Back In The Saddle Again…

If ya’ll haven’t figured it out know, I love music and like to use musical verses in my posts. Aerosmith was one of my first favorite bands. The very first CD I ever owned was Get A Grip, by Aerosmith. Something about the age or something but if that CD had been a record I would have ruined it with playtime within a few months of getting it. Appetite For Destruction, Guns “n” Roses, was my second, if I remember correctly. Music has been an escape for me, for as long as I remember.

Today my obsession with music has blossomed into a HIFI addiction as well as an eclectic taste in music that would shock most people who only know the “work” me. Before the popularity of Amazon Music, Pandora, etc.. I collected all of my music collection through P2P torrent transfer. Piracy? Not even close. If the library is stealing so is sharing. P2P torrent sites are simply sharing sites. The original upload was purchased and then shared with their friends. Just happen to consider all torrent users friends.

I had no problem, morally, or technically collecting around 100 gigs of music this way. A full month worth of music was all in my iTunes catalog. When I started to download movies, my internet service provider, flipped out. They flooded my email with warnings to the point of destroying the email. I had to just ditch it ands start a new email. Apparently they still make a lot of ,homey renting and selling movies. Record sales cratered to the point that I think they gave up. Without the support of the artists, with the exception of Metallica, the labels were on their own. Movie industry is just massive and the money involved is incredible, so I get it, I guess.

The difference between sharing a movie and a CD is purely elementary. The only difference is the “artists”. Musicians that live for their trade care about touring, selling merchandise, and they get ripped off on CD sales anyway. The big movie houses are obsessed with the box office numbers first, then the rental and digital and disk sales, after the fact. The royalties are going to the producer, and I doubt the actors are compensated beyond their contract to complete thew film. So, the “artists” are nothing in movies. They are the music. I also tend to only download older, good, music, and can’t stand 99% of everything out there today.

Torrents are a great way for people to people exchange. I can’t explain exactly how it works but I can tell you that with a properly configured VPN you can access almost everything digital that exists on the net. You can do it anonymously through the VPN and all files are available for use and upload. The thing one must have a handle on is authenticity. All “free” things are suspicious and likely cost something. Downloading and opening the wrong torrent can probably “brick” your computer, or install spyware and even, more insidious viruses into your hard-disk.

Take it from someone who has used torrents for at least a decade. If you are save enough to use torrents and get the files you want in the process, you can navigate the viruses. They aim for the lowest common denominator. Don’t be stupid or over click and you’ll be fine.

Torrents offer us a way to anonymously send, or make public, any file they want, and lets it be searched for, and found by anyone looking for it. Any sensitive information can be encrypted and password protected and put on Pirate Bay or a similar site. Any Pirate Bay mirror is a s good as the original. If you are sensitive to porn, be aware their must be terabytes of it on these sites. You can avoid the porn completely by searching for specific files.

Stealing is how the music labels refer to this. This is not stealing anymore than lending a copyrighted work to a friend. As long as you aren’t selling these copies for monetary gain they have no copyright case. Copyright protects the creator’s ability to control its distribution and profit from the work exclusively. Of course, after settling up with the label, that is. The good thing for us, horrible for the artists, is the pittance they receive for royalties on CD sales, downloads on whatever, or plays on Spotify. The labels have used their power over the industry to absolutely rape the artists out of any of the easy money. Touring is hard. Collecting royalties is easy. Well, ask any artists what pays their bills, with the exception of Mettalica, and they will say touring and merch.

That’s why The Rolling Stones are willing to all get blood transfusions and jacked up on Adrenochrome, just so they can pack a stadium for a million dollar night. With a record catalog like the Stones they should not be touring as senior citizens. I bet ya, dollars top doughnuts they make almost nothing from royalties after chopping it up among the band. Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash has over 300 actual albums, not songs, but albums. This is the reason that Johnny gets a pass for his younger days and his recordings with David Alan Coe.

“America for whites,

Africa for blacks,

Send those apes back to those trees,

Ship those ni**ers back.”

This is just one chorus I remember off hand from a tape that was given to me by a friend’s older brother. I’m not trying to denigrate either Coe or Cash. Both are my favorites. I’m certainly not trying to get them cancelled but that’s my point. These songs have been around for 60 years. They knew we wouldn’t let them destroy Cash, an American hero. As far as Coe goes, he’s famous for those who know him. He’s a bit obscure in this day in age. He has many great and inoffensive songs. My favorite has to be “The Ride”. A story of him walking to Nashville only to be picked up by the ghost of Hank Williams. A short but very excellent song that is moving for those of us that have a soul to be moved. Coe’s version of “land of the Rising Sun” original done by the Animals is amazing. I much prefer the Coe track over the original, because of the excellent piano and guitar parts, added to a low and slow tempo. It’s amazing.

Anyways, I’m back at it and working a regular 9 to 5 again. I just wanted to let y’all know it’s going to essect my posting schedule and my methods. We will work it out and I will do my best. Enjoy some good old fashioned country and relax.

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