Biden Just Declared War On The Unvaccinated

I was planning on taking a day off and didn’t really have anything to say. Then I get an alert for live coverage to a press conference, directly from Lord Biden himself. He wants to tell us his new plan to get the whole country vaccinated. He has enlisted the help of every doctor, teacher, parent, and the vaccinated people, themselves, to aid him in his mission. 

A mission of 100% vaccination of the already available jab, and just as many of us to get the booster, whenever we are told to do so. He has assured us that the timing will be dictated solely by the “scientists” at the FDA and CDC. Not your informed consent, the edicts of unelected, so called scientists.

He makes no bones about it. He calls out the anger of the vaccinated towards the unvaccinated giving it credibility and emboldening the disgusting anti-social behavior taking over our communities. He’s begging all business owners to refuse service to those who fail to prove vaccination. He’s asking us to tear our own civilization apart and that we do it in the name of health science.

He also wants to extend loans and give away trillions of dollars to people so the continued labor shortage becomes completely untenable. People of color were addressed with the utmost concern, obviously. If you are black and you trust this government with shots, you are crazy. Tuskegee Experiment? Look it up.

This was a shot across the bow of decency and a threat of war against us. He wants desperately for this to be fought out be us, the jabbed and the thinkers. If liberal business owners wanna alienate half the population, its no where near the official jab rate, let them suffer the consequences. The market will provide and the consumers will vote you out.

This was a bold statement by sleepy Joe and it comes with thinly veiled threats. He says they have been patient with us simpletons but his patience is running out. Whatever that’s supposed to mean. Hope you federal agents have made your peace with God. If you think kicking in doors and force medicating at least 100 million people is a ticket to a long life, you are delusional.

We saw how impudent you were when a church of around a hundred men, women, and children fight back, and we saw you show who you really are. All around the country college football games are starting “fuck Biden” chants. His rallies are half full of bowers and hecklers. This creature is a pathetic shell of a man that can barely function and the idea that he has any “plan” is ridiculous. This is the cabal’s plan. Cabal, clique, or conspiracy it all means the same thing. Globalist elites.

I don’t know the effect this will have on our lives. In California I fear it will create a police state of snitches all anonymously working against their neighbors. I see this already in pockets and instances. This state is looney tunes. I just ran out and at a stop light looked over. The lady next to me had the windows up and a real N-95 mask on. It’s a gorgeous 80 degree day but with a mask it becomes unbearable.

The retards have been sufficiently brain damaged and have amassed an army of snitches, control freaks, and the all mighty minimum wage Gods of the gas stations. I am being ruled by retards making minimum wage talking to me about medical science as if they were professors in virology. I can’t take this any longer.

Hopefully the hatred and contempt bleed from this speech so freely, as to be seen by everyone. This man and his controllers want total and absolute control over every aspect of yours, and your children’s lives. The time for social disobedience is way overdue. Pull your kids from school, refuse tests or jabs, and stand on your right to own your body. The effects are yours to bare not the loser in the Target smock delivering it to you.

Man up and own your position without reservation. Joe Rogan alone should have ended the emergency use authorization. It only applies when effective treatments are not available. Rogan used several and beat it, at like 52, in a day. You need this jab like you need a hole in your head, but you decide.

As for me, liberty is the course I have chartered and intend upon following. I hope I can continue to do so with relative peace. I am ready for the time when that no longer exists as an option. Are the cats coming, gonna be ready for me, that’s the question.

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