TV Says Whites Suck, Blacks Are Gods

Black man and white woman. Always.
Just Your Average Old Navy Commercial

The explosion across the TV and movies of “biracial” relationships is jarring. It’s more specifically white women with black men. Almost exclusively they choose this most disastrous combination and force it on the zeitgeist. White men are literally being cucked on commercials. I recently saw one where the white dude gets dismissed during a couples date and it’s implied  his woman is getting the black man’s “attention”. This is disgusting and causes a visceral emotion in me.

It’s insane for the majority of a country to shame itself for over representation in anything. Sure our majority is a matter of time. White kids make up 30% of school kids. We are a minority in that sense. But in raw numbers, still we have what looks like on paper, a substantial majority.

That we would see whites in groups and scream racist, throws the actual numbers on their head. Plus, the TV is the furthest thing from your average American’s world.

I don’t get together once a week, with every single shade of skin tone, all talking the same, all laughing at the same jokes, and I’ve never seen such, either. People are tribal and the easiest way to know my people is skin, eyes, and hair. All physical and clearly observable. The exception makes the rule. 

Churches self segregate to like 95%. Are people happy in interracial friendships and romance, yes, some. The highest instances for unwed mothers, no daddy present, and no support, comes from white women having children with black men. This combo creates the worst statistical outcomes and it’s being pushed beyond all reason. Women are being straight up brainwashed with this crap. I think most good women know better but naive ladies are vulnerable and misled. And how does this make black women feel? My guess is, resentful.

The safest relationship for all people is one of shared race. That’s statistical, and the heart cares not for statistical norms. So for those who organically meet their soulmate and happen to look quite different, some things can’t be bound by reason or data. Love is strange. Hate is too. The dichotomy of every aspect, good, evil. Light, dark. Conservative, liberal. Racist, social justice warrior.  This duality of things is seen as sacred by most cultures.

Personally, I think this is an attack, not against me but my women. Is that a bit presumptive to declare white women, my women, ya and I don’t care. It gives these women a false sense of security and the man a false sense of entitlement. The media says you want me, yet if the lady passes, you must be racist and, then use your imagination. Unfortunately thanks to bitchute, and the like, we don’t need to imagine anything. Just watch it in HD.

When I see a black man sock a white woman, it’s the only time I think I get to that base level of racist rage. The type of emotional response that could justify, just about anything. Beyond women and children I consider the criminals worth avoiding and am cool with the folks round here. White people own Sonoma Co still. Black people are like 5%, way less than Mexicans. 

Black and white couples being pushed.
State Farm

Used to be a time where looking at the wrong woman could get you hurt or in danger. Was a time, not long ago, that any stranger would come to another’s aid, if they were being attacked unfairly. The idea of a group of black thugs beating people unconscious on sidewalks all across America, while nobody helps is absolute viral video shit. No whites ever seem to help them. It’s rare that the 2 on 16 are ever helped and the viciousness is scary. Repeatedly kicking an unconscious man in the face is attempted murder. Yet I think the vast majority of these filmed assaults remain unresolved.

Be with who you’re instincts tell you to, they are often right. The stakes are too high to ignore your instincts, common sense, and experience. Do you hate your father, brothers, uncles, granddads, coaches, pastors or the like, surely you remember before woke when you loved these people. Surely you know they love you and do what they do because they thought, right or wrong, that they’ve done right by you.

White women have been the envy of the world for ages. The Muslims stole them by the thousands for sex slaves. Rape is rampant in every European refugee camp/country. White women have never been under such attack and men wanna play video games and watch pornhub.

A men who can not protect their women and children are a conquered people. You conquer the man and the ladies follow. We are not a threat to anyone. Openly mocking today, exclusion the next, then conflict. A conflict over the massive disparity in rape between white men and black women and the reverse. The first never happens. It’s statistically insignificant. The interracial rape in this country is perpetrated by black men on white women. The most woke and naive to start with. Hard as nails by the end. Sad.

This is timely considering the refugee crisis coming our way. You snowflakes wanna see what rape culture looks like, up close? You are going to get exactly what you have asked for. When feminism allies with Islam against white men, what am I living in, a cartoon? The enemy of my enemy is not always a friend. The islam allies today are just biding their time before showing you their real face. Sharia. Ya know, female mutilation, covered women, and polygamy. Toxic masculinity? Mansplaining? What about stoning, beating, and raping? 

You women will beg for white men to come back. You will understand, through experience unfortunately, that white men are the only protection white women have. Not only do white men accept the responsibility, but we take pride in it. Protecting your lady from a bad guy makes us feel like MEN, and it makes our ladies very happy.

When I was 16, my daughters mom and I were hanging out cutting class in a huge vacant field in town. It was a stoner spot where kids hung out. We called this place, “the rocks”. We were sitting there talking and a group of around 5 dudes came down the trail. My stomach dropped when I realized who they were. I hear one say, “isn’t that the dude who was talking shit, let’s take that bitches purse.” 

At this point I had to muster all of the idiotic machismo I could and stand between my lady and this group. (Side note this was years before we became parents.) I was lucky. the terrain made them stuck dealing with me one at a time. Had they been able to swarm me there’s nothing I could have done, and fighting back the way I would have would have cost me dearly if I lost consciousness. Perhaps my life.

The one I actually had a previous encounter with was tasked to “fuck me up and steal that bitches purse.” As he had to look down to cross a dip to get to me, I dropped him with a wild haymaker that only came off because he looked down. I knew my advantage and used it. Then I looked to his pals with as much hate on my face as I could muster. They dragged their comrade off the ground talking shit to him and left.

I still, after a horrific break up, child support, and everything else, look back with pride on this encounter. I am happy to admit that I lucked out and wasn’t able to be jumped. If not for this fortunate detail I could have been stomped out and we were in a place where they could have had their way with my girl. Her purse was barely a concern, her body was what I was willing to protect at any cost, and without concern for myself. I’ll never forget the way she looked at me when it was over. It’s in these things where our reward exists. Pride for one’s self and admiration from your girl. Add a beer and life is good.

If you’ve never had to put your body on the line for anything, you can’t understand what I’m saying. For the great many of you who have, you know my story is real and you can be proud of your boy for doing it right. As I said, even after the hell that woman put me through, I wouldn’t change a thing. When I heard her explain it to her friends my chest puffed up and I felt 10 ft tall.

We don’t need your appreciation, taxes, or obedience. All we need is your blessing to be who we are. Stop trying to clip your man’s nuts. Do you humiliate your man in front of his friends? Do you air your personal laundry to the gossip circles? Do you talk about him derogatorily in front of workers you don’t know? Like, ”oh he’s useless when it comes to anything around the house”. I have heard this one so many times it makes me feel for the dude. There’s no reason to humiliate your man just to justify your ignorance of the workings of things as well. I work for the affluent champagne socialists. The incredible home I might be standing in is almost always the result of the man’s life long effort. This is not good enough, he needs to know everything about HVAC too?

Stand by your man… Isn’t just a great Blues Brother’s song, Patsy Cline I know, it’s the natural way. You should be an ally and a team member of your man, and he to you. You guys should respect each other in private but never put each other down in front of strangers. In all decisions you guys should present a united front. Whether parenting or remodeling, you should debate in private and then deliver your message as a united front. This is loyalty and I see it betrayed daily. Loyalty is what we want. Not control, oppression, or a privilege. Just loyalty and respect.

Recognition of just who is the threat would be nice as well. Do this little experiment, you can clear your browser history after. Visit an escort site and check out the posts. The amount of females that openly say “no black men” is wild. The idea that white women all over America are racing to the but fat doctor in unison to land them a black man, is nonsense. The statistics are dreadful. Wanna raise a kid that doesn’t really fit in, on your own? Follow the TV. Wanna have a chance at lifelong family, look for someone like you, not the most different possible.

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