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Biden And His Buddies, Murdering America

This will be all over the place. We have just too much going on, it’s impossible to keep up with. Between the spending spree, the germ mandates, and the wanton destruction of the economy, where does one start? Biden is insane and whoever is in charge of him needs to be stopped. The whole federal legislature needs to be dismissed.

This insanity about forcing companies to mandate their employees to get jabbed, is out of control. The religious exemption doesn’t exist. United Airlines has declared that even if their employee manages to receive a religious exemption, they will still not be allowed to work. Paid leave is what they get. To me this is like a bonus for not getting jabbed but I’m sure they aren’t going to reward this forever. Paying employees to not take unwanted medicine is going to turn out costing a lot more than they must think. They will force them out one way or the other.

The LA police are suing the city over the mandate. There’s a hospital in New York that can’t deliver babies because they lost too many nurses at once over the jab mandate. For whatever reason the folks who get the absolute most contact with the public, the postal workers, are exempt. This is so disgusting and I’m living in the middle of zombieland. I have no faith that my neighbors would even care if the state started kicking the doors of the unvaccinated and forcing a needle into them. Then sending them a bill for the trouble, I’m sure.

The economy is done, and I sit here in awe that we haven’t seen hyperinflation yet. The CEO of Kroger is warning that prices are going up. We are seeing at least 10% inflation this year so far and it’s projected to go higher before the years out. The great part, this is the prices we are seeing from the lockdowns and the shortages of labor, transportation, and all goods. The expected inflation from the spending spree isn’t expected to even hit until 2022. So next year is going to be the crazy time. The trillions already spent are insane and they want to spend several more trillion. 

This is wanton destruction of the country. We are seeing the nation collapse all around us. I still live in mask land where everyone is praising the state for firefighting. The fact that the state is the cause of the fires is not understandable. They are incapable of seeing the state for what it is. They can’t think and it’s astonishing to me that they have jobs that pay them enough to live here. What possible value could these morons bring to an organization? Lawsuits?

Then there’s the capital cops getting in trouble. This is just insulting and criminal. While over 600 people are being hunted down and investigated for crimes regarding the 6th, only 6 cops were punished. Their punishments? Paid leave. So while they treat the regular old mundanes who were there and caught up in the moment like John Dillinger, the cops that facilitated the whole thing are on paid vacation. How hypocritical can you get before we decide you are no longer worthy of our attention or respect. In fact you deserve to be tried for treason, the whole lot of you.

The labor shortage will continue with people getting paid not to work. The average wage is increasing proving inflation is coming fast. The economy is literally coming apart right before our eyes. The fact that they want to spend more, tax more, and regulate more is criminal. We are passed well intentioned morons, these are criminals that need to be perp walked to a gallows.

Madness everywhere. Tell me where I’m missing something. Not about the article I could have written a tome. I mean please do add something if you like, we need all the info we can get. This is just what I was willing to take on today. The situation is deteriorating fast. I personally am having trouble with friends and family. The people I work for, tell me they are seeing the same thing all around them. I have no idea what has come over this country but it’s ugly and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

The rate at which we have gone from a relatively normal society that enjoys relative freedoms, to a hellscape of tyrannical leaders and hateful citizens is astounding. We are in uncharted waters for sure. I have no idea what the future holds but this present is awful and has to go. We have to remember the world of just 2014 again. Let alone 2018 before the germ. Life was good. We were at each other’s throats over trump but that was artificial. 

We can turn things back and we don’t need to stop at the 2000’s. We can go back to 1776 for everyone. Those who want free from this tyranny are many in number. Plenty to ban together and declare independence. Let them say it’s illegal. Everything they do is illegal. Let them say we are extreme. Everything they do is extreme. Let them go to hell, while we remake our country into the nation it was built to be.

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