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The Social Media Madness

I just resumed a lengthy conversation, if you can call it that, on Quora. This just totally went the textbook bullying the odd guy out scenario, over and over again. Initially the question was in regards to Larry elders comments about the political literacy, so to speak, vs the men’s. I knew this was choppy water when I waded in but I think I did a proper job of it.

I answered this way,

Gloomy Days

“I’ll answer as delicately as I can. If I were to walk in on a woman doing house work what might she have on in the background? The view? Hallmark channel? We know the demographics, they are marketing gold.

Likewise a man might have a cable news, am radio, or podcast on. Generalization, yes. But what else can you do when discussing large groups?

In general the men I know will always talk politics and love controversy. The women I know are turned off in seconds if politics or any controversy comes up. Is this science, no just experience. But the tv marketers do science and it’s not men watching the hallmark channel, the view, or daytime tv other than news. Notice every other commercial is a dick pill? They know their demographics.”

This is the official answer and has remained at the top of the thread. As you might imagine folks chimed in and they were kind of hostile.

Them, “Likewise a man might have a cable news, am radio, or podcast on”And so these men (like you) are not easily manipulated by that stuff? The election of trump proves they are.”

Me, “I didn’t vote for trump. My comment was deleted because I called you a silly name. The most important part of what I say is the end. Do your experiences differ from mine. Is politics good pillow talk? Do you have more political conversation with men or women? Who enjoys debate about controversy, men or women? If this gets deleted it will be for pure ideology and no other excuse.”

Them, “I see as many women as men on this site discussing politics.It is definitely mostly men who are easily manipulated by things like am radio and podcasts, and con men like trump and EldeIf you didn’t vote for trump, who’d you vote for?”

Subtle at first but not friendly. Who’d I vote for? Your mom.

Me, “Look man I’m not interested in being backed into your framing of my character. I was trying to explain in a way less hyperbolic way the difference between men and women.

If you wanna tell me men and women have the same interests than marketing is voodoo.

The women on here are a self selecting crowd, not representative of anything. Women and men are different. Our brains work differently and this is science not feelings. I don’t know why you seem to hate men and blame them for everything but I would gladly go back to the time before the income tax, federal reserve, or “great society” women were voting by Johnson but the real wreckage that laid the way for Johnson just happen to be prior to women’s suffrage.

The state isn’t your daddy. Men seem to understand this. Maybe it’s because men pay the vast majority of taxes. Who knows. If you can’t live with me and I won’t be ruled by you we have a problem.

Let the conservatives secede. All you self righteous loons south of Sonoma county can have it all. The state of Jefferson is ready to go. We are being held hostage with zero representation and no control over any aspect of our lives thanks to you people. If we are repugnant racists let us go. The counties have all voted they need the state to sign off. Do it!! Then you can have your utopia with no racists to bother you, no producers to feed you, and no tax base to leach from. Let my people go.”

So ya, I had already had a comment deleted for the offense of calling him looney, and was getting fed up.

Them, “Look man I’m not interested in being backed into your framing of my character.““The state of Jefferson is ready to go. We are being held hostage with zero representation and no control over any aspect of our lives thanks to you people. If we are repugnant racists let us go. The counties have all voted they need the state to sign off. Do it!! Then you can have your utopia with no racists to bother you, no producers to feed you, and no tax base to leach from. Let my people go.”

Well this explains it. You framed your own character. Hey, if it were up to me, you can go. Why don’t you move to a red state? There’s a bunch of ‘em. Isn’t it common in your crowd to say stuff like “if you don’t like it here, leave”. No one is holding anyone hostage, you are all free to go.”

Just condescending and dismissive. These people have no people skills. I work in sales and trust is the currency in the game of sales. This guy lacks any ability to objectively read my words. He even quotes them at my vulnerable plea for peace and says it frames me poorly. Because I support us both to have state representation he blandly offers me the choice of Texas. As if he had a damn thing to do with it.

Them, “You think you’re the only one who gets comments deleted? That sounds like typical right wing paranoia. Why your reply was deleted, I have no idea. If I were paranoid and suspicious like you, I’d think you were deleting them yourself. It’s a shame you feel like such a victim. Why don’t you go to some place like Gettr, where right wingers are free to spew? On top of that, there are tons of trumpers and right wingers here on this site. I see their “opinions” all over the place. Go to the Fox website. It’s all mostly trumpers and right wingers spewing their stuff. Regarding your state of Jefferson, do you think all states should split up? Should all the Dems in an overwhelmingly red state demand to be freed because they are held hostage?”

This was after my last comment was deleted for no reason I could see. You can see the growing hostility in this guy.

Me, “I’m not even free to comment so what are you talking about. You even control all of the social media. You alone are arbiters of truth and you cancel all other opinions. Case in point, look at what they took down, offensive? How?

I think this conversation is over. Clearly you are allowed to say anything and I am not so this isn’t a fair fight. I don’t vote for national politics, period. I’m an anarchist not a republican. In a state the size of plenty of countries I think that ya, when half the state wants to leave they should be allowed to. We aren’t spread out evenly. Liberals own the south and the representation. Conservatives live north of Sonoma. Like the size of Oregon so ya that’s not just doable but morally correct.”

At this point I ghosted him. He made one more post but when I ghosted him he didn’t humiliate himself. Then I woke up today and in his place a new soldier has risen.

Them, “But you’ve been spewing and spewing! You just don’t like it when people don’t agree with you. For you, that means that you’re not “allowed to say anything.” You would prefer that folks would just nod their heads and agree with you. Free discussion, my ass. All you want it an echo chamber. This ain’t it.”

Wow. They brought in the firebrand.

Me, “Since you’re someone else I’ll answer. Every other post I put up was deleted. I threatened Quora that I would leave and chastised them for offering me a paywall position. They censor and suspend me constantly yet they have essentially offered me a job. After having totally reasonable posts deleted I explained this was not a free debate and I bowed out.

The moderators put my comments back up after I actually contested it. Like hundreds I have ignored but when I told them how hypocritical they were they put my post back. Apparently views matter.

I’m not a straw man. If you wanna debate with me you need to address the argument I made and answer without a logical fallacy. Are you telling me family doctors in the 80’s had no way of noticing the basket of symptoms called autism. It’s not a virus that can be sequenced. It’s not a genetic gift from your parents. They don’t know what it is, which is why it’s defined by symptoms instead of lab tests. 

Sudden onset of total lack of emotion or motor skills wasn’t noticed by the docs or the moms, I guess. By the 90’s and the legal immunity for vaccine makers the US government made the connection between vaccines and autism. The US government has paid out autism claims so I guess it’s real.

Read the ingredients, or is that just when you’re in Whole Foods checking for corn syrup. Aluminum, aborted fetal tissue, and formaldehyde are in almost every vaccine. Would you take each of these ingredients on their own and inject them into a newborn?

He refused to answer this simple question. That’s when I stopped responding. Wasn’t a fair fight anyway since half what I said was deleted and he ended it without rebutting my argument. Resorting to name calling is the end when I can’t even ask questions.

You give me a reasonable explanation for the near unheard of autism in the 80’s and the 1 in less than 100 boys today. That’s very conservative I’m trying to help you. And I’ll accept it for what it’s worth. I don’t know if it’s all vaccines. I know it’s environmental. That’s all.

There’s still a deleted posts so I only got one back.”

So I totally caught her up and challenged her with some info. 

Them, “You can leave. Move to a red state. Texas is big. They should split that one in two, too.But like I said, if it were up to me, I’d enjoy seeing what life is like in the state of Jefferson where it’s mostly rural and poor, and, I assume, you’d build a big wall around it so it remains white and conservative.”

Mock it all you want. The northern part of the state is absolutely rich in timber, gold, silver, natural gas, and ready and able bodied people. Within a year the state of Jefferson at no state income tax would become the powerhouse of the country. Northern California was vibrant. We used to log, mine, and expand the populations. Now the half of the state is a ghost town. There are actual depressing ass ghost towns where you can get an ice cream from a lady that lives misery.

Me, “I asked if your experience was different than mine. Do the women in your life take as much interest in politics, how about international news? Do the ladies in your life enjoy political debates? How about controversy?

Then the conversation spun out and yes it’s probably my fault. Ending it with the conspiracy theorist trope was it for me. I felt I laid out a serious issue and you wrote it off as if it had no merit. All you have to do is look at what you have paid to insulate the vaccine makers for.

I downloaded the VEARS data set for this year only and it’s a text file that’s 50 gigs. You see right on there heart attack, blood clots, death. You care about children at all you can look this stuff up. Or don’t, just self righteously do a mic drop and I’ll just bail.

Lastly the US government estimates only a fraction of events get reported. Still there’s almost 750,000 names. 3/4 Of a million injuries reported that range from soreness to death. The vast majority are inflammation and heart issues. Scary. If not for you go in peace.”

Them, Why do you think your posts were deleted? Most often posts aren’t deleted for ideas, but for rudeness. Were you rude, David?”

Not even close bitch. I say that now but watch how I played off her assumption and proved it.

Me, “You’re wrong Kathy. My opinions get me deleted. Like I said pick out the one they restored. Should be easy if it was legitimate. Have I been? Anymore abrasive than y’all? And as I said, I threatened to leave there platform and they put one back up. If you can tell which one it is then I guess you’d be right.”

This is true the deleted one of my posts and then reinstated it without label. I defied them to show me the post that was offensive and cancelable. Mind you I still have deleted comments on that thread. I have yet to hear a guess because they are all the same tone, language, and civil demeanor.

This is a day in the life of an Anarchist troll.

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