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Despite The Science, Masks Are Going To Be Mandatory

That’s right folks, your kids are looking at another school year in masks. All of the science is in and there is no scientific reason to do this. This is pure humiliation and abuse for your children. Their claim, is that it’s to slow the spread among the unvaccinated. The fact of natural immunity or the morbidity rates among the young, matter not.

According to a study by Nature, The children in school are in absolute no danger from the germ. Less than one in 10,000 teenagers are hurt after contracting the germ. Less than one in a 100,000 of those younger, are hurt after contracting the germ. Children remain safe from the germ and very poor vectors for spreading it.

This matters not at all to the state, the teachers, and their unions. The CDC was, only a month ago, against the universal masking of students. Now they have completely turned around and are recommending all children, vaccinated or not, be masked.

How are vaccines more available and require no parental authorization, while Tylenol can’t be given without calling me first? They are trying to keep valuable and totally legitimate treatments for the germ out of your hands and force you to take the one treatment that has never been tested or approved for use in a regular, “non-emergency” environment. 

The emergency use authorization hinges on the fact that there are no safe and effective treatments. Ivermectin is considered an “essential medicine” by the WHO. Why it’s being called horse dewormer on TV and everywhere else except the actual scientific journals, is just par for the course on this game we call life. Sub par mouthpieces running game for the state and the globalists. It’s on us if we want to be free from this madness and go back to life. The game must end.

The effectiveness of masks at suppressing the germ, have been so thoroughly debunked it’s embarrassing. Like I have said before, Tom Woods has been an absolute hero on this. He has shown us chart after the next, of different states and mandates, with the exact same numbers and patterns. With or without masks the virus follows the same exact cycle. An initial spike and eventual fall regardless of when or if lockdowns or masks were involved at all.

School is in folks and y’all haven’t done your homework. If your school is requiring your child to muzzle their faces, remove them from class. The elevated concentration of CO2 is dangerous and if the teachers won’t say it, I will. Human being’s need O2 not CO2. The younger you are the more CO2 you exhale and the more concentrated it will become inside your mask. Within a minute or so you reach CO2 levels considered dangerous by the CDC. Spending day after day huffing your own bodily waste is beyond ridiculous. You have to be retarded to think this is about health.

This is humiliation and control. The teachers have become even more self righteous and insane than they were prior to covid. I would expect a tyrant that barely wears their mask while screaming at every student that dares to let their mask slip under their nose to get fresh air. After all, this is to protect the teachers, janitors, and administrators. Children are only in danger from the grown ups that they trust. The germ is no danger to them. They are being attacked and abused by the people we pay to educate and protect them.

If you know you are sending your child to an abusive environment, how can you claim to be a good parent at all? Pretending that this is just normal and no different than the 3 vaccines you had as a child, is irresponsible on a level of criminal negligence. I hope your kids sue you, their actual parents, if they are harmed by the jab. You parents have no immunity and can probably be had for child abuse as well as forced medical experimentation. You deserve what you get. You couldn’t be bothered to read the ingredients? How about the fine print of a lawsuit?

I know I have like one or two kids in their early 20’s listening at least. Reach out to your friends and consider serving the adults around you with legal documents and see where it goes. They are depending on your ignorance of the law, and your inability to use it, to your own advantage. Education is power and you need to educate yourselves on the realities of life because school has no relationship with the world as it actually exists.

The numbers are there and the science is in. It’s time to start personally suing people. The only folks who can’t be given immunity, the general public, needs to be sued every time they demand your medical history, threaten to fire you in order to coerce medical experiments, or use any type of discrimination based upon health. Every business that’s up to this crap can be had for health discrimination. Let’s get on it now.

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