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How A Sovereign Became A Stawman

As I said this story is quite long and detailed. It’s also so totally different than the garbage history every public school student learned. It’s also so totally insane as to be very hard to believe. This is good. Everything I say you should attempt, in earnest, to refute. Only after failing to disprove my claims will you truly come to understand the truth and the implications of that truth.

We talked about the robber barons and their victory in bringing in fiat money to replace hard, gold and silver backed money. We talked about the fraudulent income tax that was said to have passed but never got the required number of states to ratify. Since a progressive income tax is expressly forbidden by the US Constitution, you needed to be put outside the safety of the Constitution. They needed to find a way to change the jurisdiction you are subject to.

The law of the land, and of the people on the land, was the Constitution and natural law, or Common Law. This was enforced by the same people who lived by it. There wasn’t a million cops to call up and send to arrest someone based upon a suspicion of crime. If you stole, you were risking your life. If you committed fraud or a similar monetary crime, you were served court papers and expected to show up. Failure to show for court would grant the people cause for a posse and they would collect the accused for a fee. The law was solely in the hands off those who were served by the court. It was a mechanism for resolving disputes among parties who haven’t been able to do it themselves. Early Americans sued each other constantly and this was the civilized way to mitigate differences. Also the American system of court was a sacred institution that was respected, and when not honored, or  its rulings ignored, the people usually resorted to the noose.

Even fiat money requires something of value to provide for its stability and value. The banksters decided the best way to collateralize their new money was through the very population that uses it. You were sold a sob story of a nation filled with the elderly and infirm. These people had worked their whole lives and were destitute in their times of great need. Surely a national pension scheme would be the only humane way to treat our aging Americans. Never would they call it a pension though, that would give away too much. According to Black’s Law Dictionary, pensions are only provided by employers. If they called it what it is, a national pension scheme, the smart ones would have understood the implications of accepting the social security system. It was then and remains today, voluntary. You are in no way required to register with the social security office. In fact, doing so is the end of your sovereignty and the birth of your straw man.

Strawman, you say? Yes, the logical fallacy is an illogical reality. When mommy takes Johnny Doe into the office he’s still the living embodiment of a soul and a free individual. He then is incorporated and his new corporate name is JOHN DOE. Small, almost irrelevant change in the capitalization of his name just appears to be a government thing. It sure is a government thing. Do you ever receive mail from friends or family that address you with all capital letters? Every utility bill, credit bill, anything from a government agency, etc… all have this type style. They are communicating with the corporate person, not the child of God.

Legalese is the foreign language your laws are written in. They rely on massive tombs called law dictionaries. The most famous and respected of these are the Black’s Law Dictionary series. It is updated regularly and with every new edition we lose more and more truth of the law when it was written. The legal definition matters when it’s being drafted and it’s this definition that matters and needs to be understood to understand the law at all. For instance, the definition for, Human Being is “monster”. Person is “persona” or legal fiction, or representative. Persons are corporations and corporations are persons. 

They sold you a line about safety and taking care of you to get you to accept their offer for employment. They will offer you a theoretical pension after your average lifespan is reached. Later social security added benefits to sweeten the deal. Are you unable to work due to injury or health, how’s disability insurance sound? Too blind to see, how about we set you up with about 3/4 of the resources you need to live? Today millions of losers live off of disability and they do so without an once of shame or embarrassment. The Americans of 1900 couldn’t even consider a person that can work deciding to take the dole instead. Every assumption they made ended up being the opposite of reality.

Thus the transformation began at the social security office and has grown to encompass every aspect of your life. The natural man that God created is killed and replaced with his Strawman. The free man can’t be regulated, taxed, or bothered at all without consent. The corporate employee must follow all of the rules and pay every tax invented. Every corporation gives you a handbook and you are told to read it and sign it to recognize you understand and will abide by all of the rules. Failure to know the law is no excuse because you have been given the handbook and signed your name, your real name, to honor the corporate laws. Your handbook is a joke. The Universal Commercial Code, UCC, is the all encompassing statute law book and it’s absolute toilet paper to anyone who decides to opt out of it.

Our California important people must take an oath of office prior to taking the positron. It reads as such,

 “I, ___________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of California against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of California; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties upon which I am about to enter.

 “And I do further swear (or affirm) that I do not advocate, nor am I a member of any party or organization, political or otherwise, that now advocates the overthrow of the Government of the United States or of the State of California by force or violence or other unlawful means; that within the five years immediately preceding the taking of this oath (or affirmation) I have not been a member of any party or organization, political or otherwise, that advocated the overthrow of the Government of the United States or of the State of California by force or violence or other unlawful means except as follows:

_____ (If no affiliations, write in the words “No Exceptions”) _____

and that during such time as I hold the office of _____ (name of office) _____

I will not advocate nor become a member of any party or organization, political or otherwise, that advocates the overthrow of the Government of the United States or of the State of California by force or violence or other unlawful means.”

This is a blood oath as with all oaths. Why have oaths if the consequence of willfully acting against the very principles you swore to uphold are nothing? Anything that is sacred enough in authority are forced to take an oath of allegiance to the authority they are being trusted with. The people are the power in this country and before you get to represent them you are forced to take an oath recognizing the great responsibility “we the people” have offered you. Not a single official can be saved from the consequences of this oath. California particularly, is so polluted with rotten politicians that they all need to go. Not one of them can claim fidelity to our state or national constitutions. The vast majority are deserving of a compromise. The high office holders and their minions need the hardest trials we have. Treason. 

One last thing about the oath. It flat out denies the affiliation or membership in any political party or movement set against the US or Cali. I would bet that hundreds or thousands of our servants are communist party members. If not commies they are progressives. Either way these are subversive parties set against the US and Cali Constitutions. Every single office holder, the only “officers” in this country, that took that oath were lying and doing so with the intention of subverting the law by stealth and deceit. 

Officer means that they hold public office. Meaning they were elected by the people. Municipal security guards are not officers and they have no constitutional authority. Every county has one law enforcement officer. The elected sheriff. He deputizes his people to work under the authority of that office, and has absolute responsibility for the actions of his deputies. The county sheriff has the jurisdiction over the whole county. They can tell a municipal cop to pound sand. If the city cops get out of control it’s the sheriff that can provide relief. It’s their duty to uphold the law and they depend upon election, not political appointment. You can and should make the local sheriff your biggest issue. They are the most important public office holder. They have the absolute jurisdiction of their county. They can protect their citizens from all enemies. The feds, the cities, and even Sac has no authority over the county sheriff.

People have been completely retarded when it comes to law and who has authority over who. The city mayor or committee usually appoint the police chief. They are not officers, because they hold no office. Nor do they represent an elected office. Even the sheriff is the one officer in the county, and his posse are deputies. The deputies don’t take offense to being called deputy and get that they work for the sheriff. What do we call a municipal security guard acting under the color of law? Pirate? Scofflaw? Imposter? Anything other than officer people, please.

They have had a century so far and have made great gains. Some would say the mission is complete and they have already tasted victory and have no cause to fear the public. This omits myself and the millions of Americans just like me. We are evangelical too and growing daily. The reason they see sovereign citizens as the biggest threat to the US is because we are. We love our country and are willing to die for her if necessary. With every new convert they grow more and more paranoid and irrational. We are seeing them totally break down. These baby boomers that run the state houses and DC are all acting like crazy people. Most of them are so impaired they can’t be interviewed at all. Nancy Pelosi is a cartoon character. It’s mean to make fun of mental decline, but this woman deserves to be drawn and quartered. How are these fossils still being elected and why are we not capping the age at which we want you in charge of anything. Just as I am insulted by being berated by a 28 year old dingbat. I’m just as offended that I must be represented by a fossil twice my age. Why would you want to be in politics at 80 years old? Power is the most addictive thing on Earth.

Damn ADD again, gets me every time. I never make an outline or anything. I make a headline and then just write. I write until I feel I have a natural stop and call it good. I never edit beyond spelling and that I suck at anyway. So this is the “process” I use for content production. I am a verbal assault upon the world. I talk to myself all the time. I talk to strangers as if we already know each other. I have my grandfather’s personality in this respect and I’m proud of it. He was the most friendly and outgoing man in my life. Nobody would ever say my grandpa was a loudmouth or that he monopolizes conversation. Everyone lucky enough to know William Banks was made better for it and would tell you so.

So I guess we will be getting more content on this, because the story is not much farther along than it was before. Jurisdiction is the biggest issue to determine, in all matters of law. What jurisdiction are you subject to, or what jurisdiction requires you to consent to their authority? What’s the difference between statutes and laws? Where do regulations fall, and what are their enforcement mechanisms? Who wins when there is controversy between state law and federal? State law trumps federal on all issues except one of constitutional question. Local county law trumps any edicts coming from the statehouse, as long as the constitution is on the counties side, which it always is.

Our power structure in America is the reverse of the historical and current norm. An inverted pyramid is what it would look like. A tiny amount of representatives being controlled by, and being crushed by the great mass of free people who make up the country. The sovereign power and authority that gives legitimacy to the minions below them are the massive base of “we the people”

Just an example of how they have taken this concept of unlimited authority, bound by nothing other than the votes of a few hundred liars, I searched the Library of congress for just legislation in effect. 320,939 Results came back. This is not law, it’s an insult to the senses of anyone who has an inkling of understanding of freedom. No possible way to abide by a legal system of hundreds of thousands of laws. Mind you some of these so called laws, are thousand page tombs that make new laws on every page. So if there’s this many legislative results, the laws described and regulated into existence must be over a million. Thus you live under absolute tyranny and are a federal felon every day at least 3 times a day. They can make a criminal of anyone, making the law absolutely illegitimate and obviously impossible to know and follow.

The Bill of Rights has no bearing on the statutes. If you violate a UCC statute the Constitution is no defense because you aren’t under the jurisdiction of the constitution. By consent you have subjected yourself to maritime law and that means commerce. Thus a “commercial” license to operate private automobiles. The law refers to them as vessels. 

So just in the driver’s license we learn that using the roads for private use is a privilege that requires a fee to the corporate DMV. They refer to you as an operator and your car a vessel. Then they issue you a “class C” or commercial license even though you don’t do any commerce on the roads. When they grant you this privilege you agree by signature to abide by their rules, as written in their handbook. Again this is a joke and so all encompassing as to allow the police to pull over anyone and invent a reason after the fact. Somewhere in the UCC section on driving there is a reason that can justify the arrest and investigation of anyone at any time.

Early Supreme Court decisions forbid the licensing of drivers, hands down. They compared licensing to the toll roads of Old England that molested people’s right to travel based upon monetary hardship. They offered a loophole to regulate the commercial use of the roads. Busses, trucking, and taxis were the type of action that could be regulated on the same grounds of any other business regulation. 

The answer was to simply make the roads a commercial jurisdiction and all those who wish to use it must be licensed to do so. Since you were already a Strawman with no actual rights, this was fairly easy. They didn’t stop at extortion for the license. They have gone bananas on the roads. No constitutional protection exists. If you reject their offer to tear your car apart looking for something to jail you for, they can call a dog cop to come out and bark at your car. Then this is considered probable cause. The dog can’t be a witness in court. Can’t describe the specific, and limited in scope, cause they found for searching. That dog, that when owned by you they will kill without an ounce of accountability. Never animal cruelty or destruction of private property. Just cold blooded murder of a family pet usually in front of the owners.

If you dare hurt the dog that another human is watching eat you, it’s a felony assault against an “officer”. Their dogs have more standing and legal protection than you do. If the dog can’t give testimony how the hell can they give probable cause. You have a right to confront your accusers and due process of law. Dogs being able to bark when trained to do so, have been given the power to nullify the Bill of Rights. How did this happen and how could people be so stupid to think this is anything other than begging for corruption. 

Add to this insane subordination, you the free man have to a dog, the scheme of civil asset forfeiture and you have legalized piracy, straight up. A dog nullifies your right to refuse search. Then if you happen to be on your way to buy a car and have a few thousand dollars cash on you, they will charge your money with a crime and take it. There is no due process because they are taking property not people. The feds dreamt this up and sold it to the countries police by offering them up to 75% of the actual property and just kick up a quarter to Uncle Sam and we will keep the case from reaching an honest court.

Sorry folks, this got a bit long and has no real structure to it. I hope you get something out of it, if you have the time to read it. Do consider the podcast version, it’s full of my stuttering and “ums” and bad words, but it’s Kinda cool.

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