The Jab And Babies, Can You Have Both?

If you want my raw opinions, they are above.

This isn’t new for those who have kept up on my articles. I personally know several women who have had their periods go out of control after the jab. One in particular bled for an entire month after the jab.

I’m friends with a chick that takes care of old folks and was forced to get the jab to keep her job. She had so many adverse reactions it’s ridiculous. She has the birth control that stops your period (I’m obviously a guy and stupid on the subject of female birth control) and after the jab she got a heavy period.

I asked her to talk with my daughter for me because she won’t listen to me. She did and I’m incredibly grateful for her doing that. In the end My daughter chose her upscale yuppie vineyard restaurant job over her health. I want to strangle her boss with my bare hands. If my daughter experiences a single adverse reaction I am burning this establishment to the ground. That’s a promise.

For now I just want to be positive and not scare her, now that we can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube. Whatever this thing is designed to do is already far along with invading my child’s cells and invading them to corrupt them with a spike protein. I can only pray that she has no medical complications for now.

The bigger concern is the ability for her to have children. She has always wanted a family and children. If this causes her to miss out on the most meaningful part of life just to keep a job, I will kill people over this. I’m not hyperbolic. I am going to murder the person that forced my daughter to take poison or be fired. Let this be their evidence I don’t care. Prison? Meh. My daughter and the grand babies I want are more important than my freedom or the lives I will snuff out on my way.

Finally after 30,000 reports of crazy menstrual cycles following the jab, people are calling for an investigation into such. I knew about this within months of the release but the people in charge are just now taking note of the scariest aspect of the jab. Yes playing with the period cycles of millions of women is the most scary thing this jab has to it. I’d rather drop dead on the spot than rob my daughter of her chance to have children.

This was a case of bullying by her woke employer. This vineyard in St Helena that caters to the champagne socialists that pollute the entire area. These people have no idea the danger they have put themselves in by pressuring my child to except poison. I will personally kill the man in charge and turn this multi-million dollar property into a smoking heap of ashes. If a single thing happens to my daughter it’s on and I’m unhinged already.

They have known about this from the jump. It has an effect on almost every female I have spoken to with the jab. They want to stop us from having children and this jab happens to throw the cycle of life that women go through monthly into chaos.

We know this thing is dangerous for kids and covid is not, yet they are still forcing it on kids. This is criminal and I’ve had it. Take me seriously and know I mean what I say. I won’t say the establishment’s name although I hope they go out of business. I’ll just say it’s a farm to table type fad, and I will destroy it. Then I will murder the man/woman that forced my 19 year old to make a decision that was beyond her capabilities to even consider. She only has the maturity to see the loss of the best job she’s had. The future is not even something 19 year old’s think about. She lacks the experience or knowledge to make an informed decision and instead was coerced with threats of the loss of her job.

I hope the owner of this St Helena establishment gets this message. Be afraid faggot, be very afraid. If you cost me grandchildren and my daughter even a single adverse event your ass is mine. I have nothing to lose and will kill you. Make no mistake this is not hyperbole. This is a straight up threat. You know who you are, you have a beautiful healthy young lady with the last name Baker. Now you know her father is insane and coming for you if a single thing happens to my little girl.

Where are all the other fathers? Why are we letting bullies force our children to take medicine. What the fuck people? This is your only responsibility. Protecting your children. Trading health freedom and privacy for an hourly paycheck is insane and if you don’t warn against this you are scum. I would happily take my daughter back in, while she found a better job. With the extreme lack of labor going on how can employers make demands at all. Workers have never had such clout and they need to use it to refuse employers that think they have the right to your medical history. Privacy matters and you failure fathers out there are losers of the highest order.

Thanks to you scared little bitches medical privacy is over. Good job faggots. Can you be more of a pussy if you tried? Could you even try to be a man and stand on your rights? The science is in you fucking jackals. If you are under 30 you have far more to worry about the jab than germ. If you’re between 30 and 70 you have a tiny fraction of a percentage point of being hurt. 1% Of the jabs are deadly. You don’t follow science, can’t do easy math, or think for yourself. But you are the self righteous arbiters of truth and justice.

I’m living in what you call a target rich environment. If you scumbags don’t start to back the fuck off I’m going postal and don’t want to consider what that might look like. You people are playing with fire, and I’m gasoline.

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