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CRT Is Done For, Just A Matter Of Time

For the last year I’ve been watching school board meetings while parents flip out. They are furious with CRT, masks, and all of the hyper LGBT… All year I have watched passionate parents lay out very good and fair cases against the board. The school board gives them their 3 minutes and then forget all about it.

Well, now the teachers are joining the cause as well. Michigan is considering a law banning the teaching of CRT.  According to a retired Michigan teacher, named Ilona Rugg. She accused the board of ‘ following an exceedingly inhumane program that scares children by teaching that their accomplishments are vicious relics of white supremacy”. Well said ma’am.

This wonderful, but retired teacher gave testimony to the state senate regarding CRT and she laid it out plain. Rugg said, “The public school system is indoctrinating and shaming our children and teachers. Critical race theory pits minority children against whites. It drives a wedge between parent and child.” Obviously Ms. Rugg is in opposition to this garbage and she knows it better than most.

Rugg continues, “ Students are indoctrinated to hate their country, hate their gender, hate their parents. We have to stop allowing all off this madness to occur in our public schools. I support the bill.” Thank you so much for telling the truth, even at the cost of your reputation among your peers. Your peers are trash that deserve to pick up trash on the freeway.

This is where things get funny/infuriating. After this very restrained assessment of the most vile crap ever taught in America, she was accosted by a senator. A senator that I refuse to name because she’s not even human, “We have just listened to the most bigoted rhetoric I ever heard in my professional life.” Probably not an English teacher. “Rhetoric THAT I HAVE ever heard… maybe i’m wrong but she speaks like I do, not a teacher.

This wench of a representative demanded that the many anti-CRT representatives there, be required to prove “That CRT is being taught anywhere in the country.” Rugg responded as such, “Even though schools will tell you they are not teaching CRT, they will lie or call it something else.” I love this retired teacher and am sad that the children of Michigan no longer have her.

A senator Runestad, a republican told the committee that he had personally visited over 100 schools and found evidence of CRT in every school. Dr Pugh, VP of the Michigan school board begged senators to oppose the bill. What a hero, not. Demonic witch that thinks she knows what’s better for your kids than you do. F these pukes.

“I call on you to embrace critical race theory.” , she says. Also that, “self induced amnesia that the legislation promotes will “suppress truth”. What a lunatic and motivated to no end to keep the status quo. She continues, “To promote the comfort of some students while ignoring the discomfort of others is an act of violence.” This is violence to not teach CRT. Not teaching hate and division is described by this psychopath as violence.

The law in question will dock a schools budget by 5% of its state aid if it allows any of the teaching of the tenets of CRT. Our hero, retired teacher Rugg, has done battle with these monsters in the past when she refused to aid and abet the destruction of impressionable minds by catering to their pronoun nonsense. This put a bullseye on her back and is likely the reason she is retired. 

From her, “I teach English. It (a preferred pronoun) is ungrammatical and confusing. These are children. I’m going to call them by their God given gender.” Absolutely amazing ma’am. Well done, you are a hero and we all owe you a debt of gratitude for serving us, so well. While the 99% of our servants are taking over the farm, there still exists some who serve because they want to serve their communities and the children in their classes. Public service for the honor of the service alone. This is honorable in every way and they are desperate to rid our schools of these honorable, civic servants.

Apparently this teacher was basically drummed out of her position. Apparently the controversy hit new levels when she displayed a poster in her class room. A poster of Mao? Stalin? No nothing like the “good teachers” have in their classrooms. Her poster said “In God We Trust”, above a bald eagle, ended with the phrase, “In every day give thanks and praise.” Then a picture of our sitting president, Donald Trump.

“Over several years, one lone parent complained.” She said she got a talking to but the stuff remained up where it belonged. Since Rugg retired she has been tirelessly advocating for parents and children by visiting and speaking at school boards across the state. She says, “Children are not being taught moral values, or about God-given rights as Americans. The public needs to know how their tax dollars are being spent.”

Rugg finishes with this, “I’ve been bullied. Falsely accused of things. I’ve been watched like a hawk. I’m waiting to be labeled a domestic terrorist.”

Well done, ma’am. You are in good company. If this satanic state considers you an ally you are a tool for the devil. They have labeled real Americans, terrorists. Embrace it, and know that you are in good company that we will protect you with the same fanaticism you have protected our children with. We have your back Mrs. Rugg. Welcome to the patriot movement, we require only one commitment from you. Fidelity to the natural/God’s law. 

We have to give as much support to these great people as possible. They have to live among their enemies and these scumbags will lie and gossip to destroy her life in any way they can. We stand together, or fall together. One thing is clear. We need each other and we must have allies from all backgrounds and skill sets. What if we just start an alternative society right inside the communist fist closing in on us. Will we be able to force that fist open, and crush it to gravel for the foundation of freedom, to be built upon the ruble. I hope so. The fist is closing and this teacher is holding a finger by herself. Imagine if she had a dozen just like her. 

The schools are ground zero for the battle over the hearts and minds of our very own children. We must take the education of our children back before we can have any realistic chance at victory. They are churning out brainwashed soldiers that will fight their very own family before go against the army of propaganda, peer pressure, and authority.

One good generation and we have the war won. If we can rely on our young to have the intellectual armor to protect them against the intellectual super weapon, known as socialism/communism/social democracy/etc…  We can know that regardless the loss of life, the ideas will remain and outlive our bodies so that our children might flourish. It is our lives to offer to the fight. It is our women who must take the role of educator to bolster our fight. With our children safe at home we can worry about the enemy only. If we must constantly worry about our partners fidelity, our children’s safety and education, and the enemy as well, we will lose. 

Men and women are wonderfully opposite. All things men lack at, women excel in. All things women struggle with, men are good for. If this wasn’t a built in level of complementary skills and weaknesses we wouldn’t ever “need” one another. They have taken this beautiful match of dependencies upon each other and turned them into “inequity”. We need each other, men and women. This is the most important relationship to be fixed and made traditional again. The partnership between husband and wife is supposed to be incorruptible. Nothing should shake those vows that are witnessed by friends, family, and God himself.

Vows mean something and they are taken under the witness of all, including the most important witness, God. Your contract has 3 party’s. Husband, wife, and God. When you break your vows, you do so with God and the other person as well. When people are asked a few years after divorce the level of regret is incredible. Most people wish they had just worked it out. Very few are totally satisfied with the decision or the outcomes. Divorce is poison to society and it used to be a lot harder to dissolve this legal contract.

The excuse of “dissatisfaction” wasn’t an option. Infidelity, violence, and the like, were all good and relevant reasons for divorce. Boredom or lack of satisfaction were not going to get you custody of a man’s children or a cent of his money. The feminist movement made divorce a financial decision as much as an emotional one. No fault divorce is a truly disgusting way for a single party to dissolve a two party contract. Better yet, they can be the, dissatisfied party, and still get to rape the man of all wealth, parental rights, and self respect. 

If we can fix our families the country will follow. Two loving parents, healthy and happy children, educated by the most very most vetted strangers, or mom and dad themselves. One generation of this family representing the majority and we win. Take your family back and the country will follow. Men, I’m talking to you. Since the very first family, the man has been the head of the household. This needs to be returned and respected. Men are the ones that God tasked with running the family and protecting them. Nature has proved God’s plan was naturally innate. As we remove men from leadership and protector of him and his. We are losing control of our civilization. The destruction of white masculinity has neutered the country and left it ripe for the picking. White men, stand up. Take back control of your families. 

Women will test you for how much crap you will take. The answer they come to should be, zero. You should never give in to any immature behavior by your wife. If she baits you into an unprovoked argument, you simply refuse to play games and let her know that’s not your gig. You are a grown up and rely on reason. If you have a good track record she should come to trust you and even appreciate having you to deal with the things she doesn’t like. We are opposites but we compliment each other perfectly. This was designed and when you fight this, you fight nature. Or God if ya like. Not good or healthy. Our families need to be traditional because they became tradition due to the wisdom and progress made by following this model. The model God made and has given us to enjoy each other and society without violence, or hatred.

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