Are You An Atlantian, Would Ya Know?

This is a bit out of the norm, but hey, it’s my show. I have an insatiable appetite for anthropology. Specifically I am very interested in the last 15,000 years or so. For what it’s worth I am going to be using the mainstream timelines although I believe the case for a young Earth is strong. So while I am talking in terms of tens of thousands of years, this could very well be disproved to show the Earth is actually 6,000 years old, and was formed through extremely fast and radically changed in topography and sea level.

This began with a question on Quora asking why the natives in North America failed to leave a written record. My response was detailed and explained why the vast difference in the Mayan and Aztecs, vs the Indians that were here when Englishmen got here.

The Mayans have in their history a communication with a people that come from the sea, that are tall, and red headed white men. This is why when the Spanish arrived they were received as gods. Only after the Spanish became greedy monsters and fanatically destructive of the cultures that the indigenous people cared for, was war on. I think we all know the equation. Gunpowder beats rock every time.

What you won’t get from a college anthropology course is anything relevant. If I wanted to learn 30 year old anthropology, I’d go to college. Turns out I can lean to hate myself without college, and anthropology as well. Better yet I get to research the subject without any predetermined assumptions or the bias of the professor. With this philosophy of making myself a blank slate to be colored only by evidence, I have learned so much and come to trust my instincts and skepticism. Tried and true. I’m also humble and accept correction when needed.

So why? Why would a high school drop out and an HVAC technician care about the ancient past? The past is the story of us. Before the earliest writings, we have very little to go off of, to understand the people that lived before the modern state was invented in Sumer. Yes the fact that they were not your average democratic republic, they were a top down civilization that used taxation. This is the state and the end of civilization, and the beginning of war for territory and ego. I want to go back in time from here.

The things that sparked my interest are simple. The fact that the swastika is all over the world and appears to be the oldest symbol around. It also appears to be the symbol of a people, not an omen of good luck or any other crap. The Aryan people who ruled the age of Aries. These aryans were big, red haired, and technologically advanced beyond the rest of the globe to a point of seeming like a different species.

Accompanying the swastika in India we see statues with blue eyes. Blue eyed Indians? Who respect the swastika? Why wouldn’t I have known about this? It is totally out of bounds in the cathedral of higher ed. Their whole world view and existence depends on their baseless and lazy outdated work.

The peopling of the America’s is the most interesting science out there, according to myself. For the entire time I have been aware the theory of how the Indians came to live in the Americas was the land bridge theory. They discounted the possibility of any other people finding their way to the new world prior to these Mongolian wanderers. All evidence to the contrary is ignored, hidden, or destroyed.

13,000 Years ago the Clovis people appeared on the scene in todays US South. Their technology in flint napping was incredibly advanced and totally different in kind, technique, and even purpose from the rest of the bunch. They have used comparison among thousands of flint napping techniques and have been forced to accept the Clovis were totally unique and the highest skilled. The only other place that has these arrow points is the south of modern day France. The Clovis were here for maybe a few thousand years and then gone.

Forever the Cold War prevented any western archaeology in Siberia. When we finally got to do some digging to compare the technology of the Siberians and the new worlders, we were surprised. If the land bridge theory is strong the techniques would be similar if not identical. What they found was impossible to deny. The Siberian method was so unsophisticated it couldn’t have come from the Clovis people. Didn’t match the other tech either.

The “tech” I’m referring to is flint knapping and spear making. The Clovis were masters of this art. They flaked both sides of their points. They also fluted the bottoms for their spear shafts. This may seem insignificant, it is not. The only type of point shaped in this manner have been found in only two places. The fact that they come from the same people is not in question by the professionals. So we know, ancient Frenchmen made it to the new world 13,000 years ago. Why they left? Still a mystery but could have been a number of things.

There is evidence of an ancient people who were sea going and explorers to no end. They left their mark everywhere they went, the swastika. They also left their DNA scattered about the human family. Thus giving us blue eyed Indians, from India. Blue eyed tribes in North Africa. The Berbers stand out like a sore thumb. The fact that the oldest mummies in Egypt have red hair and statues with blue eyes is also quite interesting. The Egyptians were not red but you know who was? Whites that used red ocher for sun screen. This also aligns with red ocher lined graves in the new world.

Their was an amazing society that ruled this Earth in much the same way we do. On the same Earth and time, can exist stone aged people as well as space traveling people. While we are living in a world that relies on the highest tech, other tribes still rely on spears and stones to live. The lopsided advancements were much worse 13,000 years ago. An incredibly high culture, bound to an island in the middle of the mighty Atlantic, and desperate to explore, conquer, and help along the people they met, existed and their descendants exist today.

The ubiquity of swastikas, pyramids, and the DNA markers are becoming impossible to deny. The facts are this. The Atlantians built the pyramids or at least designed and managed the building. The Atlantans helped the Mayans and had a better relationship with them over the Egyptians. The Egyptians have tried to erase the history of foreign occupation but it exists anyway. The Mayans were desperate for them to return.

Red hair, Blue or green eyes, and Nordic features are the ancestors of Atlantis. Self serving from a blue eyed devil? Maybe, but I don’t are. I believe it because I think it’s true, not because I think I’m better than anyone. Anyway I am only a fraction of the DNA that made up the Atlantians. Red hair is the least common hair type. Same with hazel, green , and blue eyes.

Let it be known, I am with Plato, and in good company, if I may say so myself. The global flood destroyed the Atlantian population that were not out exploring. Once their home sank into the ocean they became less peaceful and more interested in ruling and self preservation. Eventually they found it safest to isolate themselves in the European north. Only a great and advanced people would consider the harsh climates and think, I’m home. Perhaps they had no choice due to wearing their welcome out where they had taken over. Either way they concentrated themselves in modern day Europe.

People can dismiss the swastika and the pyramids. They can not dismiss the red hair, blue eyes, and DNA that marks their presence. The fact of Atlantis is becoming more and more accepted. The die hards that want to equate this with white supremacy are just anti-intellectual scum. The absolute success my people seem to have regardless the time or place, is just a fact. The world has gained from the communication of technology and ideas that has occurred between mine and yours. 

This is the cutting edge of anthropology. Evolution has been so thoroughly debunked it’s embarrassing how dogmatic we are. The current time scale paradigm is rapidly coming apart as well. The once thought theory of geographical change being a snails pace is almost totally busted. The Grand Canyon was likely cut through the Earth within as little as a couple days to a week. The lazy river running through that mighty canyon is the last drizzle of a massive flood and drainage to the sea. 

For those of us who self educate this is an exciting time and place to be. The history of Atlantis has been the obsession of untold people. Many lives spent in sole study and search for this island or its proof have finally come to be redeemed. Too bad most are dead by now, they deserve to know the truth.

Something out of the ordinary but an interest of mine. With the anger over who got here first, this makes it even more complicated which means it’s closer to reality. Life isn’t simple and the infantile explanations for our world are lame and done for. I don’t know bout y’all but being an ancestor of Atlantis is the coolest thing I’ve ever learned. Look into it folks, I promise you won’t be wasting your time.

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