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WWII, Our Greatest Achievement?

I grew up like everyone else my age. We were totally patriotic and WWII was still fresh enough that vets were everywhere still. Like every school student of the time we had a holocaust survivor come and tell us how evil the Christian Germans were. I was brought up on the propaganda that “we saved Europe”. As I have said before, I have 2 family members that served. Two great grandfathers, one in each theater. My great grandfather that invaded normandy is a step-great grandfather and happens to be jewish. My papa by blood was in Okinawa and a pacifist, as I have said.

If you were to ask these men in the 50’s or even the 80’s how they felt about their service, they would no doubt speak with pride and honor for their fight. These men had no ability to see anything that could make them question their role in this world changing event. So much of our war story was given to us, by the Bolsheviks we allied with.

If the Americans knew the truth of the so called Russian revolution, better understood as the Bolshevik revolution, would they have allied with Stalin, at all? What about the clear calls for peace made by Hitler all across the beginning of the war. Regardless of some idiotic theories of the Blitzkrieg just losing all of its initiative and failing to deliver the knockout blow thanks to a miracle at Dunkirk. Hitler chose to let England escape in hopes of diplomacy. Hitler famously considered the English, close as kin.

WWII was the logical conclusion of the madness that ended WWI. Hitler was the result of the unbelievable destruction the allies visited upon the Germans. After putting all of the war guilt upon the German people they had their country taken away by bits, were forced to surrender their military and weapons, and made bankrupt in a futile attempt to pay war reparations. This led to the absolute ruin of Germany. Highest ever unemployment, hyperinflation of the currency, and a social debauchery that was unhealthy for everyone.

Hitler has one redeeming quality in most history books, all though it is cheapened by lying about it being war making. That is the absolute economical miracle that transformed Germany and the people in that country. Hitler used a new style of nationalism that integrates the state with the social aspects of life. Hitler believed in private property and personal initiative. He also believed that the state had a place in the overall health and cohesiveness of the people. 

He developed the Autobahn as well as many more public works projects, this isn’t different than FDR, though. Why did it lift the Germans from the Great Depression but state projects didn’t do anything in America? Hitler funded his projects with state backed currency and not private central bank loans. Hitler broke the chains the banksters had on his country and used the power of the state to create and distribute its own currency, debt free. This was the major crime that got him destroyed. A decade before the first gas chamber is said to have been built, the clique had targeted Germany for destruction 2.0. This time they weren’t playing around.

Jews enjoyed full rights and citizenship in Germany and had since the 1800’s. The great “stab in the back” that came from WWI was open knowledge for the average German. Still this great people refused to rush into anger. The issues didn’t become contentious until the early 1930’s. By the time the jews were declaring war against Germany and boycotting all German goods and shops. Since the jews are an international people, their boycott was international and hurt Germany. Yet again the average German man was being hurt by this foreigner he has never bothered. Yet again the German showed restraint.

This situation was one of danger for a 2% minority that sticks out like a sore thumb. Yes they did stick out with beards, black dress, and hats. As today they stand out pretty easy, when they want too, that is. Hitler cooperated with the Zionists and started to migrate hundreds of thousands of German jews to Palestine. He might have been able to rid Germany of all of those who chose to be rid of her, if not for the outbreak of war. Once war began the migration stopped and the camps were built to house workers, political prisoners, and some jews/communists.

Hitler’s beginning moves make perfect sense and are not the evil motivations the History Channel tried desperately to make the Germans out to be. The lost territory from WWI was priority number one. All of the disenfranchised Germans that happened to be stuck on the wrong side of the allies new borders, were being butchered. Austria was democratically annexed by Germany and they exchanged soldiers at the border in sign of friendship. Hitler didn’t invade a single country, in my opinion, until the Polls. The Polish were butchering Germans and doing everything to pick a fight. Hitler made every reasonable effort to make this a local war between him and Poland. When that seemed impossible, the pact with Stalin was made. Both countries invaded Poland and occupied her. Our history speaks of Hitler’s attack on Poland and fails to mention uncle Joe’s army. I would rather be captive to any army other than Stalins. 

This was an easy calm before the storm. Luckily Stalin was drunk and stupid and had killed every military commander he had worth anything. If not he certainly would have taken notice of the German plan to drive his commie ass back to Siberia. Hitler found his new ally to be an opportunity of timing, and in every other way, sub-human. Hitler knew the Bolsheviks like the west didn’t. They got to see some of this coming from the east. They also fought them in the first Great War. The Bolsheviks were not signatories of the Geneva Convention. Their behavior is legendary as the most raping, looting, and destructive military on Earth.

The more important thing The Germans knew was the intentions of Stalin. His intention was to consolidate in Poland and then push the western democracies into the English Channel. The Germans knew what that meant for their people and women especially. They took on the world to defeat Bolshevism. They asked for peace repeatedly from the west and were ignored on every instance.

At this point we need to examine what we chose to do, as well as England, for that matter. Churchill warned against Bolshevism and when it was too late he tried to control it. To no avail. Like I said Polland was invaded by a coalition of parties. Only one was considered evil for such and one was considered proper. At this point the allies brought in Stalin to be their main ally, if not the chief executive of the allied war effort. We threw our lot in with Bolshevism against Christianity. 

Hitler’s expressed mission was the protection of Europe from communism/Bolshevism. I’m not going to go into the supposed crimes of the Germans. I want to focus on the outcomes. What the hell did we fight for and in the end, what did we get? Had my great grandfather seen the culture that exists today he would question his part in that awful war.

We saved Europe from fascism, right? We abandoned it to Bolsheviks but at least we destroyed a nationalist, Christian country. International communists took over every inch of territory that the allies gave them. Turns out Hitler was correct and the designs the soviets had on Europe were horrific, for those caught up on the wrong side of new borders. We allied with the most vile ideology in the world and funded and armed them in order to destroy Europe and let the commies fill the vacuum. That’s what happened. We utterly destroyed Europe through bombing campaigns and then gave Stalin free reign to oppress and murder his way into power all over Eastern Europe. Hitler was, and remains today, a hero for the Ukrainians. Stalin starved them by the millions. Hitler liberated them.

WWII Was a battle for ideology and we chose to ally with Bolsheviks. We are living in the ruin of that war today. Our culture is the result of WWII. It’s the final reward we get for serving communism and supporting its world wide revolution. WWII Is now just another bludgeon to beat christians with. Slavery, racism, and of course, NAZI’s all describe everything that is traditionally American. Our reward for aiding in the mass murder of millions of commies is a culture that has been destroyed by the same soviets. They have put our country through a tried and true method for destabilization and destruction. 

The commies have owned our government since Nuremberg. The jews were so over represented at this judicial farce it’s insulting. The confessions of inmates who have suffered torture is the only testimony they have. The ridiculous first hand accounts of resentful jews are the whole holocaust proof. No bodies, physical evidence, or paper trail. The brits had the most confidential records from all the Germans including communications in and out of Auschwitz. They had the Enigma codes broken far before the so called holocaust ever is said to have happened. Never a word of genocide, gas chambers, or anything that can be called a proof of anything other than a clear and legitimate attempt to keep the camps healthy and fed.

My opinion of that war has changed a full 180 degrees. I think our best course of action would have been peace. We should never had put an embargo on the japs or got involved in Europe at all. Thanks to US, we are living in the world as the communists have made it. This international clique that was so powerful and dangerous in Hitler’s time has become all encompassing today. It is inescapable. Cultural marxism, feminism, LGBTQ, tranny land, porn epidemic and failure to reproduce, and the vicious racial tensions are all thanks to the victory of Bolsheviks over the world in WWII.

There is no such thing as a “good war”. This has been sold to the world as not just a good war, but the most important victory over despotism ever. Nothing could be further from the truth. We funded and tipped the scales in favor of Bolshevism over European diversity. Commies abhor diversity and crush all dissent. Who’s world is this? Hitler’s, where the nation and the citizen are one and the most respectable thing a woman can be is a mother. Or Stalin’s, where all men and women are the same and mean nothing in comparison to the state.

I prefer a stateless society but if you gave me the choice of 1935 in Germany or 1935 in the Soviet Union, it’s not a choice at all. For those living under Stalin it was no question, either. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn makes no bones about it. His nation was conquered by Bolsheviks, not Russians. His estimate is 60 million Christians put to the sword or starvation by Bolsheviks. Even if the 6 million number hadn’t been totally destroyed it would pale in comparison to the number of christians murdered by the jews.

Remember, at this time in history, Jew and communist were interchangeable. Sweden locked up its jews for the same reason Hitler did. Political trouble makers. This is heresy on the national level, I understand. I am essentially saying our national religion is bunk. Well, it is, and it’s time that we recognize the facts. War time propaganda is still being produced by like 10 multi million dollar budget films every year. Today thousands of holocaust survivors still collect checks from Germany. The holocaust is big business and that’s it. 

Schindler’s List is a fictional novel made into a movie by Spielberg. The fact that they force people to watch this crap as if it were a documentary in school is criminal. The diary of Anne Frank has been shown as a forgery as well. Everything they used to push the holocaust on me, has ended up being fiction. Add to this, the fact that the holocaust is the only historical event protected by law, and how can you accept it on its face? Questioning the number of those who died can get you prison in Germany and many more countries. Canada included.

The truth needs no defense. It certainly needs no protection from investigation, scrutiny, or plain old inquiry. Only the holocaust requires such extreme protection. Sorry folks, that’s all I need to know. They are willing to put 60 year olds, and older men in prison for decade long sentences for telling the truth. The fact that a jew would want to see an old man separated from his family and caged like a dog just for questioning a historical fact, tells me a lot about the jewish mentality.

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