US Culture? Do We Have One?

I am constantly enraged by this notion that we have no culture. Worse yet, is when they claim our only culture is consumerism. Sure, the culture today is gross and self centered. Consumers and not citizens is the truth. They consume orders, poison, and chains. They consume lies, propaganda, and grovel for more. This isn’t the America I grew up in though. Since I began in 1981 the country has totally changed as to be unrecognizable from my youth.

I guess we need to figure out what makes a culture. Then we can decide if ours is worth preserving. The dictionary has this, “the customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular nation, people, or other social group”. Alright then, now we have a working definition. Let’s check out how we fit in.


“A traditional and widely accepted way of behaving or doing something that is specific to a particular society, place, or time”

The 4th of July, Memorial Day, and Presidents Day/Washington’s Birthday, and many more represent traditions is which the nation celebrates our national pride. These are not religious or international. These are our holidays to respect our ancestors and the achievements they gave us.

The National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance remain with us to some degree. Before a ball game people rise and remove their caps, and if they really mean it they cover their heart, or salute if they are military. This is done by instinct and universally done by all to some degree or another. If someone is seen sitting, they had better be in a wheelchair or the people around them might just take offense enough to be dangerous. This is purely cultural and not any law or edict, just our custom. While a statist gesture to some, I see at as a cultural thing and uniting with my fellow countrymen. Not political.

American’s are notorious for being the most friendly people on Earth. The most common question I hear from Russians is, why the hell do all Americans smile at you? It’s our custom to show each other the highest respect. That means a smile and a tip of the cap, or a nod in respect. This has remained, although it is being attacked and replaced with people looking down and ignoring each other. Traditionally, the smallest slight could cause a violent interaction. Like pistols at dawn type violence. Shrinking from conflict was impossible. You might as well leave the country if you get labeled yellow.

As for the particular folks who built this society and developed her customs, they were Europeans. Some of the customs from Old England made it across the pond. Francis Scott Key’s Famous and eloquent poem about the bombing of fort Henry was set to an English drinking song. Unfortunately masonry followed us to the new world, after real men had built a comfortable society for them to undermine. Washington, Jefferson, and many more were all masons. 

Washington has in his personal papers a note sent to someone that I forget right now. In this letter he says that he has no doubt of the illuminati’s presence in the new world, and that they had infiltrated the many lodges across the land already. He says all of this with the inflection of regret and worry. I think he was seeing first hand, the destruction of masonry as a positive force on society. A men’s club that did good works for the community, turned into a virus upon society that aims to control, not enlighten the people.


American literature is world famous. From Uncle Tom’s Cabin, to The Grapes Of Wrath, the world has yearned for American literature. The first world famous author of our Nation was penned by an Englishman only a year into his life in the colonies. Thomas Payne and his famous Common Sense was printed and reprinted and touched every heart who happened to hear or read it. The dripping scorn for monarchy and George the 3rd in particular, would make this pamphlet dangerous to kings and emperors. Even so, it was undeniably great work and logically consistent with the world as it was. So it was available to all Europeans or anyone that spoke any of the languages it was copied to.

The physical art dots this land everywhere and it’s being destroyed as we speak. Our monuments are historical art that are visually stunning and emotionally communicative. They transmit culture down through the ages through the use of art and preservation. These are the cultural and artful pieces of our history that have been so abused and disrespected. Now the people descended from those who erected these historical markers are all too happy to turn their backs on their ancestors, in return for black appeasement and politics. The governor of Virginia should be hung. A monument to him should be erected. A bronze heap of a man covered in boiling tar and feathers.

Ansel Adams, Norman Rockwell, Jackson Pollock, and on and on. American artists start trends they don’t follow anyone. Can’t say I’m a fan of Pollock but his popularity isn’t in question and it’s the people who decide the value of art. Freedom of thought and speech has presented a blank canvas for artists all over the world to make use of and break the old molds and invent new ones. Soviet Union art is the very best example of communism. They hate beauty and will make everything ugly before it can be appreciated. Orchestras made of industrial machines are just one example of ’The workers” art.

Social Institutions and Achievements

The obvious ones are the state. Yes obviously we have pride in our founding documents. The Declaration of Independence and US Constitution have been the blueprints for the vast majority of nations on Earth today. We owe our Declaration to Thomas Payne. The more I look into it the more sure I am. Tom Payne penned the original Declaration and a committee then hacked it up. Still the final draft is historically unique and will be kept for posterity for as long as there exists a people to protect it.

The cultural societies we have had are far more cultural and not political. The Boy Scouts is not likely solely American. I’m sure lots of society’s have programs for their young men to gain skills and confidence. Yet it is called the Boy Scouts of America, I believe. The Red Cross is something that we should be given massive respect for. This charitable group of thankless, mostly, if not all women is heroic and famously concerned with humanity of either side. They were founded in 1881 but didn’t receive a charter from the US government until 1900. They were totally private for the first several decades of their work. The US saw them as an asset in war for soldiers.

As for our achievements, let me count the ways… I flat refuse to even consider that any human being has or ever will land on the moon so we can cut NASA out completely. We have too many to list. The taming and conquering of a continent would be up there for sure. We then connected coasts with steam train tracks. We started the oil boom and turned this sludge into a commodity more important today than ever before. Refining this sludge to give us kerosene saved the whales that were being slaughtered only for their oil, for lamps. Rockefeller saved the whales.

We are the First Nation to preserve the nature that surrounds us still today. The first national park was Yellowstone, and Teddy Roosevelt was the guy who made it happen. Probably illegal but hey, it’s a national treasure. Nothing I’ve ever seen can compare with the absolute majesty of Half Dome and the surrounding cliffs from the bottom of the Yosemite Valley. The view from the top of Half Dome is absolutely breathtaking. It’s also about a 10 hour hike, so breathless is not just a figure of speech. I have a picture of me on my belly looking straight down the sheer cliff and it’s amazing. I believe this place would be safer in private hands than the state but most idiots think it would be turned into a strip mall or something else destructive for destruction sake. If it was privately owned it would be far more accessible, safer because they would control the bears, and cleaner because the state sucks at everything and seeing trash on the hike is gross.

People or Social Group

That would be my people we are talking about. Europeans, otherwise known today as, “whites”. Group after the next heard of the attrition rate of the migrants and said fuck it, I can make it. With the loss of 90% of Jamestown twice and the same for Plymouth you’d think this would deter most. I’m sure it did deter the ones we didn’t want anyway. It did not stop people from braving the mighty Atlantic for months, just to try their luck at a coin flips odds chance of survival. Ship after the next replaced the fallen and eventually started to add to the population. With the land safe for women Jamestown finally had baby making ability. The pilgrims brought their women so they could replace em as they lost em. This was the attitude towards death of the time. Shit happens, that’s it. Dying was a ticket to paradise and the end of a sufferable existence.

The 2 cultures present in new America were not considered countrymen. They were Virginians or New Englanders. One was a business that intended on using the land for monetary gain only. The pilgrims intended on staying and building a society where none existed before. The differences would grow and become more contentious until ultimately it culminated in the most horrific bloodletting this country has ever seen. The war among the states finally provided an American culture.

From here on we were Americans and even if we don’t agree on everything, we love our country and are committed to its founding principles and traditions. The war brought us together in a strange happenstance of mutual respect and brothers in arms. Until like 5 minutes ago the confederacy was honored for their bravery, honor, and the millions of their young men who paid the ultimate price. Today it’s been reduced to slavers and the abolitionists. As if there was any abolitionists. 3% of the north cared to call themselves abolitionists. The cultural divide was far beyond slavery and if slavery was the only disagreement, there wouldn’t have been a war.

So I can’t seem to put my finger on the moment we lost our culture but we have lost it. This society bears no resemblance to the country built by my ancestors. Why would it? The people who can claim ancestry to the beginning or even earlier than the US are fewer in number every day. A culture, as we read above, regards the people of a certain type, area, or affiliation. What do I have in common with a Somali refugee? A Guatemalan, any Muslim, or anyone that isn’t like me? We share nothing but space and air. This is not a culture and that’s the point and the goal they had when they threw open the country in the 1960’s. White replacement is a plan that began when they changed the immigration quotas. This country had intentionally remained mostly English with groups of European immigrants being allowed in numbers that could be assimilated. 

Today we encourage immigrants to keep their old culture and peculiar ways. The immigrants from Europe were happy to adopt American ways and blend in as quick as possible. Famously many Italian immigrants forbid speaking Italian at home. They all wanted to apart of the American culture and knew the reasons they came here and left their birth homes. They appreciated the US and were honored that they could become citizens of the greatest nation on Earth, if found worthy of such, that is. 

The so called culture in this disgusting mashup of strangers is as predictable as it was in the 1960’s. A people with no connection to each other. No shared history. No shared religion. A people so stratified and mixed up as to be totally helpless to the tyranny they have had planned for decades. A house divided cannot stand, ya? What about an apartment building divided by every unit? We have no unity, and our “indivisible” union is coming apart. I am working toward this end hard. I want out of the US and want a new country based upon the original principles and if it has to be started by white people, let them get on it. We are hated more and more and have to do something. Our history shows us the way and that’s why it’s being destroyed.

I declare independence from all so called authority and refuse to abide by any unconstitutional edicts. There’s a hundred million of us that refuse the jab. That’s a good size country. When 100 million people decide to do anything, they win. The law of nature provides no way to control 100 million motivated patriots. Our culture is dead and our society is hostile to us and want to see us removed from the nation we built. Let us oblige them. All white people with any racial awareness or hope for the rule of law to return, should group up.

100 Million of us, going off of the jab refusal numbers. Let’s show them what our culture looks like. We are warriors at heart and while peaceful at first, we love to fight. Once we decide to fight we will win regardless the cost. That’s the stubbornness that saw the country through, and protected her thus far. Apparently we have been reduced to groveling cucks that care not, if our nation is pounded by Africa, Mexico, and every other non white group we can find. Not a man among us that is allowed to be masculine. Not an immigrant here that can do any wrong. Rape, assault, theft, and whatever else you want to do to our women, we’ll be over here jerking it to youporn.

It would  be great to get our culture back but who actually cares anymore? Like I said we are a nation of cucks that have abandoned everything that made us special, and even cheer on the foreigner that is raping our women. Men who do nothing to preserve and protect their women, their children, and their communities are worthless cucks. I guess our new culture is appropriately named after a porn category. It’s very fitting actually. 

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