A Short Message To The Elite

You know who you are. You people have been working in the shadows for decades to bring about the end of America and the takeover of the world. Ambitious for sure, but crazy to boot. You have so many victories to enjoy today that you have lost all perspective on the reality that you exist in. The fact that you have been exposed and are being exposed more and more every day, escapes you because you have no connection to the American people. You are an alien to us, and us to you.

For generations you have enjoyed one success after another. You did your best to ensure the people would remain oblivious to your plot and deceit. You took over the curriculum through the Carnegie Foundation. Then created a system of school based upon the Prussian authoritarian model. This model has evolved over the years to get dumber and dumber until finally we are at the present. The vast majority of high school graduates read at a 6th grade level.

For generations you have enjoyed relative obscurity in our money creation. The Federal Reserve has not been a topic of the main stream until Dr Paul’s presidential campaigns. He woke up several generations at once to the massive theft being perpetrated upon our people, and the length of time they have enjoyed destroying the purchasing power of our money. Now the fed is open to the wider public to discuss and when discussed it’s a very easy case to make, that we should ditch the fed for treasury notes, at the least. The smart ones become hard money advocates. 

For generations you have separated people from their own history and demonized it to the point of self loathing children. The same clique who destroyed the schools had the opportunity to use them to destroy the minds they had captive. In this anti-academic setting the constitution is irrelevant, outdated, drivel of slavers. The civil war was our country’s beginning and the several hundred years between Jamestown and 1776 were erased. Our nation’s cause for separation from England, and choice to take up arms to make war against her, have been reduced to taxation without representation. A phrase so ingrained into every school educated person. The American Revolution was the result of a million things coming together at the right time and place in history, to allow for the greatest experiment in self government ever recorded in human history.

The colonists had no parliamentary representation, and thus had no choice or say over taxes from the crown. This is true. It’s also just one of many reasons the colonists chose war over appeasement. Outlawing the colonial script that the colonists used for currency was the number one issue. They were forced to use debt based notes from England over their debt free notes from the colony. They refused their times Federal Reserve, but in the end they started the First Bank of The United States instead. This bank would become contentious and eventually lose its charter.

The threat before being done away with was not subtle. If the Americans refuse to accept the bank it will find itself in a most unfortunate war. The war of 1812 was that war. While it gave us the most eloquent of national anthems, it was a loss for the people. The second bank of the US was chartered.

Andrew Jackson was the next threat to the banksters. He hated the banks and their clique with white hot passion. Divine intervention has been involved in our nation’s history several times. The fact that Jackson lived to see the bank destroyed is a miracle, straight up. He was the victim of several failed assassination attempts. He also took a bullet during a duel. The man was just as hard as a coffin nail and Thank God he was. One assassination attempt failed because both pistols the shooter held misfired. While misfires were nothing to get excited about, both pistols failed and the assassin was at point blank range. A half charged pistol would have blown Jackson’s head off. Jackson crushed the banks until their return and ultimate victory through legislation that has no sunset or mechanism for controlling the banks actions.

The 20th century was your time to shine you demons. The advent and explosion in radio and TV gave the clique a medium of control over the masses that has turned out to be the most effective control weapon ever created. They used the technological advancements and the advocates they had in every industry to remain in the background. They were able to turn the Rockefeller name into a proud philanthropist, from just a few years prior when the media had the whole country hating the Rockefeller name and family. The robber barons all hid their intentions in charity. The Carnegie Foundation, the many Rockefeller organizations, and so on. Today the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is a modern example of this con. These are tax free charities that have increased the net worth of the Gates by double.

Our elites are nowhere near the caliber of the original robber barons. The Gate’s and Musk’s are pathetic puppets and unlike the old robber barons they stole their fortunes. Gates took the combined efforts of, who knows how many people, made some adjustments and branded it Microsoft. Thus turning an open source community that was interested in cooperative creation, into a cut throat and ethically dubious monopoly on operating systems. J D Rockefeller was a genius and cutthroat businessman that is admirable for people like me. The man is an inspiration and a monster at the same time. In his younger age he was obsessed with accounting and managing money. His father was a snake oil salesman that would cheat his sons on purpose to make them wise. Not a single elite today could hold a candle to ole John D. Today’s elites are dumb, lazy, and drug and sex addicts. They are the debauchery that the elites of old refused, and focused on their fortunes.

The elites today are relying on the fortune, plans, and progress of those who came before them. Today they wanna be Bill Clinton type sexual deviants and have no time for the plan. They rely on the puppet masters to do what they are too wrecked to pull off. Then we see the puppet master and know the show is fake. Well, the puppets are so badly made that the puppeteer has to show his whole face to make the scene work, and when the audience sees the bearded, greasy, pale, and wicked looking ghoul running the show, they all run. Then the shows days are numbered.

You ass bags have shown your hands to enough of us to be very scared. I know you think you are in control and the mundanes are all just walking the line you laid for them, you are so out of touch, how would you know? You guys are done and it’s just a matter of time before you feel the wrath of the free world all around you. Maybe if you had maintained the discipline of your mentors you would have pulled it off. Rockefeller famously refrained from swearing, smoking, or drinking. Our elites are all so addicted to every substance known to man, they are also addicted to pedophilia. They are demonic criminals that have been so lazy and sloppy that it’s not a theory. Epstein is real and the job he performed wasn’t a single position. Who knows how many men are doing the exact same thing.

You guys are on notice. Treason is hard to get you for but thankfully we have tons of evidence tying you all to other crimes. The elites of old were squeaky clean and disciplined. Our elites are decadent, deviants, and so burnt out as to be obviously trash.

The plan was developed by great men with the combined IQ’s of like a million. Self made millionaires in a time where a dime was silver. These were men that could move the world if they decided to. Rockefeller is a true rags to riches story. His children have used his fortune to support the plan and David Rockefeller was the last disciplined elite to go. The mental midgets we have to contend with are jokers compared to the ones that mentored them. We will defeat them because they have no discipline, self control, or the wits to pull this off. The last 10% of the job always seems to be the hardest. World domination is no different. The jobs set up and the only thing left is tying it all together. Easier said than done.

You faggots fail. I will never take your jab, passport, or anymore of your guff. I’m done and I know you don’t have what it takes to finish what your betters started. Compare Gates to Rockefeller and tell me I’m wrong. Gates is a rich kid who was given the world. His daddy ran planned parenthood and eugenics is just a normal part of life at the Gate’s home. Problem comes from his stupidity. He actually said he wants to kill people with vaccines, abortions, and hunger on a TED talk. A mistake that his betters would never had made. In fact billy Gates is all over the net saying outrageous things. 

So just know this you losers. You will fail and it’s not because the plan wasn’t already set up and in motion for you. You couldn’t get past the goal line after the clique drove the 99 yards to get you there. You disgusting child abusing, drug addled, and clearly satanic carriers of the torch are nodding off, and lighting the plan on fire. Thank God we are dealing with the idiots we are. If we were going up against the actual OG robber barons they would eat our lunch.

The fucked up pussycats we have in our way are as dangerous as belly button lint and just as worthless. Take heart patriots, we have them where we want them. They are losing credibility by the millions everyday. Our victory is assured and they are too loaded to notice. We just need to press on and get bolder every day. Every day challenge them more and more. Every day make it clear how many we are and how few they are. Everyday break their rules with impunity and when a court of your peers decides, it better be jury nullification that you get. It’s us against them and they need us to hate each other or they are doomed. If we decide to cooperate for at least the time needed to rid the world of this clique, we have won already.

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