Fact Checkers, Or Paid Propagandists?

For those of us who have been active on social media and telling the truth, just to be flagged as disinformation, this should be no surprise. Apparently one of Facebook’s largest fact checking companies are riddled with conflicting interest. John Stossel is suing Facebook over it and I hope he wins.

Factcheck.org is one of Facebooks vaccine censors and they have been consistently wrong and their retractions matter not. The initial damage comes from seeing a person labeled “disinformation” and maybe that person comes back, probably not. The issue can be anything related to the vaccine, the germ, and the fact that it came from a lab. All will be labeled “disinformation” unless challenged. When challenged they take down the label but they don’t do anything to fix the viewers already lost due to their reckless censorship.

So this non-profit, .org, institution, has huge funding from a source that has $1.8 Billion invested in J & J vaccines. This is 1.8 billion conflicts in interest. The fact that almost everyone labeled bad ends up being confirmed as truth, matters not. This standard, if you can call it that, is going to remain. Unless Stossel takes them out. I would think we would have the numbers for a class action but hey, let Stossel take on the media he knows so well.

As far as mainstream media, Stossel is at the top tier. Judge Andrew Napolitano is the absolute best personality on television, hands down. The judge makes Stossel look like a liberal, he’s so hardcore. A great man said, fanaticism for freedom is no vice, or something to that effect. I couldn’t agree more. While Stossel is no fanatic, he is a good guy and he’s taking the law to the media for the sake of us all. God bless him.

Social media is the most anti-social crap ever invented. These lesser social media apps like snapchat and instagram have been absolute poison to our children. The amount of young women using these platforms to whore themselves out is outrageous. Facebook has studied the impacts of its property, snapchat, on the young. The results came back showing this app is terrible for the people using it. Facebook doesn’t care.

For those of us that have done battle with the social media censors, the law suit is long overdue. These platforms have been owned by one opinion and actively censored all others. Shadow banning, disinformation labels, and straight up suspensions or banning. Facebook has found a way to keep me off of their platform in any way. I used to switch emails out, when I was booted. Now it matters not. They seem to know it’s me by the time I make a post. My last try took 2 posts before I got a suspension for life notice. Both were related to covid.

I have gotten so upset with the inability to communicate through these apps that I started my own site and podcast just to try and show them I can’t be shut up or ignored. Turns out, I can be ignored. My message can not be censored though. For as long as I pay for the hosting fees and the site itself, it will remain for those who find it. I intend upon paying for the maintenance unless I can’t any longer. A few hundred bucks a year does it, so it should be here forever.

Obviously any help would go a long way and be much appreciated. Still, the message is the money. I want your minds more than your money. If I help expand your mind you might consider expanding my reach. Share this.

We are at war people. This is the Cold War that is being fought over the hearts and minds of the sheeple. The propaganda, censorship, and flat-out lies are becoming so blatant the lesser sheeple are coming around. The full sheeple are continuing to baaaaaa for change. These sheeple are so frustrating. We are trying to help them, yet they refuse to even hear us out. The amount of debates I get into on Quora is probably unhealthy. 

The option to lock your comment from replies is a constant technique of the hard sheeple. I try to mess with them by just editing the comment below or above their outburst. Still this is the most immature thing an adult could do and it’s as common as not. Shameful and cowardly to join a debate and lock your opinion from rebuttal. Still Quora is the last bastion for me. While I am still on Twitter, its too chaotic to matter. My answers get thousands of views a week on Quora. Twitter ignores me.

For many people social media is an income source. Either a primary or secondary source of income, it’s valuable to these marketers. For this reason Facebook has a stranglehold on our society. The ability to target demographics and run marketing campaigns has made Facebook a mainstay in every online marketing strategy. The amount of literature developed just on the subject of Facebook and marketing is incredible. These folks aren’t sheeple but they want access to the sheeple and the marketing abilities they get out of Facebook.

The only way to peel these folks from FB is to peel away the sheeple they are targeting. We all know what happened to MySpace. I have been telling myself that FB is gonna go the same way. Problem is the size and marketshare FB has been able to accrue. Any corporation this size becomes intertwined with the state, by some way or another. The fact that this is a huge corporation that deals in information makes it a state interest in and of itself. The last year of orders from the politicians, and “yes sums” by the Zuck, have shown all, who care to see, the relationship between these two groups. 

Facebook is desperate to retain it’s status and avoid all liability for its actions. The difference between platform and editor is thin. If they want to enjoy the status of the telephone companies they need to act like the phone companies. AT&T Never censored my phone. AT&T Never dropped calls it didn’t like. AT&T Was a utility and had to be offered to all and was barred from using any discrimination in their service offerings.

The social media platforms are failures on all fronts mentioned. They are so partisan it’s disgusting. They have no issue with the explosion in young females using their platform to drive visitors to their OnlyFans page. They have barely any standards on the sexualization of females through their app, if any at all. Snapchat is absolute poison for the young, old, it doesn’t matter. The instant swipe and forget method of use, is horrible for your brain. Then there’s the effect on the young women who see easy money and the pervs who see easy marks. This trend of OnlyFans and the like is the most disgusting crap our society has invented yet.

Ladies, I’m sorry but you need to hear this. This may seem harmless and a way to make easy money. It clearly can make you lots of easy money, harmless it is not. Do you plan on being a hooker for life? Are your ambitions to use your youth to rack up the money spent by the scummiest dudes around, and invest the cash to retire at 30? Or are you living in the now and acting like these views will last forever?

Even if you are the former and smart with your money, you are still locked in as a hooker. Oh you just did all this on camera for strangers to see, and pay for? Oh you didn’t have sex on camera just showed your naked body and touched yourself? Why would any man worth anything want anything to do with you? If that question confuses you, you have no idea how men think.

Men are hardwired to equate a woman’s past with the potential future. If we know you’ve divorced 3 others, we take heed and refuse to be number 4. If the woman that I want to make the mother of my children, is discovered on an OnlyFans type site, relationship over. You see, we don’t see any difference in the virtual sex worker and the physical one. You have sold your body to so many others that you are no longer capable of being exclusively your husbands. Men don’t want used and damaged goods. Not the good ones at least.

Well, there’s your detour through the mind of an idiot. Back to the point at hand. The stranglehold that FB, Twitter, and a few others have on opinion is unacceptable and can only hurt our society, not unite it. It has shrunk the bubble of opinion that people are exposed to. It has created a totally unrealistic society that tries to follow the user to reality, only to completely fracture the user’s mind. On FB everyone thinks like you. On FB everyone believes the same things as you. On FB you are the shit and people love you.

In real life, you are only one opinion in a sea of endless ideas and opinions. You have no bubble or control over the actions of others or your surroundings. You are just another face in the crowd and not particularly important to anyone. All of the sacred cows you worship on FB are open to criticism, mocking, and flat disinterest by anyone in real life. Reality can’t be Zucked. You are stuck with the world as it exists. Living in your own bubble on social media is not real or healthy.

Facebook and Google are the modern day robber barons. Much worse in fact. The OG robber barons were self made and actually improved the living standards of the whole country as they became wealthy. These modern corporate monsters are in lock step with Uncle Sam. They are not private by any means. They support, do the bidding of, and propagandize for the state. Calling either of these 2 conglomerates private, is laughable. These are the tools of the state. The knifes edge in fact. They have the ability to murder the idea in its infancy, regardless the idea, the source, or the truth of it. Too much power, straight up.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. We know this already, how many times must we be reminded. These institutions have become destructive to no end. Google is the internet, as far as most are concerned. The fact that Duckduckgo exists is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to alternatives. I’m a capitalist through and through. Still, I really only want open source software and am hopeful that Linux and it’s people remain with us. Yes I have a branded phone and am stuck with the App Store available. But alternatives exist.

People are filling the gap in the market. While the tech giants continue to focus on exploiting your data, there’s many who are trying to stay ahead of them and offer security without losing all the functionality of today’s phones. Unfortunately you can’t have the latest tech and security at the same time. The phones need to be backward engineered by a brilliant person, and then the security breaches built into the system need to be defeated. A YouTube fella named Braxton is excellent on this. He’s an asian fella that is a flipping genius and will tell you enough to horrify you about your phone and privacy.

Let’s hope the courts understand the stakes and the facts of the matter. FB edits its content. Thus making them publishers, not platforms. They should be open to lawsuit for slander, libel, and subject to damages that can bankrupt them. One decision could make their site history over night. If they had to be responsible for all of the content they have allowed on their site, the suits would come in so fast and heavy they would be forced into bankruptcy or better yet, see the writing on the wall and just immediately close up shop.

Responsibility for their actions. That’s what they’re so scared of and that’s what the state is protecting them from. Let’s hope we get a good decision. Don’t bet on it, though.

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