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Tranny’s Are Being Made By School, Not Nature

There has been an explosion in transgender news and apparently people who choose to become trannies. This has been so sudden and hysterical that I have been skeptical from the jump. There couldn’t possibly such an increase in mental disorder without a cause.

Well the cause is no longer a mystery. It never was to myself but evidence is proving my case. All of this tranny crap has come from one place in particular. The schools. First the universities and then high school and now all grade levels. They don’t just support or respect different students. They are actively pushing this on children that are too young and immature to even understand the implications.

What’s even better, they have a system for deciding if the parents can be trusted with involvement in “the plan”. If the child suggests that their parents are not supportive of the mentally deranged “plan” to re-gender their child, the school takes steps to keep it from the parents completely. They will even use the child’s birth name and proper pronouns when talking to the parents. Meanwhile, at school they are pursuing a “plan” to help your child destroy their lives.

Leon Co School District’s Transgender Gender Nonconforming Student Plan is a form filled out at school without parental involvement at all. If the student indicates that they have made their parents aware of their wish to be non-binary and the parents were not “supportive” the schools have a “plan”. The form has a heading “Parent/Guardian Involvement”. The form makes clear that the staff would keep secret anything involved in “implementing this plan”, from the parents. Still with me? I’m doing what I can to keep from throwing my keyboard through the wall.

When asked what the sleeping arrangements on overnight school trips would be, the answer was just par for the course. Apparently the child would be allowed to decide who they would “be comfortable rooming w/either sex”. Unless the parent is there as a volunteer they will be reliant upon the story of their kid as to who slept where and with who. These people are out of their minds. Teachers have been totally full of it my whole life but they understood their place in my youth. Today they consider the parent subordinate to them. They are egotistical monsters that are so stupid they shouldn’t be teaching anyone anything.

The material on this subject is so totally backwards that I’m in disbelief that it even exists let alone is followed by parents. Simple searches on several search engines give me the same basic results, except Google. Duckduckgo, my main search engine, as well as Bing gave me a fair enough mix of opinions. And both had christian resources on the first page. Google failed to offer any variety in opinion on how a parent should respond. At least page one only promotes supporting the child at all costs. Body dysmorphia isn’t mentioned. This is one of the many reasons I stopped using Google many years ago. They are the worst company on Earth. Duckduckgo is far superior in results quality, privacy, and variety of results.

Thanks to one mother who caught wind of her schools shenanigans we know what the schools are actually up to. As far as this woman’s personal school district, she made a difference. The rest of the country is still unaffected. After the school bold faced lied to her and said, there was no basis to exclude parents from their “plan”. They revised the process to include prompt contact of the parents. It fails to elaborate what that communication will be, so who knows.

Administrative Directive 4.30.061-AD Transgender, Nonbinary and Gender Diverse Students 

Restroom and Locker Room Usage 

  • a)  With regards to restroom and locker room usage, the school has a duty to provide equal access to education, ensure student safety, and maximize social integration while minimizing stigmatization of the student.
  • b)  Students shall have access to a restroom that corresponds to their gender identity. Prohibiting a student from accessing the restrooms that match the student’s gender identity is not allowed. 
    • If there is a need or desire for increased privacy and safety, regardless of the underlying purpose or cause, any student may be provided access to a reasonable alternative restroom such as a single stall restroom.
    • The option of a single stall restroom should not be forced upon or presented as the only option to transgender, nonbinary or gender diverse students.

b) A student shall not be required to use a locker room that is incongruent with the student’s gender identity. The school should work with the student to ensure the student has privacy, if so desired, within the locker room. 

i. Any student who has a need or desire for increased privacy, regardless of the underlying reasons, should be provided with a reasonable alternative changing area such as the use of a private area (e.g., a nearby restroom stall with a door, or an area separated by a curtain) or with a separate changing schedule (e.g. using the locker room that corresponds to their gender identity before or after other students). 

ii. Transgender, nonbinary and gender diverse students should not be penalized for not dressing down for PE if the student does not feel safe using the available changing facilities. 

VII. Overnight School Trips 

a) Students should be allowed use of an overnight facility that corresponds with their gender identity. Transgender, nonbinary and gender diverse students should be consulted early on in the planning process to address any questions or concerns the student might have, including any needs for privacy in terms of dressing, showering, etc. The parent/guardian should be consulted as well, unless there are concerns for student safety in doing so.

There are hundreds if not thousands of parents that are livid. The germ has allowed them to see what the classes look like, in a way they never had before. They are also noticing extreme changes in their child’s behavior that seems to be happening overnight. Instead of a double mastectomy to describe the surgery to remove both breasts, they call it “top surgery” to sound more inviting. WTF doctors and healthcare losers? Surgery is never risk free and anytime someone goes “under” there’s a chance they won’t wake up. Then there’s the 100,000 cases of death by malpractice that usually concern a surgery, every year. The Google tells parents to support their child’s insanity or risk their suicide. 

This is the exact opposite of reality. Tranny’s commit suicide at a rate that’s maybe the highest of all demographics. Body dysmorphia is real and it is usually accompanied by other issues like anxiety, depression, etc.. It’s not a healthy or useful choice to support mental disorders that change your child permanently. You should accept their opinions and ask them why they feel this is right for them. Hug them and tell them they are perfect in every way. The things that make them special are on the inside and people who equate surgical mutilation with heroism are evil. If you are a tomboy that likes mud, trucks, and playing with the boys, you are going to be a dream girl for some lucky fella. Stay female and pretty and be the girl that likes shooting, camping and hanging with the boys. You will have to beat them off with a stick, so many dudes will pursue you.

This tranny epidemic is the most destructive trend to be inserted into our culture since the sexual revolution. It’s exploding in numbers and its being hidden from parents. The schools have planned to destroy your child’s mind to the fullest extent possible. Convincing them they were born in the wrong gender is truly the most disturbed piece of abusive propaganda I’ve ever seen, and wouldn’t have even have believed it possible, if not flooded with evidence that it is. 

Please stop sending your children to strangers who will lie to you, abuse your child, and try to ruin their lives. They have no interest in education, they are social engineers meant to churn out confused sheeple. They have succeeded in totally destroying at least one generation. How many more are you going to sacrifice to the national church, public school?

Homeschool, homeschool, homeschool!

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