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Vax Passports Are The Endgame, Freedom Had a Good Run

Thousands in Germany and France are in the streets protesting vaccine passports. I’m not aware of any large scale pushback from Americans. In fact, Americans seem to be totally open to the idea of carrying around papers that decide whether they can be somewhere or not. My whole life the joke, “where are your papers” has been funny. Now it’s terrifying.

When the French show more balls than Americans I know I’m in trouble. It’s been open season on making fun of the French since WWII. Poland and France were teased relentlessly when I was a kid and I didn’t even know why. Still thought it was hilarious though. Pollocks were always the idiot in the joke. The French were always the coward in the joke. Today these jokes might still be allowable since they are against white people. 

We don’t joke about the Japs. Then again, the Japanese gave us the best fight we’ve ever seen. We outta respect the Japanese for their intense and noble fight. Fanatical and crazy? Yes. Dedicated to victory in the face of absolute defeat, is admirable. They were willing to sacrifice everything before accepting foreign control over their nation. Same as the Germans who sacrificed it all to attempt to keep Bolsheviks from reaching and ruling their country. The Germans and Japanese were right. They lost their country and have been owned and ran by the enemies of the their people for 70 or so years.

Germany has been given the end of the Berlin Wall and the reuniting of their country. They still have no control over their country and their leaders are the lowest scum of the Earth. Globalist, UN supporting, and treasonous “presidents” like Merkel. Leaders that are determined to displace the German population with any refugee that they can get there. The explosion in rape among German women and girls, matters not to the police or their bosses. Men that can’t protect their women and children aren’t men at all. The German men who retaliate are charged with hate crimes.

If you want to see red with anger watch some videos of the refugee crises and the individual acts of violence that occur all over these groups. The wonderful ones that speak English are very humble and appreciative of the amazing goodwill they are receiving from Europeans at large. Just kidding. 

They proclaim the land for Allah and threaten that they are there for one reason and one reason only. Conquering the west through displacement, intermarriage, and demographic replacement. This is an invasion with hostile intents. According to the fighting age men streaming into Europe by the hundreds of thousands, this is jihad and there’s 2 houses in islam. The house of islam and the house of war. They only know war and conquering. Their religion is expansive based on the sword. The christian evangelical relies on the word of God and choice. The muslim relies on the sword. Convert or lose your head. Cuddly bunch of folks, I can’t wait to see more of.

Vaccine passports are the endgame of liberty in this country. In my opinion they crossed the line when they introduced drivers licenses and ID cards. The social security system is a precursor to what we see today. They convinced you to register your children with the state and allow the state to assign them a number. This number is your child’s identity to the system that sees them as collateral on the national debt and nothing more. 

The SSI started when the banksters created the federal reserve. The collateral that backs the dollar is the tax potential assigned to each number they have. Your birth certificate is on Bond paper. It is a financial instrument and it even looks exactly like a stock certificate. You are no longer the human being made in the image of God and master of the Earth. You are chattel for the banking system and nothing more. A nation must have something to offer to the countries it offers its money to. Our currency is backed by the tax base of America.

Vaccine passports are a red herring and so obviously so. The idea of tracking free people and demanding these free people to accept forced medical experiments is straight out of any number of dystopia, science fiction movies I’ve ever scene. These passports are going to be biometric because anything else can be faked. The only thing they will not be able to fake, at least not cheaply or easily, is a biometric marker of sorts. The fact that this biometric marker will be an RFID chip that can store an unlimited amount of information is horrifying. 

For those who don’t get it. The RFID doesn’t store anything. It’s too small to hold enough info to be useful. It needs to do several operations and requiring it to hold memory as well would make them too big for insertion into your body. RFID Chips can be scanned and then they offer you access to the location of the corresponding file. A file of any size containing an unlimited amount of information. These files might be housed in the server farm in Utah or better yet, they could be in a foreign server so the info can be accessed without warrant or any American legal protection at all. If you think the only info they want is your vaccine info, you are childish and ignorant beyond belief.

They will have it all. Gun owner, how many registered firearms, last ammo purchase, political affiliation, criminal record, child support details, credit score, and God knows what else. The sky is truly the limit. And being able to grab all of this with a swipe of a smart phone or similar tool is so insane that we need to make this a priority of the greatest importance. Nothing needs to be fought like this. We have already accepted “real ID” but I’m just gonna put mine in the microwave. Same as I have done with every license I’ve had since they started adding information stripes to the back.

This is the mark of the Beast. A mark given to you in order to buy and sell, be apart of society, and eventually decide whether you get the guillotine or the “brave new world”. This passport has nothing to do with safety or health. The obsession with forcing totally unnecessary medical treatment on all of the 8 billion people on Earth is absolute lunacy that has no prior precedent. The system has to be global to bring in the one world state and that’s why the “Great Reset” is a global plan. Vaccine passports are actually more dangerous than the jabs themselves.

The passports are the mechanism for control and we have no idea what that will look like in a mere few years. We know they are working with tech 30 to 50 years ahead of what’s on the commercial market. The passports are your social credit cards, your allotment of fuel, water, and anything else that is a resource they can control. It will be subject to the personalities of those who get to use them to decide whether to service you or not. If your teller doesn’t like your political opinions she may just refuse to serve you. The hellish results are only limited by your imagination. Or better put, it’s limited by the imaginations of the demons who thought the whole thing up.

This is the end of privacy, freedom of movement, and free choice regarding medical treatment. The passport is about bringing the Beast System into action and getting ready to hail their Messiah and the end of the world. The Christian antichrist is described by jews as the Messiah. They are desperate for a charismatic ruler that can unite the world under a one world order. They are willing to do whatever it takes to see this ancient prophecy fulfilled. The fact that is was fulfilled 2000 years ago is offensive to the Jews who insist he was a liar, conman, and cult leader. No matter, they are wrong and will be seriously let down when they see christ and he tells them, I tried to know you and you gave your heart to satan instead. No amount of manipulation or logical loopholes will help them at that point.

These things make the German papers nothing more than an ID card. They simply had to have a paper identifying themselves. This is the Beast. It is nothing like a passport where you go somewhere and it’s logged in a book. This will be your entire life from school records, to court records, to medical records. The amount of information that can be accessed by these systems is unlimited. They don’t need to hold any memory on the device. They work by bouncing the user to a database of unlimited size and scope on the subject at hand. The other day I had a Carl’s Jr worker tell me my checking account total. When I flipped out and asked how the hell she could see my balance she seemed surprised I would care. Who knows what they already allow people to access with whatever oversight that doesn’t exist.

If you don’t fight the passports you are guaranteeing the total and absolute tyranny of the folks coming up in just a few years. These are going to give anyone, including criminals of the regular kind, access to an incredible amount of information on you. There is no safety mechanism or accountability included so far. Expecting them to provide for them later is beyond stupid. They get this in, it will only get worse, more normal, and permanent.

This is the line we need to draw and stand on it without question. Cross this line and you are declaring intention to make war. Therefore the war is on, at their choice and their doing. We have asked them to stop. Protested and been assaulted for it. Addressed our counties, school boards, and town halls. All for not. We are being disrespected at every turn. The school boards act like little Napoleons. The counties are ran by criminals. The state houses are all treasonous puppets to the federal government and the UN. They have given up their awesome power to be tools for tyranny instead. Instead of the head of a sovereign state and honorable representative of that state’s legislature and citizenry, they chose to be underlings of the globalist enemies of American Federalism. Now we can’t trust a single governor. Desantis is awesome but he did initially take the power. I’d take him over Newsome in a heartbeat, but I am not convinced any of these governors can be trusted.

This country will not be having any passports of any kind. The Constitution makes it plain. I require nothing to travel in these united 50 states. No passport of any kind. 

Section 2.

2.1 The Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States.

Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

This can’t be done piece meal. The same laws and immunities have to be respected by all states in the Union. Game over. Fight, fight, fight. Or you will surely regret it and when your children ask you what you did to stop it, what will you tell them? My daughter knows I’m fighting this with everything I have. She’s even upset with me over it, but she doesn’t understand the consequences of failure. Short term discomfort or trouble with friends and family are worth it if it helps save them from what’s coming.

Total tyranny that’s ran by AI and blood thirsty Luciferian demons.

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