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Passports For Citizens, Voting For Illegals. Madness

It’s official folks. San Francisco and New York are vaccine passport cities. I live about an hour from the city and spent tons of time there when I was younger. Ball games, concerts, and just days of walking around. I haven’t crossed the Golden Gate in like a decade because the city disgusts me. Now I wouldn’t go anywhere near SF or support a single business. From here on that city doesn’t exist to me.

I’ve always wanted to see New York for obvious reasons. Not anymore. If this is what I can expect in terms of a police state, they should go under. In SF there’s at least 30,000 homeless people all living on the street. A studio apartment can go for a million dollars in this junkie ridden hell hole. The world and certainly the rest of Cali should boycott the city until it serves the taxpayers again.

These cities already had a 2 tiered society. The ones that can afford living there and the ones that live off of the dole or commute into the city for work. Now they have a 3 tiered society. Affluent, poor, and unvaccinated. If you want to include illegals, the list continues. Of all of these, the unvaccinated are the worst of the bunch and living in an open air prison. The people who want the vaccine have had a year to get it. They have also endured a year, plus, of propaganda about it. The vaccine rate they have now is the one they will be stuck with unless they introduce force. Thus kicking off a revolt.

A 2 tiered society. That’s what the so called “civil rights activists” are afraid of. I’m more concerned with a full blown police state in which they are able to track and surveil everything we do. I’m more concerned with the vaccine that is constantly being pulled from different markets due to safety concerns, yet in America it’s touted as the greatest thing since sliced bread. Even the CDC says the shot is only barely above 50% effective. Then they tell a press conference that its 80 to 90% effective for old folks. 

Yes the jab appears to be less harmful for the elderly, or at least those past a certain age. However, the effects this thing has on young people is scary and unacceptable. First, the younger you are the less you are in danger, from COVID. Really you are pretty safe until about 90 when just being alive is a contributing factor to death. Average age for men in this country is like 73 and we are losing our shit when 80 year olds die. What the hell people. We all die and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.

People used to be so much more dignified and heroic about death. They took it in stride and died with dignity, whether from fever at 15 or old age at 86. Dying well was your last act on Earth and it was important to people that they were seen acting as best they could considering their situation. Also the idea of safety for old folks over safety for the young was an impossible thought to Americans of just a few generations ago.

Today the whole society has thrown children under the bus and put our national focus on people aged 70 and up. Ya know, the folks who have had full lives living in a world so free as to be unrecognizable today. The folks who rode the inflation ride, along with the banksters and became wealthy just by purchasing their starter home for a mere $13,000.  The same people who pinch every penny they have like they can take it with them? The hedonistic brats who decided kids were a burden and living the party life would fulfill them? The baby boomers are going to go down in history as the most self centered, bratty, and entitled generation God ever made.

So passports for us mundanes who haven’t followed the rules I guess. It’s really cool to see so many “normal” people support this. Listening to these “adults” talk, you’d think they were 8 year olds telling the yard duty, Billy dumped sand on me. They talk about people like me, like we are bullies, self absorbed, and a threat to their life, personally. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they were actors, but also not surprised if they were real. Up is down, black is white, and good is bad. This looks more and more like end times shit to me every day.

So while you pesky citizens are being fattened up for slaughter, your replacements are already streaming in. You need a passport to go to San Francisco. To come to America all you need are feet, or a wheelchair. Biden is desperate to open this country to the max. The million or so a year was just not cutting the mustard for ole Joe. He wants them fast tracked to citizen and voting immediately. No ID to vote, but passports to travel and eat for me. 

This voter ID crap has got to be the single most ridiculous lie in my life. We are talking about inserting biometric vaccine passports into the bodies of American Citizens. That’s not an invasion of privacy or even worth bothering over. What are you a conspiracy theorist? You don’t want to be chipped with the Beast marker? We have to know who you are, and if you can be where you are, doing what you’re doing. Asking for ID at a voting booth? That’s racist and an obvious conspiracy to keep blacks from voting.

That’s the line. You black folks just can’t seem to get an ID and thus would be disenfranchised if forced to produce identification prior to voting. If blacks are not insulted by this asinine claim, that they are too stupid to get driver’s licenses or ID cards, what can the democrats say to upset you? They constantly talk down to blacks and treat them with an infantile like bigotry of low expectations. The republicans talk the same whether they are talking to a white stock broker or a black dude on the subway. Democrats try to act “street” and will talk different depending upon the guest. Famously, Hitlary carries hot sauce in her purse when she’s interviewed by a black radio station. Why doesn’t this obvious racism stand out to you guys and piss you off? They talk about blacks like they are children needing the protection of the Democratic Party and it’s gross. I wish you guys could see them as I do, you’d turn your back on them immediately.

So we know black people are smart enough and motivated enough to have a driver’s license or ID. We know this because being black doesn’t make you retarded. You would have to be retarded to consider getting an ID to be an insurmountable challenge. No, the only ones who can’t get ID are the ones here illegally. In Cali they can still get driver’s licenses and half the state is a so called sanctuary city so, what is the point?

This is now Mexifornia. It is not America and doesn’t follow any kind of rational legal scheme. It’s the tyranny of mob rule, mixed with oligarchy rule. I have no representation at all. I recently received an email from my representative and I emailed him back telling him he wasn’t my representative and if I had my way he’d be on trial for treason. He answered back assuring me he reads every mail and will take my comments under consideration. I just hope I was crafty enough to walk the line between threat and criticism. I suppose I will find out.

The bill being shoved down our throats now is the end of any type of citizenship in this country. The “law” would make no distinction between those of us who have been here for generations and helped build this country, and those who, just yesterday, got across the border illegally. They are entitled to in state tuition from the universities. They are entitled to more than you are, you pesky citizen. 

American citizenship used to be an honor and dream for millions of people around the world. Today it means nothing. No Bill of Rights, no free market, no freedom, and the costs for such a privilege, has gone sky high. People talk about the high taxes in Sweden. Have you seen Sweden? Obviously those taxes are going to the citizenry and the upkeep of their commons. Compare their worst, refugee free city, to our best city. Cleaner, less crime, no homeless, and they have not likely ever heard of MS-13. Things are changing for them too, though. Now the state has turned against them and is flooding their beautiful nation with cousin marrying, subversive, and uncivilized animals. Rape is now a national pastime and the state is doing nothing.

The radical difference in empathy and compassion our “leaders” show towards foreigners is mind blowing. They have nothing but self righteous indignation and hatred for me. They openly talk about how much they hate me, even if it’s whites they’re talking about, I hear my name. They would be so happy to disenfranchise the 70 million trump voters and would do so gleefully. Meanwhile if one actual legitimate voter who was born in Mexico fails to prove he has the right to vote, it’s the end of the world. 

Apparently this law would make the states who do require ID to vote, accept student ID. The bill makes clear that all people have the right to university and their legal status is not allowed to factor, at all, in the admission decision. Also they get to enjoy the discounted tuition for in state students as opposed to the more expensive tuition for out of state students. Citizenship is really a burden at this point and I’d rather be illegal.

This isn’t in a vacuum, folks. This is just another rung on the ladder of ruin. They are abusing the citizenry like a red headed stepchild, while opening the doors and wallets to everyone that can make it to our southern border. For the land of the free and the home of the brave we have sure lost a step or two. I am bombarded daily with news updates that are straight out of a dystopian novel. I mourn the country we lost daily and am almost constantly consumed with anxiety over what is coming for my daughter. I see no reason for hope or will for change. Doom is all over and it’s getting pretty close.

Each passing second is a lost opportunity to fix something. We must have a mechanism for holding the politicians to account. This can not go unpunished and this can not be fixed by switching some “R’s” and “D’s” around. The entire system needs to come down to bedrock and be rebuilt with permanent reminders of what happened to us. Massive granite structures that tell our story for the generations to follow. A history built in stone so it can’t be burnt or changed by the same criminals as before.

We start with our Declaration of Independence and go from there. Each state will be its own sovereign state, and only in an affiliation with the rest. Some states should be given back to the original inhabitants. Hawaii was conquered by force and there is still a movement by the natives to get it back. I am on board. As much as I like Hawaii it isn’t mine and I’m sure they will still have as many tourists as have money, come and enjoy their home. Likewise I think a long overdue, real act of friendship and respect towards the Indians is in order. That means allowing them a sovereign state of their own to govern as they see fit. Lastly the blacks. This is easy. The blacks that so wish, should be offered a state of their own and allowed to govern as they themselves see fit.

Everyone else can piss off. Our country has done as much good, if not more, for the world than it has taken, by far. Mexico is huge, and still, they can’t seem to make much of it, giving them back territory we fought for would be pointless and stupid. The Mexican’s beef should be with Spain not us anyway. 

The only thing that is impossible is the course we are on. We are committing national suicide and for what? A new world order to bring in the antichrist? No thank you. The colonists started with committee meetings and thanks to the fire brands like Thomas Payne, Patrick Henry, and Sam Adams the decision to leave England and fight her for independence was made. A decision that took 10 years of petitions, diplomacy, and hot air. We have exhausted all of our peaceful means for change. 

I just saw a video of a Cali school board walk out on the parents. After it came out that a teacher flew an AntiFa flag and portrait of Moa in his class, hundreds of parents flipped out. That commie puke is now on paid leave. When the school board felt that they had given the mundanes their due, they exited the building like cockroaches. The fact that this teacher says himself, that he is the norm among the teachers, is what the parents were so mad about. Apparently communism is just fine and proper. When a student complained about the AntiFa flag, this ass bag told the young man, only fascists would have a problem with it, if you aren’t fascist you shouldn’t care. I would have personally beaten this man to within an inch of his life if he said that to my son.

Fascism is a joke compared to commies. The various communist revolutions have cost some 100 to 200 million souls. Hitler was a pussycat compared to Stalin. Teaching children a vile ideology that is antithetical to all things American and responsible for more deaths than the plague, is worthy of prison. This fruity douche bag would probably love being gang banged by the black gorilla family. How diverse it is and refusing might be both racist and homophobic. What a conundrum for a woke ideologue. 

Can it really get worse? Oh ya baby, y’all ain’t seen nothing yet.

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