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Larry Elder, The Face Of White Supremacy

We need but don’t deserve the great man, Larry Elder, in charge of this train wreck of a state. I’ve been as harsh against black people as anyone I’ve seen, when they deserve it. I also give credit where it is due. Larry Elder is a great man with a great history and an amazing platform for our basket case state.

He is the exact opposite of Newsom in every respect including race. What’s hilarious is watching the media lose their shit over this “person of color” that has a strict conservative worldview. They have called him a race traitor among other outrageous and racist names. The liberals prefer a spoiled brat dictator that’s ruined one of the greatest states in the union. Could it be because he’s white? They sure seem racist to me.

Personally, I am totally confused by the California electorate. To go from a criminal communist, to a real deal conservative in less than a full term shows how bipolar the voters are. Then there’s the fact that the governor swings from democrat to republican but the legislature has stayed a one party state. The liberals own the legislature and all Larry can do is veto the insanity sent to him. He can’t write laws and if he oversteps executive orders the legislature will sue him.

This could be a serious issue for his ability to govern. Hopefully not. Hopefully the legislature notices the swing in public opinion and acts accordingly. Pipe dreams, I’m sure. The fact is, Elder can get a lot done with executive power. His platform addresses all of the important issues. Wildfires and droughts, COVID freedom, and welfare fraud are all on the issues page of his site. Global warming, forced vaccines, and low income housing are happily absent from the issues he cares about.

For the first time in my life, that I’ve noticed, someone is addressing the woefully inadequate infrastructure of the state. The highway system is the worst in the country, if not the world. Between LA and the Bay Area we have 2 of the most congested freeway systems ever built in this country. Our water infrastructure was designed to serve half the population it serves today. That’s the story of all our infrastructure. It was built in the 50’s for 20 million people tops. It can’t serve the 40 million people living here now.

We waste water as if it was a plentiful and regular resource. On high rain years we dump all reserves into the ocean and have no way to reserve the excesses on good years to get us through the absolutely predictable drought cycle. As a California native I have come to know the rain pattern and never get worried about it. That is, until I realized the absolutely insane way they don’t conserve our resources.

Power is another massive issue in this corrupt state. PG&E Are the official power monopoly in my part of Cali at least, if not the state at large. The power infrastructure has been pushed beyond the point of safety or reliability. While they have added substations and transformers to wring the very most power out of the sources they have, it’s dangerous and not keeping up. There has not been any additional power sources created in my life. No hydro, nuclear, or old fashioned coal. Hydroelectric fixes 2 issues at once. The damn that houses the turbines also dams a reservoir. More power that’s the cleanest power creation possible, and a whole new power source to add to the starving grid. Then the benefit of the reservoir it fills can allow us a way to conserve excess water on rainy years. Thus solving the drought and the power problem with the same project.

Elder has promised that if we have to do something, he will stand with us and be accountable to us. He has said straight up, vaccines are a choice that is the prerogative of the people and parents. The state has nothing but advice on this according to Elder. He is also awesome on COVID all around. He has said the science is in, and we should be open for business. He says he will open the state and let the people take the risks they are comfortable with. Say it with me now people, HERO.

On housing I decided to let Mr Elder speak for himself. The housing situation has gone from realistic for the advantages of living in a beautiful and dynamic state. To absolute insanity that is pushing all but the most affluent out of their life long communities, or the state all together. So here’s a quote from Elder’s site.

“The current governor has pledged to build 3.5 million new housing units by 2025—it was one of his campaign promises. But where are the houses? Supply and demand do not bend to his wishful thinking. Though we have builders eager to build for the large population in California, their hands are tied. Poor policymaking in Sacramento has left our state ranking 49th in the union for the rate of construction. Why? Because, as is the case for gas prices, housing prices in California are being substantially and artificially inflated by tampering politicians in Sacramento. I will alleviate the housing crisis by letting the home builders build.”

“Housing units”. I’m gonna go ahead and assume he means low income apartment units. Elder wants to unleash the building industry to expand the housing market to meet the demand. He will wipe away the restrictions preventing people from building now. Elder wants houses being built for the middle class of this state, not shoebox apartments. Larry Elder is so superior to Newsom in every respect. Elder is a God fearing Man. He has had several successful careers. He has no hatred for whites and holds his own people accountable. I’m shocked that we have the opportunity to elect such a great man, not just for politicians, Elder is a just a plain, good ole boy, that happens to be black. The fact that he’s running for office is a blessing that he previously declined to attempt. The destruction of California finally got under his skin enough to motivate him to weather the vicious storm of hatred dumping on him daily. Like I said up top, we don’t deserve him and should Thank God if he gets elected.

Ideas matter, color doesn’t. Look at Lori Lighfoot and Larry Elder and you see what the differences can be. Lightfoot is hateful, retarded, and corrupt to no end. Elder is motivated by love not hate, he’s a genius compared to Newsom or Lightfdoot, and he abhors corruption. He is 100% against CRT and is happy to defend white parents for fighting this vile ideology. He supports the sovereign relationship between parent and child and expects the state to know its place. I have yet to come across a single platform goal I disagree with. I traditionally abstain from all voting because it presumes consent when I interact with it. This will be an exception and I will be there to vote for Newsom’s outing and Elder as governor. 

If you could tell some people that my first vote since turning 18 was for a black man they would likely look on a bit puzzled. That is, until they hear who and why I’m voting for. Unlike the idea some folks have, that they must be represented by someone of the same skin tone, I care for ideas only. If Elder was an alien from Alpha Century he would still have my vote. For this he will suffer. Being supported by myself as well as the many, many conservatives in Cali make Elder a self hating “Uncle Tom”, to The so called liberal press. There is not a single thing more hated by the liberal trash, than a popular conservative black man. Lilly white morons call into question a black man’s “blackness”. How insulting do they have to be before you guys recognize who the racists are. 

The liberals associate blacks with violence, low test scores, and poverty. They hate the blacks that escape this stereotype. Successful, family oriented, and law abiding blacks have no use for the Democratic Party. They are actually hurt by the policies worshipped by the left, not helped and thus not bought off. Still The death grip the liberals hold over the black vote is not in question. They take the black vote for granted and have lately spent less and less lip service towards you guys. They are more interested in the future majority, hispanics. Larry Elder believes in borders.

So let me wrap this up with a clear and unambiguous endorsement of Mr Larry Elder for governor of the Republic of California. I’m proud to lend my name and effort to this man and I’ve never claimed to be colorblind. A black man that stands on conservative values and lives the life he talks, is a man worth supporting, if not admiring. Sure all conservatives are slandered by the media. I’m a NAZI, fine. Black conservatives get it twice as bad at least. Their own people question their motives, the press totally invent malicious motives, and they are constantly called race traders. 

Given all of this, white conservatives have it easy. Being a black conservative takes balls of steel. I stand with Larry Elder and his gigantic brass balls. Don’t like it? Lick a dick up till ya throw up.

Please check him out yourself and if you’re a Californian, you need this man to save your state. If it can be saved, that is.

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