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We are living in the strangest times of my life. This country is going through something it’s never been through. Civil war wasn’t even close to the situation we have now. The country has never hated each other more. There has never been so much corruption in our politics. Freedom has never been in as much danger as it is in today. If this is where we are today, I shudder to think what we will be doing tomorrow.

We are under a contrived invasion that’s being facilitated by our leaders. The dog and pony show of protecting our borders is over. The courts just told Biden he has to do his job at the border but I bet ya dollars to doughnuts he continues to flood the US with illegals. At the current rate they will hold a commanding lead in terms of voting.

Whites and blacks are at each other’s throats like I’ve never seen before. BLM and AntiFa are astroturf terrorist groups meant to rile up the conflict between us. The Democratic Party has sided with chaos and are totally hell bent on destroying the country. They are calling arsonists, murderers, and looters peaceful protestors. Meanwhile the Jan 6th people are terrorists that deserve Gitmo treatment. Politics is the difference between burning down a federal building and walking, and walking into a public building and being held without charge for months and charged with everything possible.

The schools are definitely the worst they have been since I started kindergarten. Critical race theory, tranny plans to deceive the parents while supporting the lunacy at school. Being white makes you a target for bullying from the teachers, principle, and the black kids. The academic progress made in today’s schools are embarrassing. The students can recite the LGBTQ alphabet but the actual alphabet confuses them. They know they have white privilege and their very presence is offensive to people of color. They know nothing of the fact that the British ended the Atlantic slave trade. They certainly don’t know that only 5 to 10% of all the slaves from Africa came to North America anyway.

Politically, this country is as broken as can be. The last presidential election was so obviously rigged that half the country refuses to accept the results. The man to get more votes than any president in history can hardly string a sentence together that’s written out for him on a teleprompter. His Vice President has the approval rating of herpes. If she ends up taking Biden’s place after it becomes impossible to fake it with Sleepy Joe anymore, the country might erupt. No doubt they will if she tries to pass executive orders that offend the Constitution.

The Constitution itself has never been less relevant in my life as well. The political criminals don’t even pay lip service to it anymore. Every single thing they do is illegal according to our supreme law of this land. The wars, the lockdowns, coerced medication, forced muzzling of our faces, trillion dollar budgets that have no funding mechanism, decades long war against the 2nd amendment, removal of the 1st, 4th, 5th, 8th, 9th, and 10th amendments. The only thing keeping the 2nd in place is us and our 400 million guns and billions of bullets.

Colleges are a national disgrace. Forcing students to take poison or be expelled. Teaching all colored kids to hate whites. Destruction of the classical education of well rounded and diverse studies. In the 60’s there was an absolute free speech environment on campuses. Anyone could come talk and enjoy the right to be heard. The most famous free speech quote comes from a cali campus in the 60’s. Berkeley I believe. It makes my skin tingle it’s so passionate and hardcore. Now we have 400 pound buzz cut females? screaming about racism and hating everyone. Any alternative view to the woke church is heresy and the cult of woke will assemble to destroy it. The adults? Do nothing but cower in fear like coward pussies.

When I was a kid at least half the town belonged to a church. The church’s were all so much better than today’s cult centers. People helped each other, provided community, and helped each other stay accountable. The idea of a community of men meeting to study the Bible and support each other is unheard of today. Men had bible study with fellow church members and they could rely on each other not to gossip and to provide counsel when a member is going through something difficult. Now church has to be gay friendly and new age. The new age church are straight up satanic dressed up in christianity. The christian would love a gay person and pray for them, they would not encourage it or accept a person that refused to see it as wrong. Preachers are gutless losers these days. They refuse to voice any principle that’s not PC when political correctness is opposite biblical correctness.

The first riot I ever saw was the LA riots after Rodney King. I now know the news edited the tape to make the event seem far worse than it was. How many white people were killed or injured because the media wanted to stoke the flames of racial rage? The truck driver that was either beaten to death or damn close, didn’t do anything except attempt to deliver goods to a neighborhood. The media loved it. They got the whole attack on tape. From the moment he is pulled from his truck to the final head stomp they were glued to the action. The fact that not one of these animals said, hey, fellas he’s already unconscious maybe we outta stop before he dies, wasn’t news. The fact that nobody came to his aid was also not news. If it bleeds it leads and the media will provoke the bleed to get the lead.

The pentagon papers were a heroic act of whistle blowing and celebrated by the press and country alike. The whistle blowers in my life have been treated like criminals with no legal protection whatever. Bradley Manning was a hero and so inspiring to myself that I was physically ill when I heard what he was going through. A year of limbo where he was housed in military brig. Reports suggest that they flooded his cell with a foot of water. They left the light on 24 hours a day. They forced him to be naked the whole time he was in his cell, supposedly due to suicide risk. I started hating my government around this time. I was always patriotic and it took a lot for me to realize the country and the government are 2 different things. You can love your country and hate your government. I hate this criminal cartel that has taken over my government and turned it against the citizenry. I want it destroyed and since it’s an imposter and not legitimate at all, the law is on my side.

So maybe I left some things out but this is the situation as it is now. The country I was born in has been dead for years. Now we live under a communist regime fronting as a republic. They are selling off our land to the ChiComs as fast as possible. They are acting like a criminal with nothing to lose. They are right in a sense. Failure will cost them everything, lives included. A country that sustained its people and their freedom for 150 years has fallen apart within my short life. Really its been 20 years. This got real after 9-11 and that marks the turning point where we lost all control of our government.

Since 9-11 we have had one crisis after another. The answer to every crisis has been less freedom, more surveillance, and more aggressive policing. We have seen the police go from peace officers who had some bad apples, to a paramilitary force full of rotten apples. The police have become lunatics and cowards. The same time they have received all of these MRAPS, grenade launchers, body armor, and night vision, etc.. they have become total pussies that prefer to shoot first, ask questions, never. The cops of my youth would brag about never pulling their weapon once in their entire career. Then it was, I’ve never had to shoot a single shot in my career. Now it’s, look at how many notches on my AR stock. I don’t ask if I should shoot. I only care if I CAN shoot. If I get it wrong the city picks up the tab anyway.

70 Million of us are pretty upset. They say 70% of the US is vaxxed, BS. Trump was actually booed when he recently told a rally to get jabbed. The trumpkins are not cult members. They think for themselves and if trump fails to say the right thing they react in kind. This is the difference between the conservative base and the entire liberal left. Conservatives care about ides and not personalities. Trump was loved because he talked normal, was hated by all the right people, and promised the right things. He has no chance at 2024 if he’s stupid enough to run.

Who even thinks we will have another national election? The California voters can’t even get rid of a clear tyrant. At least NYC mayor just stepped down and he was just a creep. Newsome is a tyrant that deserves to be put on trial for treason. I saw the other day an article that said the last 50 or so Cali governors have been recalled or attempted to be recalled. We are some bipolar morons in this state.

No real purpose to this post other than to just get some negativity out before I start my day. I’m off to go estimate a job that should be a good one if all goes well. Every bid I win I get closer to Nevada so fingers crossed. Free bids are a double edged swords. It is appreciated by clients but can be heartbreaking when you lose it after putting a ton of time and effort into it. The woes of contracting, lol. Better than being a welfare queen, living off of the sweat of others. I earn my money and can hold my head up regardless.


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