Sanctuary County For The Constitution, Finally

This is a positive post and hopefully just the first of many. There is a county in New York that has had it with tyranny and they have unanimously voted to make their county constitutional. According to the article even the lone democrat voted in the affirmative.

This county has now made it law to follow the Bill of Rights. It’s illegal for any county agent, agency, money, or buildings to support any other law enforcement. The feds and the state will not be welcome in this county since the only reason they would be there is to violate the constitution.

A quote from the article says a lot.

“If state or federal government continue to overstep their bounds and intrude into the lives of our citizens with unconstitutional mandates, our legislature will step up and challenge that” 

This is so awesome and exciting I am thrilled. This is exactly what I have been advocating for, for over a decade. The counties are where the power is in this country. If the county so chooses it can shut the power structure down. The feds must ask permission before messing with a sheriff’s citizens. All the sheriff has to say is get out of the county or be arrested for violating the rights of the free Americans here.

We finally have an example to follow and it came from a blue state. Just like California you have the vast majority of the population in the cities that are liberal retards. The rural counties are conservative. California is basically conservative north of the Golden Gate minus Sonoma County. 

Cattaraugus County has just shown the rest of us what it looks like to own your county. Even in these overwhelmingly blue states they rely on the cities. They have played with the districts in California to make everyone north of SF irrelevant and disenfranchised. The people have known it for over a century and have been trying to get their own state for that long. The state of Jefferson would start at the Sonoma Mendocino county lines and end at Oregon.

They have had town hall after another. The people are almost all on board and it passes every vote it gets. For some reason they just can’t seem to make it happen. Maybe a state is too out of the control of the people.

Every county just needs to start off by following the county in NY. Then when every county in Northern California is a federal sanctuary, statehood will be impossible to stop. I have been harping on this since I discovered it. The most important politics are the county and city where you live. The county being the most important. The sheriff is the difference between being free and protected and being stuck with a federal snitch.

Again I got the info from an Epoch Times article. I only took one quote from it but I want to give them credit anyway because I bet you don’t hear about this on CNN. So do subscribe to the Epoch Times and throw your cable box out the window.

As I said, we are smarter than they are. We are motivated and prepared to go the distance, they are cowards. We have only our chains to lose. They only have chains to look forward to. Everything has to start somewhere. I believe the final solution has begun and we owe the great American’s of New York for showing us how it’s done. 

This has to be a brush fire of freedom that grows to consume the current paradigm. This county can not be left alone to be ignored or attacked by the feds. We have to support them anyway we can. We also need to copy them in every county we can. This shouldn’t be hard. There are hundreds or thousands of counties and towns that are willing to secede let alone just make the law of the land, the law of the county.

I was sure that if we were to ever see anything close to traditional American liberty again, we would have to kill lots of people. This is so much better and realistic. For the first time in a long time, I have hope and encouragement. I think the press will either attack this county like a rabid dog, or they will ignore them. The feds are going to see how it goes and likely play it by ear.

If we are duplicating this counties success everywhere and in all kinds of backwoods counties they will be unable to react at all. They have no problem destroying a county and would happily turn the whole county into the Waco massacre. This ain’t 1992 anymore and the people would be watching the event live-streamed, not a mile out from the mainstream corporate tools. 

The feds have to accept this and do their best to challenge it in court. However, arguing that protecting the constitution is unconstitutional will be a legal challenge that’s ridiculous on its face. We need to follow the good people of this western New York county. Every conservative county should be running around to get this on a ballot as fast as possible. Our power is in number and right now we have one county. Far more constitutional free sanctuary cities out there and they act with impunity because they have the same goals as the feds. Destroying the American system through displacement and white replacement.

This is a great thing that must be supported and built upon. This needs to be a model for counties all across the Union. The revolution wasn’t decided by one national committee. It was the culmination of all the different colonies coming to the same realization in time and eventually the continental congress was the committee that brought all parties in to decide the way forward.

If we have 100 counties that have declared themselves sanctuary’s for the Bill of Rights, the feds will lose their shit. They know how thin their power really is. They act with hubris and cockiness as if they were perfectly confident and totally in control. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are paper dragons that may be scary to those immature youngsters, but can be lit on fire by any adult. If we can just double our progress, with a total off 2 counties, we will scare them into doing something awful that will turn people against them. Force and fear are their only tools and using force against peaceful people who love the constitution is evil no matter how you spin it.

This will not be another Waco. The feds will not be hurting anyone in this county. If they do they will have everyone as motivated as myself, which is many, on their way with weapons and the most effective weapon, a camera. We must make sure the people are protected and the feds abide by the law. Our futures are connected to theirs. 

Call your county politicians, your sheriff and as many business owners, community leaders, and good people you can. If you don’t see anyone working towards this, you take up the cause. If you have an ally in your county already, divide and conquer until you have the county you want. This is our revolution folks and it can be won without a single shot. Just when I start to lose hope this comes in and completely turns me around.

I hope this is food for your soul as well. We need some wins in a game like this. Constant defeat makes carrying on the fight seem more and more useless. Finally seeing a real victory has given me a renewed optimism. A whole county has unanimously decided to make itself sovereign. This is beautiful and inspiring. Freedom on a national level is not a realistic goal at this point. Making yourself and the closest ones to you free, is totally doable, and the only realistic route to freedom we have.

Every county that follows the example of Cattaraugus County is a brush fire of freedom. They need to spread across this continent like a wildfire, torching tyranny and fertilizing the tree of liberty. This is the way people. The winning play is on paper, has been practiced, and just needs to be called. Emergency county assemblies need to be had and the politicians need to be made to vote. The ones that fail to vote correctly should be recalled immediately. Like just threaten them with violence if they refuse to step down. They are cowards and will happily step down when confronted with a lynch mob.

Sure this isn’t exactly the normally accepted way to deal with things, but this isn’t the old days where we had any political power at all. The only power we retain is that of force. Threaten a politician who refuses to do as his constituents demand with hanging and he will leave. Threats are all it will take, only the most insane and egotistical would challenge a mob to follow through with their threats. For these folks, I guess they get their neck stretched.

Easy, is over folks. From here on we get hard. Every instance of a county declaring sovereignty, cops declaring they won’t be jabbed and are quitting, and the absolute rage from every school board meeting, scares the power structure like you wouldn’t believe. Nobody knows how thread bare their power is like the ones wielding it. Pelosi is too mentally damaged to recognize the reality. She’s certainly not alone in this respect. We have so many senior citizens in the highest positions of power it’s insane. These fossils have no connection to the people they claim to represent. They will be confused but harmless when they are relieved of their duties.

Buck up folks. We have them on the ropes because our citizens are waking up. This is a massive victory for the people and we will build upon it one after the other. We are going to kill them with death by a thousand cuts. They will have no safe place to hide. No sanctuary for the criminals who threw the country into chaos and wreckage.

Doing this on the county level takes their method and turns it against them. The global control system is being introduced and implemented on the county level. Freedom and liberty can be taken back at the county level. The globalists knew the power the county’s still held, long before Joe Sixpack caught on. The county is sovereign and can keep the state’s agents from entering the county, if their intentions are to violate the constitution. All the movies you see where the local cops are in some shit and eventually the feds show up and it’s implied, they have instant jurisdiction. If it’s a bank robbery or post office the feds have jurisdiction. All other crimes are local jurisdiction and the prerogative of the county sheriff. Hollywood hates you and have confused a nation to the point of ignorance of the laws and who enforces them.

Fuck national politics. It’s so clearly rigged and useless it’s insulting to even engage in the action of voting. Pour all of your political ambition into county politics. The city, if your city is a county in and of itself. The sheriff has to be vetted the very most and has to be a constitutional officer. He must understand his position, authority, and have the stones to stand up for his people. With this one position filled properly you can clean house of the scum that sit on the boards of power. The sheriff can hold the politicians accountable and the school boards as well. 

So lets make sure we have constitutional sheriffs in every county we can, and we win. That’s the lesson here folks. The sheriff is the most important position in your county. A bad one can let you be ruled by lunatics and edicts. A proper sheriff can refuse to enforce anything unconstitutional and arrest municipal cops who do. So even if you have a city like mine, where the municipal security guards are worthless resource pirates, if my sheriff wasn’t a POS he could clean house and arrest municipal cops for kidnapping, every time they detain an innocent citizen. 

They might even be able to make the county CHP free. The benefits haven’t really been tested to see how many and how much power the sheriffs have over the state and feds. We know they have ultimate jurisdiction over the county they were elected to serve. The highways are state property I think, and thus might be the jurisdiction of the state. So CHP might have access to the highway but they would lose their authority immediately upon exiting the highway. We don’t need multi-million dollar budgets for fake police that have no constitutional authority, when we have an elected office that has all of the constitutional authority regarding law enforcement. Taxes spent on security guards should be given back to the citizens or transferred to the sheriff’s budget.

This got longer than I intended, as per usual. We have a win to celebrate and it’s a huge win regardless of what you hear about it. If the media even talks about this it will be in the most uncharitable way. They will be called NAZI’s who just hate immigrants or something like that. We know better, don’t we. We know that this is the way, and the good people have given us an example to follow. Let’s get on it, and make half this country a sanctuary for the US Constitution. Secession by stealth, is still secession and all good with me. 

Carpe Libertatem!

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