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Europeans Fight, Americans Flounder

I can’t believe I’m writing this but as of now it is true. My whole life Americans have been condescending to our European cousins. We make fun of their monarchs, wars, and have always compared American liberty to European socialism and laughed at the tyranny they accept.

Americans have always been willing to break their own arms slapping themselves on the back for “saving” Europe twice. Only in my adult age did I come to understand these conflicts and the reality. Our involvement in both WW’s was absolutely unnecessary and in WWI it so lopsided what was a stalemate, as to guarantee a second WW. By 1917 the combatants in WWI were so physically beaten down and ready for peace mutiny was in the air everywhere.

A Jewish delegation sent word to England and brokered a deal, how jewish of them, lol. The deal was for American entrance into WWI on the side of England in return for a homeland for the jewish race. Palestine was that place and it was already under British control, kinda. So Lord Balfour drafted a letter with the full authority of the crown. Addressed to Lord Rothschild it reads like a pathetic attempt to tickle the jewish ego and assure them they have the attention and loyalty of his majesty and he personally thanks Lord Rothschild. Disgusting.

So it went. Wilson ran on a platform of “I kept your boys out of war and will keep them out”. Americans wanted nothing to do with the God awful trench warfare on the other side of the world. This war brought the science of killing into a new paradigm. Airplanes, poison gas, machine guns, artillery that’s pinpoint accurate, and so many more military innovations came from this conflict. We also saw great increases in plastic surgery to rebuild faces that have been blown away. Silver linings, I suppose but the toll was tens of millions of souls and thousands of square miles worth of land made useless and dangerous. Landmines and unexploded shells exist in Flanders Field today.

Before we entered the war the Germans held the upper hand in both moral and determination. As far as arms and soldiers it was probably pretty close. The French were whooped. They had taken a loss of like 2 million young French boys/men. They were on the verge of full blown mutiny and in pockets had already seen soldiers abandon their posts and refuse to fight any longer. They simply stood ready to retreat if so much as a stray bullet came their way. This still offered a benefit. The Germans couldn’t be sure this was the case and if the line was there it was assumed they would fight.

England however, knew all about the deteriorating situation among the French. They also had serious problems of their own. The plucky brit was tired of throwing themselves into machine gun and artillery nests. 

A dude blows a whistle and you and the rest of your comrades climb the trench and find a wall of steel cutting down the man to your left. Then the one on your right. Then an explosion goes off, and you wake up several days later feeling something is different. You look down and realize you’ve lost both your legs. You realize you will be unable to provide for your family without legs and you contemplate the easy way out. For some, that’s exactly how they ended their stories. 

Some wounds are so devastating the mental injury incurred is what ultimately kills the soldier. Any wound that disfigures one’s face, destroys a limb, or puts you in a wheelchair is just as mentally difficult, if not worse, than the physical injury. A through and through shot through the meaty part of your arm is a million dollar wound and would be shown every drinking party for life. Hell, it would even be cool and come with a Purple Heart to be shown around and talked about. Watching any friend be blown up or killed in front of you and not having the time to even register the information without losing your life is horrible. How many people were left where they were wounded by friends that were gripped with fear of losing their life just to try to save another. How much would this affect you if you chose the safety of a foxhole over the mad dash across no man’s land to pull a friend to safety? You are no coward but not exactly an example of bravery. Just human and put in a situation that the human mind has no reference for, and appears to be hell on Earth, in reality, not just a saying.

The Germans knew this was a stalemate and that everyone wanted out. They offered the British perfectly honorable terms that were ultimately fair and humble, considering the current initiative was with the Germans and they had the Eastern Campaign troops arriving daily. Germany offered a peace deal that called the game a tie. They were offered terms that put the borders back where they were and they would just act as if the war hadn’t happened. The English were considering this seriously. They had no choice and continuing things, might make the final terms worse.

When the Jewish delegation made their offer it was like a miracle for the bloodthirsty hateful British elite. The war was about crushing Germany and destroying her financially and militarily. The Englishman who fought would have burnt the country down if they knew the offer for peace was declined. Declined by those in favor of destroying Germany with so lopsided a victory as to impose upon her any deranged or immoral demands that any party to the peace committee comes up. The Germans weren’t even invited to take part in the negotiations. The committee spent like 3 days greedily carving up Germany, the Middle East, and Palestine before the German delegates were allowed to join the “peace negotiations”.

The fact that the Jews were represented in this committee was a surprise. Then the Balfour Declaration became known. This is what the Germans referred to as the “great backstab”, or something similar I’m not looking it up but it is the same meaning. Is this racism against jews? They just found out that the jews in their country cooperated with foreign jews to commit treason against them. That they were sold out by gypsies who enjoyed total liberty in Germany is gross in itself. The fact that this was done to secure for themselves a “homeland” while leaving Germany no choice but to lose its homeland in pieces or lose everything by continuing the fight, is cause for resentment.

Our entry into WWI caused all of the resentment that started WWII. In the early 1930’s the German jews declared war upon Germany. They started a global boycott of all German goods and shops. Hitler was an animal lover and passed the very first laws that protect animals at all. Kosher butchering is awful and thus it was made illegal. This type of minor conflict was the beginning. The jews went atomic quick. These people are the most extreme people on Earth. What 97% of the world would consider a slight, a jew would call assault or attempted murder. They take any slight towards them and magnify it to cartoonish levels. Every actual crime against human decency committed by them is shrugged off as racist to even bring it up. Clipping the protective foreskin from an infants penis and then putting the rabbis mouth on the penis is totally cool. Not molestation, mutilation, or even worthy of discussion. Religious freedom…

Europeans are bringing it hard against their leaders. The people are also cooperating with some of their political leaders. It’s absolute food for my soul to see so much humanity being what they were meant to be. The absolute sovereign owners of their lives and property. The British health D-Bags are not suggesting boosters or even continuing the jab. Many European state health mouthpieces have come out against the vaccines, masks, and lockdowns. They don’t seem to be getting censored like they are in the US. Doctors are actually allowed to express their opinions without being called “anti-science, selfish and self centered, and my favorite, fake news”.

The Europeans have the same type of situation we do. They are told that a deadly pandemic has swept the Earth and the only chance humanity has at survival is locking down, wearing masks, and finally taking untested, unapproved, and historically deadly medicine. I’ve not heard a single mouthpiece make the claim that healthy people are in far less danger from everything. There is nobody telling us to take our vitamins, supplements, and healthy Whole Foods. Nobody telling the truth about the risks. Obesity is a massive factor in how you deal with this thing. 

If you are twice the weight you are designed to be, you are going to die earlier than if you were healthy. Fat shaming has been the propaganda to get Americans to treat the disgusting fat bodies that are killing themselves, and costing the healthcare system outrageous amounts of money, from ever saying something that should be obvious. Exercise is free. Eating healthy is cheaper than eating crap. The claim that poor people have to eat fast food due to financial hardship is garbage. A meal at Carl’s Jr is $15. Water, a homemade sandwich, and a few chips cost maybe $5. Anything made at home is more healthy and less expensive than a restaurant. What a surprise.

Health is food and food is health. God gave us a world of all the natural things we need to maintain our bodies in perfect health 99% of the time. We are incredibly complex and require trace amounts of some things that if neglected can cause a cascading effect on our health. Things like zinc, iodine, and even the natural arsenic from peach pits are needed in such small levels that if you didn’t know the list of vitamins, minerals, and the optimum level for health we would be totally in the dark about health. Since we know the chemistry of health today we should be the healthiest people ever. In the US we are a laughing stock to the world for being the fattest slobs on Earth.

If you’re fat, if you are asking yourself if I’m talking to you, I am, you are shortening your life and sapping the joy from your old age. If you insist upon being this unhealthy and disgusting, it’s your choice. Just know you are killing yourself the same as smoking does. Worse actually, the harm from obesity attacks the whole body. Smoking tends to focus on the lungs. Yet if in public and I light up a smoke I will have some D-Bag tell me how I’m killing myself and others with my inability to have self control. Well, I choose to smoke and at this point I vape mostly and smoke a few cigs a day. I still love doing it to piss people off.

If that same “Karen” saw a 400 pounder shoving a hoagie down their gullet they would not dare say a word. Why? This human whale is committing slow suicide and will almost assuredly cost the public to keep them alive. At that weight what can you do for a living? Nothing that requires climbing stairs, walking for more than a few yards, or any number of jobs that require a physical exam. So fatties are killing themselves and limiting their ability to support themselves. Yet, fat shaming is equal to racism. Sorry snowflakes. I call em how I see em. Racism is far more healthy than obesity. 

Europeans have just as much fun with us as we do with them. They tease us constantly about our disgusting fat body population. I have to take it with a laugh because the truth is where funny lives. That’s why the attack on comedy. Comedy is taking the absurdity of life and pointing it out, in a captivating and funny way. If life wasn’t so damn content rich comedy wouldn’t exist. If we continue to let the commies regulate funny, we lose the most American form of entertainment ever. Stand up comedy is the art that Americans love universally. Yet it is under attack from woke. On this battle I am confident woke will be destroyed. We need our comedy and if you think you can steal our laughter you are playing with your life.

Anyway, our European cousins across the pond are inspiring to myself and it’s heartening to see resistance. Resistance to tyranny is service to God. God bless us all and keep us safe.


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