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Afghan Refugees, USA’s Greatest Strength

Not even the end of a war can be a positive thing in this nightmare. Apparently we are taking in around 95,000 in the first year. 65,000 immediately, and another 30,000 coming in the following months. Not only are these child abusing folks going to be your neighbor, you are paying for it. To the tune of $6.5 Billion, to help resettle and give green cards to those “paroled”.  An odd way to say it unless these are criminals to boot. Why wouldn’t they be?

The poor helpless boys stuck in pedoland.
How Many Have been Abused

California and Texas are being blessed with the initial rush of diversity the very most. 5,255 are coming to the Golden State, hooray for the empire. Where or what these folks are going to do here escapes me completely. They are supposedly vetting all of these people and they are the good guys that cooperated with the US. Well that’s no comfort. The Afghans have shown themselves to be incapable of jumping jacks, handling a firearm with the slightest safety concern, or keep themselves from raping young boys.

The soldiers that have been trying to develop these people into a cohesive and disciplined fighting force, have nothing but disaster after the other to tell you about. When our boys aren’t guarding the poppy fields they were training up the Afghans to fight the Taliban. Why? I don’t know and don’t care. The Taliban can have Afghanistan and I won’t lose a second of sleep over it.

Afghan rapists/soldiers. No real difference.
Your New Neighbors, Yay!

The issue our boys have with these folks is many. Often they will have a few trained up just to see them turn on our boys and murder, unprovoked and out of the blue. Then there is the issue with sexually abusing boys as a national pastime. So many soldiers are absolutely sick over the fact that they had to protect child fu**ers. Then there’s the opium duty. We destroyed the pathetic infrastructure they had. No more clean water or sewage. Opium poppies though, they are the bees knees. This poorest country on Earth grows drugs instead of food. Drugs they get almost nothing for. A pound of the purest heroin leaves that country for around $1000. After many border crossings and drops in quality, it makes it to America. By the time it gets here its maybe 60% pure. To fix the lack of octane, so to speak, they add a pinch of Fentanyl for every ton or so.

If all ya want is to chase that dragon to a nodding off state, you care not at all if it’s laced with a more powerful opiate. If you shoot instead of smoke however, your dope, needs to be predictable. No filters between it and your brain when you shoot. Eating, smoking, and snorting all have bodily filters to pass before the bloodstream. Shooters don’t have any safety net and it’s insane that we still consider the war on drugs legitimate.

I’ve said it before but whatever. If not for the insane war against the 3 major drugs Uncle Sam hates the most, Fentanyl wouldn’t have ever been invented. A whiff of this stuff in the lab and it’s lights out. Developing a medicine with such an insanely low lethal dose, is stupid, and begging for mistakes, that carry the ultimate punishment, death. Well if the Taliban comes back, our opium farmers are out of business. We must take them in. 

These are the poorest people on Earth and have no business in America. Why not settle them closer to home? Hell, how many refugees is Israel taking in? Oh that’s right they don’t do that crap. Wouldn’t ya guess it, DC isn’t taking any refugees so far either. This is unbelievable, or at least it would have been just a few years ago.

These are illiterate, pedoes that are getting $6.5 Billion of your dollars to move in next to your kids. Soldiers say they have a lot of opium smoking and not much time for learning and stuff like that. We have essentially been running the country and letting them just hang out lit on heroin all day preying on school aged boys. What in heaven’s name do they plan to do to support themselves in the most expensive state in the union? These are going to be our dependents forever. God help us that they aren’t able to get their families here too. They are all related because they marry cousins and stuff.

This simply can not stand, and yet, I have no idea what to do about it. We are being openly invaded by a narco terror state and a Jihad terror state and we are being forced to foot the bill. Our war dead and wounded isn’t enough? The millions of souls lost to heroin isn’t enough? They won’t be happy until your boy is violated and your daughter is just one of several wives to a muslim.

The soft talk is over we can’t dance around this anymore. I am happy to say it. I don’t want these people anywhere near me. Am I sorry that lunatics in our government decided to destroy them, yes. That’s why I’m happy we’re leaving. Problem is, this was sold as a war we need to fight over there or it will come here. They failed to mention it would be on first class with a visa in hand. Can they buy guns? Cali and Texas are the biggest trash cans. We need to ally with Texas and say no. I’m sure Newsom agrees.

I bet Newsom is the reason we’re getting so many. Nearly 6,000 new voters with plenty of promise to come. New voters for Mr white teeth. We are being replaced with the dumbest, poorest, and least trustworthy people on Earth. Inbred dirt farmers are here to stay and our cultures are not just at odds but impossibly different. They can not and will not assimilate at all. In terms of our national suicide mission, we have the pistol in our mouths and are readying to punch the clock. Either do it or don’t, nobody likes a drama queen.

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