Lee, Grant, Even Douglas Where Does It Stop?

As you must know, unless you truly live under a rock, the statue in Richmond of General Robert E Lee was taken down this week. It was removed to the cheers and victorious celebration of a large group of so called Americans. This same group is responsible for destroying hundreds of monuments around the country. Some 130 or so monuments and statues have been vandalized, toppled, or defaced since the death of street hood George Floyd.

What idiots

There’s one remaining confederate monument that’s on the block in Richmond. Problem is, it’s also a grave so there’s that. The governor of Richmond thinks this is absolutely awesome and can’t get enough woke to satisfy his desire for the destruction of our history and culture. He and his ilk are all too happy to see this destruction of America. That’s what this is. Not just statues and monuments they are destroying this country. Imagine if some group decided the pyramid was racist and started to destroy it. Imagine if those people were Egyptian, or at least new Egyptians? Would it still be Egypt? No.

This is just the asymmetric warfare we are engaged in and have failed to realize. Every piece of American history removed from this land represents a piece of land conquered. The removal of American history is a straight up lost piece of America. Every monument put in place by our ancestors, was specifically intended to be there, for future generations to see and appreciate. They were almost all paid for privately and the result of the efforts of private groups. These are markers in time my ancestors made great effort to erect for me to see and be a part of. They are the culture of America and they are worth fighting for.

This needs to end now and it can start with putting General Lee back where our ancestors put him. Every aspect of this nations history is memorialized in stone, wood, or carving somewhere. My people built this country and I’m done with this bull shit about a nation of immigrants. Sure it is today but from Jamestown to 1965 the land owned and civilized by immigrants were white. English specifically when talking the eastern seaboard. We gained a 10% black population through very bad decisions and the greed of a small clique. The black population was bound to agriculture for the vast majority of their time here. Thankfully that shit ended over 150 years ago. 

My ancestors braved the long and dangerous voyage across the great Atlantic, in search of one thing, freedom. They had been boxed in by the societies of Europe and the money men that owned the land. They were willing to risk life and limb just to reach a vast wilderness, untamed and wild. Out of this vast wilderness they persevered through famines, new diseases, and angry natives, to create a country from nothing. By 1776 the wilderness had been transformed into what could be sovereign and defensible. My ancestors then made the hard break from England by trading blood for freedom until enough of my ancestors blood drenched this ground that the world’s greatest fighting force had to give up.

This wasn’t enough for my ancestors though, who became uncomfortable with the new money men of America and the easy way of life. They traveled west to tame further wilderness and seek more and more freedom from the shackles of the landlords and money men. They drove to the ocean, expanding this great nation from sea to shining sea. All the while dying by the score, and living with death in a way as to be so regularly recorded in journals with little to no emotion. Even the death of one’s own child could be noted with little more than a sentence.

They fought the elements, the natives, the Spanish, and their own government the whole time. They soaked this land in my blood. Not the exact blood I carry but bits of it everywhere. When a particular event saw more than the usual amount of my people die, it was memorialized by the survivors or those who came upon the remains. Likewise when my ancestors felt their lives were improved by a certain individual, event, or victory these too were memorialized. These are physical communications between myself and my ancestors, and you people are trying to snuff this out.

I’m trying my hardest to explain why these aren’t just hunks of marble or bronze. I am connected to this land by blood and hundreds of years worth of blood spilled making this country the envy of the world. If not for the thousands of gallons of my ancestors blood that fertilizes this land there wouldn’t be a civilization for these pukes to tear down. So if I seem upset about the wanton destruction of what some libertarians may mistake for state symbols, I am and they are confused. This is about blood and the ground we have, only because of the blood spilled by my ancestors to tame, clear, and build the civilization that’s being given away. 

Watching these pukes destroy these monuments is like watching them attack a headstone of a family member. These are the communications sent down to me by my ancestors. Deface them and you deface me. Destroy them and it’s as if you were destroying me in effigy. Remove them and you remove the connection they make between them and me. I wouldn’t dream of destroying any pagan art from the past. The Taliban have destroyed ancient monuments and the world understands the inherent evilness of that.

The monuments these pukes are tearing down in America are far more important to me. It’s not antiquity that give our monuments value. In fact it’s the closeness we have to them that makes them especially relevant. The destruction of them represents the destruction of a people only a generation removed from myself in some cases. In others, the monument might be for WWII, of which I have 2 great grandfathers who fought in. 

This is the beginning and the necessary step towards conquering us completely. With every monument left to us by our ancestors that isn’t protected by us, they become bolder. I’m hearing far more support for this from whites than I could have ever imagined. This is a whooped people. We oughta be fighting for these statues with everything it takes. When we see our history vandalized we should protect that property with absolute force. It needs to be made clear, and in no uncertain terms. My history is not optional and up for debate. I will have my monuments, my statues, and my connection to those who entrusted me with their safe keeping. Getting in between me and my ancestors is a tough place to be. You don’t wanna find yourself between a monument and a patriot.

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