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These Bills are About Warfare Against Us

Again thanks to Epoch Times, I will leave a link at the Bottom. They got some of the publicly available text and went through it. It starts off fairly mundane and continues the usual outrageous spending on military, foreign aid, and research.

Then it addresses children. Apparently children are still spending too much time with their parents. This bill would provide daycare for 3 year olds. They aren’t pretending anymore. What exactly is the purpose of putting your child in a crazy environment ran by minimum wage, liberal, lunatics. They need to own their minds as early as the parents will allow. If they can start telling your kids how stupid you are and that you’re killing the Earth at 3, you will have no children. Just strangers you support financially.

On to federal housing. $332 Billion allocated for public housing. This is just word play. The fact that FEMA is building facilities all over the place and hiring like crazy isn’t coincidence. They need someplace to house the people who refuse to be jabbed or go along with their plans. They have been getting ready for this for years. Ten years ago we were inundated with bizarre exercises being done in the middle of US cities. Jade Helm 15 was a massive multi state exercise that was preparing for rounding people up. So this ain’t for blacks to have roach filled HUD housing. It’s to house patriots while they decide who can be coerced and who gets the chop. 

Healthcare is getting more money, big surprise.$18 Billion going to the VA. This is either to cull the vets or try to recruit them. The vets are the state’s scariest foes. The massive loss in healthcare workers due to refusal to be jabbed has given us shortages of good smart thinking nurses. They are going to need replacement with a low caliber thinker that just follows orders. They are also going to need funds to pay off lawsuits for damages the employer demanded upon their employees. Just because the manufacturers have no liability, means nothing for the employers. If you are going to fire someone who prefers not be jabbed and then that person is injured, the hospital, doctor, and administration should all be served.

The next one is labeled, “Extremely Aggressive” Policies to Move US Away From Fossil Fuels.” This is where things start to get scary. $198 Billion allocated to the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, with an additional $67 Billion for Environmental and Public Works Committee. The scary part is what Sanders has said this is for. He wants to create a “Civilian Climate Corps”. This will give young people a good paying job combating climate, in an “extremely aggressive” way. He failed to elaborate on just what the hell all off this means. A lord of the flies style army to attack those of us that actually know atmospheric makeup and the science of it, enough to know CO2 is perfect the way it is. Obama threatened this in 2008. He wanted a civilian military with the same power of the actual military. Those of us paying attention had to pick our jaw off the ground after hearing such an insane proposal from a president.

These are the bills that are paying for the completion of the Death Star, folks. The empire has been on the march for over 100 years and they are inches from the finish line. They are practicing landing military aircraft on rural domestic highways. They have totally rerouted all of the fixed trucking routes. They are setting up for California like produce checkpoints to be covid checkpoints and not just Cali anymore.

Nevada, Texas, and Florida have said they will not mandate any jabs or masks. Now all of a sudden the media is hyperventilating over a surge in cases in just these states. The fact that creepy Cali has had much worse numbers than Florida matters not. This isn’t about health. It’s about hacking your cell production and changing you into a hybrid instead of the perfectly flawed human being God intended you to be. 

It should come as no surprise but y’all might not know. One of the big vax manufacturers were not allowed to enter Israel due to him being not vaccinated. The CEO of the company refuses to use his own product and the media wanted you to know about it. These demons love telling you exactly what their plans are. Like a vampire they require your consent to gain access and then it’s on.

The $1 Trillion infrastructure bill passed and it’s a beauty. $225 Million spent to upgrade our railway networks. We all love the WWII footage of people being shuffled into cattle cars, right? I can’t wait.

This $4 Trillion dollar spending spree right into sleepy Joe’s first year is no coincidence. This man is falling apart right before our eyes. Kamala has the approval rating of herpes. They are desperate to get Biden’s signature on these laws to lend them more legitimacy. If Kamala ends up signing them even less Americans are going to believe it’s legal. 

They are building massive detentions centers in the prison capital of the world. We don’t have enough prison space for 75 million Trump voters. That’s what this is about. Your have already been algorithmically singled out. If you are lucky there might be a real person to make the final call, kill or re educate. This is the “great reset”, event 201, whatever you wanna call it. The NWO is inside the red zone and they are driving hard towards the goal.

Trust nobody. If you think Trump is on our side, why did he allow this to happen. If you think Q is going to save you, fuck off. We are on our own and that’s fine, we are many, they are few. Stop waiting for a savior. Whether Trump, Jesus, or Nibiru you are wasting your time. Man the fuck up and take your life and safety seriously. They are setting the stage where hiding out and waiting for the “good guys” to win, isn’t even going to be possible. Stand and be counted or kneel down and be pounded. Choice is yours.

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