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Biden Is A Criminal, Border Agents Are Saints

This man is an absolute disgrace to himself, the office, and the country at large. The ridiculous madness that has defined his first year in office is truly staggering. Within the prior months of this year we have seen unprecedented levels of spending, illegal border crossings, and germ tyranny. It is coming on at a pace so rapid that it can’t be tracked by anyone. We are all running around and doing research, while the news cycle offers new horrors every hour.

This man’s presidency will require a biographical work that will likely be an encyclopedia of series, detailing the destruction he wrought and the incredible technology that allowed him to keep office. The man is a paper bag and must have a million handlers and actual movie effects to keep him standing. He can not answer questions on the fly even though he has an earpiece to someone sane. He gets caught rambling all the time and is booed by entire college football stadiums.

The latest outrage from sleepy Joe has to be the border agents. This is just a criminal offense of slander that could get people killed. Even accepting for a moment that our officers are running people down and whipping them from horseback, is asinine. The border patrol is the few law enforcement roles I support. These guys are actually doing a dangerous job and actually working to protect Americans. Compared to their local counterpart they are exemplary in their behavior and not given nearly the support or appreciation they deserve. 

The local cops living by violating your right to travel, work, and live unmolested are heroes and you have to “back the blue”. They don’t care about your safety. They could care less about the gangs. They want to use civil asset forfeiture and junkies threatened with jail time snitches to rob you blind and obliterate your rights. These road pirates are disgusting and they protect nobody but themselves.

The borders are the danger to America, not speeding to work. The organized crime syndicates called gangs, are only threatened by one agency, border patrol and customs. ICE if they become too offensive to keep here, but then they just come right on back. The border is so understaffed that for decades private citizens, The Minute Men have patrolled the border voluntarily and they have never hurt or killed anyone. Despite their stellar performance they are constantly slandered by the media as vigilantes. The fact that they give food and water to the near dead women and children they come across isn’t news.

And so it goes. A “reporter” with zero integrity has started a hoax and made the border patrol the object of their hatred. He has said himself he saw no whipping. So, why is Biden threatening our guys? Why isn’t he emphatically denying the charge and standing up for the integrity of our men and women at the border? We do so much for these wretched creatures, and Biden says “they will pay”, for what? There’s hundreds of humanitarian groups bringing food and water to these creatures. You’d think we have hillbillies mowing illegals down like clear cutting a forest, by the media’s hysteria.

What is a country if not a geographical area defined by borders, populated by a common people and common law, And with sovereign control over its people and space. Every country has borders, in fact every property has them. It’s the line that separates a country from the world. The border is the mechanism for controlling the level of foreign infiltration you will tolerate. Some countries tolerate no immigration and want no foreigners on their land. This is fine and proper for them. Some are more open like Singapore and have a very casual approach to immigration. All countries do have a border and almost all of them defend their country at the border from foreign invasion. 

Haiti, Guatemala, Venezuela, you name it. If you live in a hell hole populated by commies and you have an IQ of 80 or less, get your ass over here, brother. You are entitled to be my neighbor, attend my church, and school with my children. What I don’t have a right to do is say no. No Haitians, Afghans, MS-13/Venezuelan, etc. This is cultural enrichment and I should be so lucky that a Somali refugee would even grace me with his presence. I have much to learn about my cultural crimes and can be educated by this 3rd world loser on my privilege.

I hope the border patrol quit in mass. Then let the citizens rise up and take their place. Let the politicians know we stand with the border patrol and not with them. We are done being whored out by millionaire politicos who have off shore estates to protect them. We have to take it upon ourselves, once again, to dispel a foreign and hostile people from our land. This is morally correct and must be done to save this country. It’s not at all moral to allow this rot to continue.

The border is barely partisan. It’s an issue to most Americans and has been for decades. They have voted for the border candidate almost every time. Every time they have more illegals at the end of the term than when they started. The exception, according to the actual agents, was Trump. Trump actually did make a huge difference but Biden’s undone it all and worsened the issue by a factor of 10. 

We have a right to self determination, voluntary association, to discriminate upon any criteria important to you, to say anything for any reason, to overthrow our existing state and fashion one more fitting to our actual benefits. I suggest we consider that last one in earnest. In the meantime we have to start to be more than keyboard tough guys. To the folks already doing voluntary border patrol, by whatever you wanna call it, hats off, and thank you. To the rest of US, let’s make this a priority. Each of us can spend a couple days on the border every few months. 2 Weeks twice a year? Sounds like fun to me. Camping mixed with protecting my country. Actually protecting her, not destroying others for her.

I’m down and would love to see this thing get off the ground as a non-profit so we can actually pay people through donations of those who couldn’t make it physically. Americans will open their wallets wide to support such a cause. Between the donations and the people willing and eager for the adventure, we are green for go. 

The state can’t protect itself or us. But we can and should protect each other. 

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