The Dollar Is Dead, Get Over It

Well this shouldn’t be any kind of revelation for anyone. I’ve discussed the economy on several posts. The miserable crime we suffered at the hands of the internationalist clique, in 1913. The illegally passed and illegitimate income tax. The Marshall Plan, the petrodollar, and the wars for currency that we fight today. The history of our money is the story of our demise.

At this time gold remains under $1800/ounce. Bitcoin is being hammered down to the low $40,000 area. These dips are the calm before the storm. Gold should be going absolutely wild, yet it’s not moving and hasn’t moved in years. They can manipulate the paper markets to an extent that’s criminal. The paper gold markets represent imaginary gold, and has only the value of the certificate paper. There is simply way more paper gold than physical gold to back it. I don’t think this even accounts for the personally owned metal.  Buy real gold or silver, never paper instruments.

Silver coins that are pure silver and dimes that are 90% silver. Precious metal that can't be invented.

Real Money

The fact that gold has remained around the same price during an unprecedented lockdown of the economy, and the invention of trillions of new dollars, makes no sense. When I see trends in the markets that are completely bonkers I get worried, or greedy, depending on the situation. I think anyone looking to protect their wealth, regardless of what you may have, needs to consider precious metals. Silver and gold jewelry are not just a good gift for the lady in your life, it’s an investment. 

I have always bought my daughter silver jewelry for birthdays and Christmas and such. I’ve always told her that if she gets into a jam she is wearing money that just might save her someday. I’ve hammered into her mind the relationship between metal and money since she was 3. Personally I think silver is going to be far more useful than gold if the dollar goes hyperinflation. I assume that my silver dimes will buy quite a lot when a dozen eggs cost a million dollars.

I don’t care who you are or what you have to “invest”. Keeping your money in dollars is absolute lunacy. I personally accept the volatility and keep all of my checking account money in bitcoin. I use only bitcoin to store wealth. I play with the speculative coins but not with money I’m not willing to lose. The crypto world is incredibly volatile and the people playing this game tend to be pricks. Get over it and learn the way this stuff works.

I assume everyone knows about crypto but the numbers suggest otherwise. As far as mass adoption, bitcoin is only at 2% of the investment space. So all you folks who see it hit $60,000 and then go to the $30,000’s and get scared, you are missing out. Investing doesn’t work like you seem to want it to. You have to buy low and sell high. You have to believe the price is going to increase. Buying when all the numbers on your phone are green, is too late.

The great news is that at such a low adoption rate, you, right now, are still relatively early to the scene. If you invested just $1,000 last year, even in this volatile year, you would have tripled your investment. That’s bitcoin. If you have the stones and time you could have made millions through speculative coins. This is perhaps the problem. Sounds too good to be true. It’s not. All investments come with risk and the crypto space is no exception. The more reward possible the more risk it requires.

Rolled up worthless US currency. Only good for banksters doing lines of blow with.
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Toilet Paper

I’m not a financial advisor and am not especially good with money. I can tell you that bitcoin has made me at least the amount I’ve put in times 2. Regardless of your feeling on crypto, get out of dollars. The great thing about crypto is its liquidity. I can move a thousand dollars to another person without any record other than the blockchain ledger. I can also convert coins at will and put any amount on ice by converting it to USD coins. No brokers, mining fees(except Ethereum), or commissions. Any one of several great apps are all you need to turn a crypto wallet into everything a traditional bank does. The Cash App is a perfect example, and they just added stocks.

As strange as it might sound I never keep dollars unless in actual cash form. I never let my money sit. It’s either gaining or falling depending on the day. When huge “corrections” happen I just convert everything to USD and then right back the next day, or week at the most. This is only for those who understand the fundamentals underpinning crypto and the absolute destruction of the dollar. I have total confidence in my decision and have anxiety every time I’m sitting on a large amount of cash.

So the dollar is dead folks. If you understand the way money works then you have been expecting the ruin for years. I think that the way they have suppressed gold like they couldn’t do in 2008, provides us some interesting info. Is there gold to manipulate, at all? All I can say is that the metals markets are acting exactly opposite what the logic demands. The crypto markets are acting appropriately for the situation. I have no idea what mechanism can be used to crush the metal price but this is not golds natural price. It just isn’t.

Not sure what the point of all of this is, other than a warning. Get familiar with crypto and especially the 2 major players. They’re essentially the gold and silver of the crypto space and solid as far as I can see. Most coins use one of these 2 systems as their base platform and the value lies in the limited supply. I think 23 million bitcoin can be mined and then it’s over. At that point a single coin could be at a trillion dollars for all I know. They can’t invent more, that’s the point.

There is nothing backing the dollar. It is losing its role as the world’s oil money as we speak. It relies on the confidence, that it’s worth what it says it is. How confident are you in the money you have? How confident would you be if you were in Brazil? Brazil has spoken, they are out. The empire can only force the world to accept our confetti for so long. Eventually you can’t even pay your soldiers and then, game over.

Get out before it’s too late.

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