All Religion Is Equal, But One Is More Equal

This is getting so tiresome I just can’t believe it. This idea that all peoples and all cultures can coexist in the same country at peace, is so moronically stupid I am gobsmacked at the ignorance of the public. I know what the politicos, media wretches, and NGO’s want, and accept, what’s happening. They know they can destroy this country by destroying white, Christian, and intact families.

All over the Western World the gates have been thrown open to the world’s most ignorant, violent, and uncivilized people, who happen to have the means to reach Europe. These so called, “refugees”, are nothing but fighting aged men looking to dominate the countries they can. They have no desire in becoming English, German, Swedish, or anything other than terrorists. 


Now my native Europe is being destroyed by the day. Recently a British MP and pastor was knifed to death during a church service. This Muslim scumbag was even born in the UK, but somehow didn’t develop any love or respect for his generous and lawful, adopted home. This young man was flagged early on as being a potential terrorist. The UK simply put him through some sort of rehab for jihad. This is as ridiculous as trying to rehab an evangelical Christian to use violence instead of peace. One has been told to “turn the other cheek”, and to love their enemies. The other has been taught to destroy all non-believers as infidels. No worries, we can “rehab”, the religious education they have received from birth, with some John Lennon lyrics. Talk about retarded.

Now my native Europe is being destroyed by the day. Recently a British MP and pastor was knifed to death during a church service. This Muslim scumbag was even born in the UK, but somehow didn’t develop any love or respect for his generous and lawful, adopted home. This young man was flagged early on as being a potential terrorist. The UK simply put him through some sort of rehab for jihad. This is as ridiculous as trying to rehab an evangelical Christian to use violence instead of peace. One has been told to “turn the other cheek”, and to love their enemies. The other has been taught to destroy all non-believers as infidels. No worries, we can “rehab”, the religious education they have received from birth, with some John Lennon lyrics. Talk about retarded.

Muslims aren’t the only religion that tends towards a racial group giving us problems. Judaism is absolute filth and the people following this garbage are hateful and bigoted towards Christians with white hot intensity. Their attitudes and actions towards Christians and the beautiful civilizations they’ve built, are pure jealousy and hatred. They have held a serious grudge against Christians since Christ came, and discredited their wicked practices of the Babylonian Pharisees.

The Talmud began in Babylon during that countries occupation and rule over the jews when they were exiled for 70 years. The Babylonian treatment of the jews was good and they were able to maintain jewish communities and even had the ear of the king. As mentioned in Daniel, Daniel interpreted the dreams of this king in such a prophetic way as to earn him a high place among the king’s advisors. It might have landed him in a den of lions, but we know that turned out fine.

It was within this exile that the Book of Moses would be so corrupted and added to, as to make it a completely separate work. Thus, the Torah, and the Talmud represent 2 different versions of Judaism. The religion of Abraham and his lineage. Then a much older and mystical religion modeled after the Mystery Schools of Babylon and Egypt. These 2 very different visions of what judaism is, isn’t even a question to the vast majority of the uninitiated. To 99% of the Goy, a jew is a jew. Well, do they follow the Torah, a fairly small work of 5 books of the Old Testament? Or do they follow the Talmud which is like a 30 volume set of works developed by the scornful and hateful exiles from Judea?

This Babylonian Talmud was nothing like the encyclopedia of books making up the current Talmud. Much of their people came to appreciate Babylon and its culture. Many jews left judaism rather than return to “Zion” after the 70 years. They still kept their racialism though. Circumcision and bigotry allowed them to keep to themselves even when surrounded by others. God’s chosen people never considered that turning their backs on God might result in a punishment of sorts. For a people who claim to be chosen by God to rule the world, they show the Creator very little respect. Time and again he has exiled them from country after the next, and they refuse to change their wicked ways. The hatred for these nations has grown and turned their hearts to stone.

So Jews have hated Christians since Christ, the first christian. The Muslims at least consider Jesus a prophet and they show him respect. Ask any Jew if they think Jesus was a prophet or in any way a good person. They will flatly deny he was anything other than a conman and magician. Their Talmud proclaims that for Jesus’ sins, he is boiling in human excrement for eternity. They refer to the Virgin Mary as a whore/prostitute. That Jesus was a bastard child of a lowly carpenter and nothing else. This BS a lot of Christians think, that jews respect Jesus, is the furthest thing from the truth. They respect power, gold, and rule by any means necessary. They see their accumulation of the world’s gold as proof positive that they are the chosen “race” and are going to rule the Goyim from the world capital, Jerusalem. Global tyranny, headed by a single man who can coerce the world into accepting his rule. Crowned God on Earth, King of this world and the underworld. Yes people, they are acting purposely to bring in, what Christians have referred to as the Anti-Christ. 

Since Christ, it has been prophesied that the end times will be a time of unimaginable horror and death. This will come after a time of relative peace and great deception. The people that fall for the fake peace will be totally taken by surprise on that day that things change. When they will be forced to accept the mark and make an oath to Lucifer, or face losing their head, they will finally understand. Not before then, though. Christians will be slaughtered by the thousands and all who show even the smallest sign of remorse will be given none. Where Christians show mercy, they will show none. Where Christians show charity, they will loot and rob. Where Christians are lovers of Christ and God, they hate christ and consider themselves gods.

To the Muslims, I have much less animosity. Our struggle with them is an honest one, at least historically. They didn’t use sabotage, or internal insurrection in their wars against Christendom. The wars were out in the open. Today though, they have an ally that has been a historical enemy. Jews have done everything in there power to flood the west with muslims because according to their ridiculous books, it marks a sign of the anti-christ. In order for their rule to come about they must mix the blood of the nations. Their goal is to be the only “pure” race left on Earth. They wish to maintain their genetic intelligence while destroying the Goy, through interbreeding and out and out murder of the intelligent.

The Muslim hoards raping their way through my magical Europe, have been loosed through the tireless work of the NGO’s all coming from Israel. Jews that are citizens of Israel actually set up “charity foundations” to help the unwanted masses invade Europe. While Israel refuses any refugees and will pay blacks to leave, they are actively subverting the laws of sovereign nations, by helping other foreign nationals invade countries that are nowhere near Israel. If a Christian group did the same to Israel, they would be gunned down by the Israel military. This is a declaration of war from Israel, and against every nation it is currently working in, towards this cause. Essentially every Christian/white country is under attack and they have been able to convince enough of you idiots, this is humanitarian. No you demons, this is war. You started it and you better believe we are gonna finish it.

The beginning of Islam was basically a cult. A fella named Mohamed claimed to be contacted by the Archangel Gabriel, Like from the Bible. Then he laid out a whole bunch of new religious codes and had them scribed. This cult was upsetting to the current power structure in Mecca and they were banished to Medina. This is where the Constitution of Medina was written and put into action. A mere few decades later and we were seeing the caliphates expanding to reach empire status.

The most interesting observation to make on the Constitution of Medina is the relationship and status enjoyed by the Jews. Clearly the Jews were no more wanted around than the radical new muslims. Thus, an agreement of convenience was made. The Jews are given full rights and even religious freedom. It is clear that even back in 610 AD the Jews were well advanced in the skills of subversion and war by stealth. As we know, the relationship between Arab and Jew has soured. Well, after the centuries long violence and muslim on muslim warfare, they finally discovered the source of agitation among them. Jewish influence and control. 

Usury is flat out forbidden in Islam. Christians have allowed interest and labeled “usury” to be “unfair” levels of interest. I have to say, I am with the Muslims. Making money by lending it to those in need, should not make someone wealthy. Money lending is a dishonest trade to begin with. The first goldsmiths discovered they could lend out many times more in receipts than they had in actual reserves. Fractional reserve banking was born of this principle. Only around 10% of accounts would ever want to withdraw their gold at once. The urge to over extend themselves with loans was too great a power to ignore. Still today, the acknowledged allowable deficit allowed to run by banks regarding their reserves and their loans, remains at the 10% reserve minimum. So for every $100 they have in reserve, they can lend out $1,000. This is known and accepted.

The Jews wore their welcome out with the Muslims in no time. However, just as the Christians are weak, so too are the Muslim elites. They rely on Jewish credit, Jewish gold, and Jewish schemes for the maintenance of their rule. So the cycle appears to be endless. They are expelled for their wickedness and then invited back in for their cunning and wealth. Mohamed being just a small start top cult, needed capital and that’s why the alliance with Jews. Religiously the Muslims are closer to Christians than Jews. By this time the Jews hated Christendom to no end, and would ally with anyone that could threaten her.

The constant Muslim raids into Europe that kidnapped women and men for slavery were likely instigated by Jews. A war between Christendom and Islam would be the win, win for Jews. While accomplishing the destruction of both unwanted groups, they gave counsel and money to both sides. A tactic so thoroughly exploited in the Napoleonic wars as to make the Jews the richest people on Earth. Today half of the wealth on Earth is in the hands of one family. The Rothschilds. These apostate Jews are ruling the world with the same tactics and methods developed over the last 2 millennia. They claim to worship the God of Abraham, but what have we been told about how to judge a tree? By their fruits. The Jews may be smart talkers and wealthy beyond all reason, but what are the fruits of their wealth? War, disease, genocide, ruthless monetary control, blasphemy, magic, and plain old witchcraft. This tree is poison and must be uprooted before it poisons the entire Earth.

Christianity is the one true religion. I speak from a non-religious perspective, because Christianity allows for that. I need no church, nor leader, nor do I require an earthly payment to a man in order to know and communicate with my maker. Our manual for life is the New Testament. The old testament is purely there for context and historical relevance. It provides the lineage from Jesus back to Abraham. The gospels do this as well, but they do differ slightly between Matthew and Mark, I believe. Besides Psalms and the Torah, first 5 books, I find little else of value. Proverbs is good. Some of the later books seem to be written out of spite and have a hate filled tone. The Last of the prophets seem to offer the Jews the world if they can only be disciplined enough to take it.

My whole life has been one big roast of Christianity. I’m so sick of it I’m ready to defend it. The world seems to recognize “the big 3” religions, even though many exist and are practiced today. These 3 owe their roots to Abraham. This is the only thing Jews and Christians have in common. A jewish scholar actually said the Babylonian conquest was the end of the Israelite religion and the beginning of Judaism. So we need to recognize the fact that modern Jews are not practicing the religion that comes from the Bible, at all. They follow the Talmud. Given the Talmud’s depiction of Christ, why the hell am I constantly hearing Christians defend Israel?

Christians even refer to themselves as sheep. They are good people who tend towards the naive on many things. Many Christians purposefully stay ignorant of the world because they choose to avoid the filth of it all. They avoid all secular entertainment and media. For this reason I think Christians are especially vulnerable to the corruption of their society. Add to that, the endless attack on them in the media, and they just don’t seem to want to engage. It’s time Christians! Wake up now or you will be destroyed. If you think this is all just the fulfillment of prophecy, and you’re just gonna chill back and wait to be transported to heaven, think again. 

A tiny clique has exploited our good nature and hospitality to the point of breaking. Is it God’s will that your daughter be raped, your son beat and maybe murdered, and your life and savings as well? Is it God’s will that only the Christians get to experience the apocalypse? Asia seems fine. Africa is Africa. Europe is being invaded and destroyed. America is being absolutely destroyed. Why? Why won’t any white people stand up and say what’s right. PC Can take a walk, I want the truth. Straight, no chaser. I want to know the full extent of my situation so that I might make myself and others ready.

This clique is powerful because of money. Gold is there god and it buys them anything. Once we refuse their money we win. We don’t need their fake money, fake credit, or their fake friendship. Backstabbing sneak thieves that have gotten inside our house. It’s time to clean house and I mean big time.

The Muslims have to go. Their religion is at war with Christianity. They are incompatible with freedom and peace. Jews need to go. They robbed, killed, and lied their way into statehood. I suggest they head there now, because they’ve worn their welcome out here. The Federal Reserve has absolutely soaked this nation of all material wealth. Letting them leave with their lives is fair enough. Their assets can stay here. Theft? Don’t make me laugh. The balance could never be settled between the Goy and the Jew.

When this country was Christian it was the greatest nation on Earth. Now it’s a Godless, disgusting, hedonistic, mob, and indebted beyond all reason. Default is our only realistic answer and if war comes, let it come. I am willing to do anything to get these parasites off of my daughter’s future. I’m not willing to leave her this status quo. It’s time to take the trash out and I don’t give a damn if it hurts some feelings. My kid is more important than some rich Jew with family in Israel.

Tell me what you think of Jesus and those who know him. I can tell you if you can be an American based on this answer alone. Since Jews and Muslims consider this warfare, they can’t be trusted to tell the truth. Since they both are foreigners, both can get the hell out now. Or wait until it’s no longer safe. Your decision. You’ve forced our hands. Do you want to reap what your race has sown? If I was an American in Japan in the 1930’s, I’d leave. I suggest you do the same.

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