90% Increase In Police Ambushes So Far This Year

This is a post I didn’t ever think I would write, but here we are. The police are not a group that I support ever. I hate their jobs, attitudes, and most of their behavior. I have expected for years that there would be a serious backlash against the cops, and it looks like I was right.

In my life the police have gone from friendly public servants, to rabid and violent, costumed criminals. The obvious change came in the late 90’s early 2000’s. When I was 16 I was pulled over by a local cop who knew me and actually cared about me, for some reason. Myself, my girlfriend, and another buddy all sat in the cab, and all of us were drinking beers. I had 2 friends laying in the bed of the truck as well. That cop told everyone except my girlfriend to walk home and I was to drive home and he was going to check to make sure later. I did as I was told and will never forget the second chance I got.

That happened to be the last time I remember seeing that particular cop. He wasn’t old so I have no idea what happened to him. He was probably just too good for our town. Believe it or not, that incident in the truck was not my last interaction with the cops. It was the last time I would show or have any respect for the police or any individual cop.

Not sure how it happened but the police in this country changed in unison almost. The years between the OKC bombing and 9-11 saw the police become more militarized and far less civil. They also seemed to have gotten dumber. The reliance upon screaming the same phrase at you over and over again started at this time. Cops used to be able to hold a conversation and justify their actions. Now they just aggressively scream orders at you.

The thing to notice is the timeline. The cops were already exactly how they are today by 9-11. As if they were being prepared for the post 9-11 world of anti-terror training and military hardware, prior to the event. By 9-11 they were dressed up like soldiers wearing all of the batman belt gear made. 

This is when the police lost their PR. There’s still bootlicking cowards that worship the cops like gods on Earth. Most of us recognize corrupted power that has no check or balance on their behavior. The police are hated more today than the Gestapo was in Germany. Look at who they work for. Oh, you work for Gavin Newsom, fuck you. Oh you pulled me over to fulfill a quota not out of care for safety, blow me. Oh you can arrest me for resisting arrest as the only charge, eat a dick. What was the charge I resisted? Oh you can kill my dog for being on the other side of a fence and barking, you just became a target. If I poke your trained killing machine while fighting for my life, it’s assaulting an officer, go fuck yourself. Oh if I protest peacefully, you will attack me with the most cowardly tactics and insane brutality, you deserve torture, to the degree you committed times 2.

I have no question that the police are exactly as they are paid to be. The police are not paid for, or allowed to make decisions. They have nothing to do with coordinating crowd control. They have no control over the way they treat people. This is policy set by the city and the city appointed police chiefs. The reason the whole country is furious with the police is a designed and acted out strategy to turn the people’s hate towards the police instead of the power structure. Every single mayor is throwing their cops under the bus because they can. They can just replace the cops to satisfy whatever mundanes issue, and replace them with another one. One that’s a touch dumber.

So my opinion of the police is no secret. They are disgusting and out of control. They have no respect for the citizens. They seem to fail to understand that they are civilian citizens just like us. I can arrest a cop under citizens arrest if it weren’t for the fact that they would kill me. Arrest powers are universal and while the police are legally protected from making mistakes, you have the same right to arrest a criminal. If you make an arrest that isn’t totally on the up and up, you can be charged with kidnapping and a host of felonies. If the police swat your house, kill your dog, and destroy your home just because they misread an address, they are not liable for a damn thing.

The same rules that apply to me for citizens arrest should apply to the police. They should never enjoy legal immunity for doing things that are obviously wrong. Opening fire into a crowd should come with charges unless life was in immediate danger. Any high speed pursuit should be the liability of the pursuing cop. Risking the lives of everyone on the road to arrest some petty crook is outrageous. Serving warrants by kicking in a families door at 3am is unacceptable. Using a dog that I could totally distract with a hot dog, to provide probable cause to violate my rights, is unacceptable.

So if you don’t get it, I hate the current police situation in this country. I believe all municipal police are illegal and should be disbanded. The only law enforcement is the sheriff and he can deputize a posse large enough to protect his county. Also sheriff’s sometimes make use of their greatest assets, good Americans. If the relationship between the people and their law enforcement is antagonistic, it is doomed. If we don’t respect the police they will never be safe around us, or us around them.

We are seeing the beginning of what optimistic retards are calling a trend of police being ambushed. I have no love for the police and find it hard to even see them as individuals. They are the state and they do the state’s bidding. The leading edge of tyranny wears a cop costume and it’s very difficult for myself to have any real empathy for those who have none, themselves. Yet I am an individualist and my brother is a sheriff’s deputy.

Which brings me to the point at hand. Police are being ambushed at an alarming rate. While I have no love for the police, the idea of calling any human being just to blow them away from a cowardly hiding spot, disgusts me beyond any beef I have with the institution. The numbers are a bit deceiving, it’s the cops after all. Even so, the numbers are up and the reasons are pretty easy to guess.

I look for internal reports for the police instead of articles about anything. I knew that if headlines were saying ambushes have increased 91% so far this year, plenty of reports meant for internal use existed on the net. After finding what I wanted, an actual policy paper from a respected law enforcement organization. I discovered that there are 2 basic classifications for ambushes. The first, is the one we all think of. A 911 call for help met by killers laying in wait to open fire on unsuspecting cops.

The second, is crimes of opportunity. I can’t fathom committing murder on the fly, based totally on a hatred for cops, and an inability to control my behavior at all. How impulsive and truly insane do you have to be to walk by a cop writing some report in his car and blow his head off just because you could? The kind of person that can justify this on any level is broken and dangerous to everyone. The impulsiveness and inability to see the future repercussions for such barbaric behavior is insane and apparently not as unusual as we all would like.

So the report is correct and the number of “ambushed” cops has skyrocketed. The caveat is in the class of ambush. The classic style we all relate to when we hear ambush, has fallen steadily since the 90’s. It makes up about a quarter of what they call ambushes. The vast majority, three quarters, are of the second type. Crimes of opportunity. Personally I find these results way scarier than if the numbers were reversed. We have millions of cats out there that will snuff a life out based on a snap decision. If they’ll kill a cop for being white, why not me?

The nation is seeing a massive paradigm shift in almost every aspect of life. One of those is the condition of flux that our police departments are in. Tens or hundreds of thousands of police are quitting or retiring. Cities are in a mad rush to replace the cops they totally sold out and lost for it. Who are the replacements going to be? They know damn well why the position is available but they are cool with the demands of the job.  These are going to be the 75 IQ bunch that are almost too stupid to handle a pistol, let alone know the law they are tasked with enforcing.

Between the jab and the insanity of racism and woke, every good person in law enforcement is leaving. The remains will be the dumbest, fattest, and most obsessed with the costume and “authority” they get from it. Think about the greeter from Costco in Idiocracy. “Welcome to Costco we love you”. That’s the level of IQ we are looking for. No right thinking person would want anything to do with becoming a cop today. My brother is halfway to his pension, and he works in Napa where people actually pay for his coffee all the time still. So he’s fine and a good man so he should hang in there. If he worked in Richmond I would be on him daily to quit and work another town, any other town.

So the massive increase in ambushed police is real and scary. The one murder charge you can be damn sure will be investigated to the full extent, and with a bottomless budget in resources, its the killing of a cop. Yet this is increased 90% since last year and it’s apparently as random as can be. Random acts of murder are the logical conclusion of a society that accepts the knockout game. If it’s cool to randomly sucker punch an old lady with the intention of damaging that lady’s brain, blowing the brains out of an unassuming white cop must be the height of social media greatness.

Cops today, random white men tomorrow. That’s what this is about and that’s the thing you aren’t likely to hear. Who is it committing these horrific crimes? Redheads? Asians? I think not. This is about hating white people, white society, and everything that has ever been done by white people. Cops protect white people, at least that’s how some folks think. Truth is, the cops protect the cops and that’s it. White folks protect themselves, with handguns, brass knuckles, or skills like jujitsu. I have 2 of the 3 with me at all times. I want to learn jujitsu but I feel ridiculous being helpless to the right kid or female. I’ll stick with dirty boxing and weapons. Relying on nothing but situational awareness is, in my opinion, asking for trouble.

This is racial folks. The police are considered white even when the entire precinct is black. The system is racist so the police are the symbol of white supremacy for some folks. If this is where they are with the police, white people all need to take account of their surroundings and act accordingly. The knockout game might be getting an update. The headshot game might be coming. If you think this is absurd, I hope you’re right. The evidence suggests otherwise and the current climate seems to agree, but by all means, you have the right to be helpless and a victim. You also have the right to choose to attempt safety. Victimhood is a choice to some degree and in most cases. Having a weapon lowers your chances of being a victim by a factor that’s incalculable. 

It’s always better to be judged by 9 than carried by 6. Y’all stay safe out there.

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