Vaccines, The National Guard, and Other horrors

This will be a fairly short post. I’m going to make the podcast version more detailed and longer. I have too much to talk about to make it seem consistent in an article. Plus, I have no filter on the podcasts and I speak plainly and as unpolitically correct as you can be. So please do check out the podcast. It’s full of foul language but if you can’t stand a bad word you aren’t mature enough for my material anyway.

As for what we want to talk about, the National Guard has been activated in Massachusetts to drive school busses. A pretty large school district that seems to service the suburbs of Boston. The rep for the bus company said that they lost 10% of their employees right off the bat. Then he explained that many bus drivers are already retired and likely not coming back for fear of the germ. Nothing about protest resignations due to mandates, this is just the chaos hangover from acting like complete jackasses for years.

Pfizer says the jab is losing efficacy fast. By their own claim 5 months after the second jab the protection declines to about 44% effectiveness. They still insist it’s the next best thing since sliced bread but the CDC and the manufacturers are telling the truth. The CDC says the death rate for the jab is 1%. One in a hundred. How many times have I heard the BS line about a bowl full of M & M’s with one poison one. This has been the analogy that was supposed to scare me into masking. Now it’s not an analogy it’s a statistic and it’s insane. My chances of being harmed from the germ are in the decimals. Far lower than 1% and with millions of people being forced to take this, that means hundreds of thousands of deaths. Death by choice not chance. 

Money talks louder than death. Pfizer is lobbying to have authorization to poison young children. They want this on the regular vaccine schedule. That’s an automatic, guaranteed profit making powerhouse. All the profits for Pfizer and their shareholders, all the liability on you and I who pay the taxes that cover the damages claims.

Finally science is being followed in some places. A Michigan hospital has finally broached the subject of natural immunity. See, if you’ve had covid and beaten it with your own immune system, you have the best immunity available. Natural immunity. No side effects, boosters, or the inconvenience of the whole mess. Natural immunity has to be wide spread to the point of herd immunity. Everyone that is in danger of covid has already done what they are going to, to avoid it. If you are being forced to take the jab after having covid naturally you should sue the crap out of your employer, the state, and everyone you can.

Another hospital in Texas is facing closure due to the jab mandates. How many health professionals, that have only things to lose by speaking out, and still quit over the jab, do you need to see, before you start to think? The most affected industry appears to be healthcare. The people that see the results of the jab everyday are willing to throw away their careers, the time and money they spent educating themselves for their dream jobs, and quit on the spot when forced to decide, jab or job.

How much more are we going to take? Is there anything that can get a brain jump started that’s been drained for a few years? If you bought in from the jump and were the double masked, crawl suits, and 12 foot distance givers you are likely just too stupid to be relevant. For myself I refused to believe the germ existed at all until my mom, an RN, convinced me. Even after that I refused to accept the fear, lockdowns, masks, and antisocial everything.

The hedonistic, atheistic, and statist lunatics have been harping on everyone to just follow the science. I have and the people I know have as well. Then we have discussed our findings and come to realistic expectations regarding the threat of the germ. We had much more fear of the state and the emergency power than the germ. Viruses can be beat with health. Tyranny requires blood. How much blood? It depends. 

The pandemic we suffer under is manmade and arbitrary to no end. The elites walk around maskless while they force the mundane staff around them to hide their faces. This is like ancient emperor shit. Instead of bowing and humiliating one’s self for the ego of the monarch, we are forced to be faceless and suffocating to show our respect to our betters.

Lastly, it appears that unless the hearts of millions change for the better and become honest, Newsom is the governor still. It’s over and the shenanigans that were rampant are just right wing conspiracy and sour grapes. So Cali is done and it can be left without any care for the people, my own friends, and family. This jab and germ has destroyed many of the most valuable relationships I have. The only relationship I actually care about is that of my daughter. She is finally starting to talk to me again. I have no interest in letting this state take away anymore of my loved ones. My mother hasn’t answered a single text of mine in weeks. She has essentially disowned me.

This woman that married a monster that beat me too many times to count. This woman that I have every right to hold responsible for the terror I lived from 3 to 13 years old. This woman that has always said our relationship was special even though I have 3 other half brothers. Well, the cop brother is fine, the junkie brother that lives in her home in his 30’s with his 2 boys is fine. Even my gay brother that went to college for 5 years just to drop out and come back woke and condescending to everyone, he’s fine. Apparently I’m just deplorable and no I never voted for Trump.

I have watched my mother and my daughter become woke. While my daughter deserves some leeway for her age, my mom is in her 50’s and the fact that she is completely losing her mind is scary. Woke is a social virus that people are in far more danger from than any germ. Woke is destroying the fabric of our society. Woke is destroying lifelong friendships. Woke is destroying community civility. Woke is the real threat and if it weren’t for the germs timing none of this could have happened. It required wokeness to divide us and make this “health crisis” a wedge issue to further destroy our country.

Well I said it would be quick but I just have a motor mouth that barely filters my thoughts before they hit my lips. Even so, it’s not that long and expresses what I intended to. How much horror can we talk about every day, folks? I would love to tell you guys that good things are happening and the world is making a turn towards freedom. After all, nobody likes constant negativity. I stopped listening to Alex Jones a decade ago because of the constant negativity and the hopelessness he seems to leave his audience feeling. I don’t want to be like AJ, but I am not just screaming into the radio. I am begging you people to take a stand. AJ never used his audience to move the needle towards freedom. He lives off of the conspiracy, and it’s against his own financial interests to destroy the clique.

So I’m not here to hock products or fear. Just the truth as I see it. I make nothing from this other than an outlet for my opinions to be vented on the world instead of my friends and family. My reward would come if I change the minds of anyone. The small audience I have is like an average classroom. Still if I had a real 40 or so people to talk to directly on a daily basis I would consider that a serious thing. The fact that instead of faces I see stats makes it tough to gauge my efforts. I speak out because I know no other way. I feel like I have a responsibility to do something and this is the only tool that provides me an audience at all.

Knowledge is power. I’m trying desperately to empower as many of you as I can. I’m up against the corporate news, the state, the NGO’s, and half of the public. Still I get a smile with every view and like I get. The idea that perhaps someone was empowered by an article I wrote is exciting. Also perhaps just a fool’s errand. Time will tell.

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