasty, self absorbed, and dangerously stupid. They are also getting quite frank with their threats against the unvaccinated. I’m concerned that my continued presence here could land me in a California cage.

I see no other avenue but to flee. I am working out the details but the decision to leave was made a long time ago. Only now though, do I feel an urgency to get the hell out of here. The people here are hostile, always willing to screw you over, and totally complacent with hardcore corruption. That’s the end of civilization and I’m out. 

I think the state of Jefferson must come to be a real thing. If these locusts are allowed to continue past Sonoma County they will only further increase their representation and control over the valuable part of the state.

To those living in other states or countries, and might think California is misrepresented, I hate to break it to you but they haven’t got all they want yet. There is no end point. Satisfaction isn’t in these lunatics lexicon. The good Californians must work toward succession, or abandon your homes. Abandon the state you grew up in. These are your choices, because why? Californians Suck.

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