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A Rare Solar Event, Huh?

Well folks they have been warning of a CME for a couple weeks. From my memory and obsession over space, it takes a full 8 minutes for light to reach the Earth from the sun. I happen to think this is nonsense, but this is the conventional science. So how are they predicting an electrical storm from a week or more out?

The threats are against our incredibly reliant system, on having predictable power sources. The “biggest sole event” recorded, destroyed our telegraph wires and showed the lower 48 the Aurora Borealis. As far as I am aware, they had no warning whatever. They have been studying the sunspots and the relationship between these spots and the weather for centuries. This gave them no warning and they were caught totally by surprise. Not just by the CME, but also the effects such phenomenon have on the electrical infrastructure.

If the photon of light takes 8 minutes to reach Earth, what the hell are they seeing that can possibly tell them the future. Everything they see is already in the past. If the light takes 8 minutes why would an explosion of electro magnetic energy take longer? How can the past tell you the future? 

Think about it. If they are able to see this explosion, it’s already headed this way. In fact, once they see it, it’s already made it here. I don’t believe they can do anything to predict a CME or defend against one. At least according to their model of our solar system, this doesn’t add up. The fact that the sun is electrical and not nuclear is clear as day to me. They told us it was coal that God kept lit. Then it was nuclear when they discovered the atom. The fact is, if they know what the sun is, they haven’t told us.

We know that they tell us of their plans ahead of time, if we know what to look for. In my opinion this is nothing but a message to the clique across the world, through code, of course. They are going to attack the electrical infrastructure somewhere. They have insisted that the biggest threat will be at the 55 degree latitudes. Again a curiously exact prediction.

This could be some sort of shock testing for the people on this latitude. They will gauge the behavior and use the info to make their final course of attack complete in all respects. We no the stress certain populations only so they can study the behavior changes they achieve from the shock test employed. Destroying the electrical capacity, or just the faith in these systems will be able to offer them a profile of behavior when stressed with this certain pressure on their lives. They are still collecting data, this is good.

I think they are shock testing everything they can, and as fast as they can without “blurring” the data they intend upon making use of. What we have to keep in mind is the fact that these tests are with purpose. They aren’t just testing systems resilience. They are testing you and your reactions to every new obstacle they throw at you. They use their control to test their power over you. If they ever use their power to your benefit, it is nothing more than a bribe or test. Everything is a test.

Like Devil’s Advocate, it’s all a test. Negotiating always. These are demons that worship the OG rebel and the first elite. Lucifer, the light bringer. He has promised them the world and they took him up on that con. Only a naive or egotistical psychopath could ever believe that Lucifer cares for them at all. He hates humanity and is jealous of our relationship with God. His goal, first and foremost, is to collect souls and remove them from the God that gave his only son for the salvation of our immature species. He offered Jesus the world and Jesus hit back with hard logic. What good is the world if it cost you your soul?

I have no idea what will come of this event or how real or fake it is. I’m not completely sure CME’s are even real. We only hear about an event from the 1800’s. I guess we’ve been lucky for the last few hundred years. Perhaps this is planned like everything. They just use ignorance  to further their plans and destroy the people they claim to care for.

They need to start testing our communications abilities without power. In a grid down situation ham radio and satellite phones are going to be gold. They know we have both and they are being sold today like never before. A shock test of our capabilities to communicate the observations of our environments with those in other environments can tell us a lot. 

Those who have the capabilities can use the stratosphere to bounce signal all over the world. Sat phones work whether cell towers are powered or not. I recommend owning and getting familiar with both. Just as they get to test our capabilities and reactions. So too can we take advantage of their shock testing, controlled environments, to test our own gear and capabilities.

To catch a fox, you best start to think like one. Our fox is old, tired, and has a false sense of security. He’s ours if we can only catch him. 

Be safe out there folks. Don’t ever panic, that’s what they want. If something goes down immediately congregate with your neighbors and figure out what you are going to do. Who is security, who is going to look for food, who will scavenge or purify water, and on and on. Self government is going to become self preservation. It takes cooperation. The better you know your neighbors the better off you are already.

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