Californians Are The Problem

This is a kind of personal post. I wake up early and am a morning person. I tend to do my writing and podcasting in the morning before my real job. I recently moved from a 3 bedroom house right around the corner from my new place. Now I’m living in a shoebox apartment complex that is very poorly built.

Since I moved in a month ago, the fellas underneath me have been a constant pain in my ass. Anytime I drop something, knock something over, or just step too hard, I am rewarded by banging on my floor. I have purchased a huge and thick area rug, downsized my stereo from standing towers to book shelf speakers on stands. I have spent maybe $1000 trying to improve the sound insulation between me and the rest of the place. All to no avail.

This morning I woke up early and immediately knocked something over. I was instantly hit with a rap, rap, rap of a broom against my floor. Being that I had just opened my eyes and was a bit confused, I stomped back. Then it continued as I made a pot of coffee. By the time I had a cup of coffee and was heading outside to have a smoke, I was already pissed off.

As I came down the stairs, one of the shit stains was in his car. I asked, were you up anyway? Why were you banging on my floor? He then got as hostile as can be without any warning. He ran up to me and stood 6 inches from my face. At this point I was ready and egging him on. Daring him to take a shot. I know one word that could have got him to throw first but I chose to just taunt him the same I would any other. Do something or shut the fu** up.

This idiot ran up to me with his hands down. That’s why I never even put my coffee or smoke down. Both my hands were full. Still seeing the way he approached me told me everything I need to know next time this happens. Running at a man with your hands down at your side, is asking to double the momentum of my punch that’s coming from under your chin as you focus on where to stop without actually touching me. See that is how totally inexperienced he is. He thinks aggressively getting in my face and doing nothing to protect himself as he does it, tells me he is tough and scary.

What it told me is that this dude has never squared off with a real man. If he had he would have given me far more respect than he did. He treated me like he was standing over a child he could dominate through intimidation. The fact that I simply smiled wide, with my hands down, and begged him to take his shot, made him furious and even less dangerous. I’d say that he became a bit of a threat when his brother came out to “squash” it. This emboldened baby brother and also triggered my self preservation mode. So what was a heated shit talking chest puffing, turned into threats, ultimatums, and thinly veiled threats of murder.

The baby brother, problem child, left and I went to have my smoke. The other guy decided to continue the issue. He followed me to the street continuing to bitch. He wasn’t looking for a fight, just refused to recognize I was too heated to be interested in making peace. In time sure, in the moment, leave me be.

So there we were standing on the sidewalk of a busy highway detour, speaking loudly and using many bad words, and wouldn’t ya know it, the police rolled up in a convoy of 3 vehicles. The other dude was already almost in his place while I continued to smoke. The cops asked what happened and I dead that we had an argument and then zipped it.

I quickly pointed out the other guy before he could dip into his pad and avoid Johnny law. If I was going to be harassed, he was too. The pigs asked questions and the simp went along to keep his brother from being called out for rushing me. If I was a cop I could have shot this dude on camera and walked. I certainly could have used my fists without charge. Lucky for him I was holding a lighter and a pack of smokes in one hand and a coffee cup in the other. I should have just drenched his eyeballs with my coffee and drilled his blind ass. It would have been self defense, clear and dry. 

I have no interest in living next to lunatics. This dude has no control over his anger and can’t accept the fact that people make noise in their homes. He seems to be incapable of living under me, while I would have no problem with anyone. You would have to be practicing a metal band all day and night before I even said anything to you. I want people to live their lives and think the slumlord that remodeled all the units with new appliances and floors, but nothing to isolate the units from each other, was a thief. 

I made no bones about it. I told older brother to control his boy unless he wants to see him get hurt. I plainly and without an once of machismo told hi, if he so much as rushes name like that again he will regret it to no end. I will drop him like a bad habit. All big bro did was beg me not to, and threaten me with jail. I explained that I already could have legally done just this, I gave him one chance. It would be very foolish to challenge me on this. I even promised big bro I wouldn’t have to throw the first punch. I told him I knew a word that I believed, could get him to take a wild and easily avoided punch. To this, I was pathetically asked not to.

The convo ended by me telling him how dangerous it is to act hard if you aren’t. I also alluded to the fact that I don’t rely strictly on my own physical strengths, but have all options available. This is likely what got the convoy to show up. They started squealing about me shooting them and it was loud and 5 am. They know I made no such threat or big bro would have told the cops about it when they mentioned it. I only made such comment because there’s 2 of them, one of me. I won’t be straight bashed by a couple fags.

This is the issue. The entitlement that gay men seem to think they enjoy. Just because I can catch a hate crime charge, doesn’t mean I won’t knock your ass out. The so called gay mafia is as real as the Italian one. The difference being, the gay mafia is protected by law and the media. They act like they own the place, whatever the place might be. Everything in these people’s lives is a personal attack. They equate every action with themselves and see conflict everywhere. Hyper sensitive and quick to violence. The issue is the extreme deficit they are in, in terms of experience. While they may have been bullied, they never learned to protect themselves because the teachers, parents, and law does it for them.

I have no “protective status”. A white male that loves women is open to prosecution for every law on the books. Blacks, gays, and others are only subject to some of the same laws, and are instead afforded extra protection by the same laws that unfairly affect me. This is equality before the law? Ya right.

I’m not surprised the police were called, this was before 5 am and it was loud and sounded violent. What scares me is the other folks. While I have had no other issues with a single other resident, who would they support if made to choose? One of my neighbors shares weed with me. The ladies all smile and say hello as I respond in kind. As far as I know, my issue is with one person. If I end up knocking out some Twink over clear and repetitive threats and passive aggressive behavior, am I going to be done for a hate crime? What if I accidentally slip and say fag during the exchange? Could this simple slip of the tongue cost me a felony? 

I’ve been victim of this before. I was charged with a hate crime at 16 for saying something immature about a young jewish boy. The issue was, I had no idea he was jewish, nor did I have a single issue with jews, at all. I was 16 and not educated about the world or the jews at all. Still the charge was leveled, and I got out of it but it’s a felony. A disenfranchisement from society. No voting, owning guns, or working for many institutions.

This is California. A stupid and short exchange brought out a battalion of looters looking for a gang stand off. Mind you, I live on the opposite side of town from the gangs and I’m sure at the very moment they were dragging on a dispute that was over before they got there, folks from gangland were needing them, but unlike my neighborhood, nobody calls the police. If we had been on the other side of town we could have taken shots at each other, and if we both missed and left, nobody would know about it except the immediate witnesses. Nobody would call the cops, because they just don’t.

This bipolar society is so tiresome and annoying. Between the gangs and the ambient violence they bring with them, the gay mafia and their legal protection, and the idiot public that just wants the path least bothersome, California is populated by maniacs.

What a way to start your day, right. Now off to go start a good sized job and make a living. At least I will be gone all day. I can listen to podcasts and work away the day to forget all about this crap. When I see him next I expect a sincere apology and a sincere offer to squash it. If I am blown off, then who knows how this ends. I’m happy to avoid him and act like strangers. I would also gladly hit reset and start over. 

They think I am purposefully making noise. I have spent $1000 trying to reduce the noise. When I told them I did this it was not thanked or even acknowledged. The aggressiveness has only increased, not decreased. I’m done being neighborly, if the other party refuses to reciprocate at all, fuck em. Let them be a pain in the managers ass. I will make sure not to give any reasons for eviction and play the game. 

God help me get out of this place. Soon, very soon.

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