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Some Good News and Reality

I’ve said before, constant negativity is bad for us, and we need some positive wins to celebrate when we get them. Although the current click bait and “if it bleeds it Leads” atmosphere, exists, we are seeing some positive stories break through. I think we need these stories to bolster our own encouragement and inspiration to continue the fight.

First off, I have an excellent story from The Epoch Times that tells of a new institution for learning that is pro American and anti woke. I already joined the institutions forum and will likely take some of the classes. They are laid out a la carte. So if an interest strikes, you can get an actual education in the specific subject you’re interested in.

This is the answer to woke education. We can’t stop the current education system. It’s absolutely out of the control of parents and they care not one bit for the parents or children they hurt. The more private institutions we have to supplant the existing model the more choice we have. I want to see a thousand flowers bloom and provide an education model that can be tailored to each child.

Ron Paul has so many affiliates that I have trouble sending you directly to his site but I have personally used this curriculum and was blown away by it. It has kids starting blogs, e-commerce sites, and other relevant skills as part of the actual curriculum. It has respect for the Christian founding of the country and while not a Christian curriculum, it teaches some bible verses and incorporates religion into the history portion of the class. I recommend it to anyone with a kid between kindergarten and graduation.

Apparently there is a small town mayor in Texas that has a crisis at the bridge border between his town and Mexico. It has spiraled out of control and now has amassed around 12,000 Mexicans camped out under the bridge. The mayor has closed the border on his own authority. He is asking for the state to support him and send help. This is good news although sad. This man, a democratic mayor, is taking it upon himself to protect his citizens. After being flooded with illegals he closed the border going through his town. Well done sir. 

If the states are going to hang us out to dry and expect those living in border towns to accept the disgusting trail of humanity polluting their town and country, they have another thing coming. I suggest all border towns have immediate town halls and force their mayors or city counsels to stop the border crossings in their towns. If every town decides to be a constitutional town, what can the state do? Sue the town to break the constitution? I don’t see a case here.

Today is scheduled for a protest for the imprisoned from the Jan 6th so called crimes. The police are expecting violence and making no bones about their attempt to be out in force and willing to square off. The worst thing we can do is violence. I’m not saying violence has no role in our struggle. I believe violence is our only realistic route to freedom. It requires wits more than violence, though. We must be crafty with our behavior and remember this is a psychological battle as well as physical.

We have to use scheduled events like this one, with honorable intentions, with honorable behavior. That means peacefully protesting and letting the state show itself for the monsters they are. We need to show up and stand our ground. Eventually the police will start to overreact and this is our victory. Every time they are shown for who they really are is a victory. Every time the public sees armed patriots display the utmost responsibility and restraint, we win.

I’m not sure how it will go down and this isn’t exactly timely. I should have said something sooner. Still it’s scheduled for today so hey, maybe it will help. We have some wins out there but they are small. This is a war for inches and every inch we gain we should celebrate and magnify over the negativity of the corporate and alternative news.

You guys already know the reality, so I’ll leave you to contemplate your own personal reality, and what it might mean for the future, or even today. Our lives are constrained by the material world. Our minds know no borders, limits, or constraints whatever. The ability to will things into existence is the ability of humanity. We have the tools at our disposal and have only our chains to lose. 

For the vast majority of us, these chains are bound around our minds, leaving us to incorrectly see them bind our bodies. Lose your mental chains and realize there is nothing in between you and freedom. It’s yours to take, if you can only free your mind of the chains of tyranny. As the state exists as a mental construct, so to does tyranny. We get the tyranny we will tolerate. They know it and it’s an priori truth. They can imprison your body but never your mind. It’s your mind they want to imprison and make use of your body. Free your mind and your life will follow. I promise.

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