The Surgeon General Wants Elementary Students Jabbed

I am infuriated daily now by the government’s obsession with poisoning the entire population. As far as I know, there is no medicine that is universally safe for everyone. The ingredients in this new jab are proprietary and not available. What about allergies? Vaccines have tons of ingredients that many people are allergic to. Informed consent doesn’t apply to the new jab.

Then there’s the old adage, do no harm. Taking medicine you don’t need has always been seen as foolish due to the fact that all effective medicine has side effects. The current vaccine schedule that the Cali schools demand of your child is already mental.

Hepatitis shots for newborns. MMR Vaccine that doesn’t prevent measles at all and is the very beginning of the autism debate. Vaccines use adjuvants that are designed to remain in the body by using heavy metals that the body fails to metabolise and remove. This heavy metal floats around until it makes it to the brain. The blood brain barrier for boys is thiner than that of girls. This would suggest that the massive disparity among boys and girls with autism, is due to environmental toxins. Since we can see two siblings with the same shots and only the boy develops autism, nobody cares.

The idea that autism is just better recognized today and the doctors of the 60’s and 70’s were just too ignorant to recognize a child that flips out from human contact and screams and hits themselves for no apparent reason. Doctors used to be the family doctor. These guys were on a personal level with their clients. They made house calls, they knew the families they serviced like friends, and they were far better at protecting their patients than hawking drugs for big Pharma.

They tell us that the superficial relationships that we have with doctors today have given them a better understanding of our children’s development. Doctors have never been anything like today’s docs. These egomaniacal douchebags come in the room after the nurse does all the blood pressure and questionnaire. Then they spend far more time looking at your chart than talking or looking at you. They might ask a few questions, ceremoniously use the stethoscope, and then write a script for something. Never a prescription for whole food diets and exercise. Just drugs.

Autism is a spectrum and sure, it doesn’t always present itself as obvious at first. That’s why all good pediatrics live by the motto, “listen to the mother, they know their children”. Today’s docs are too proud to listen to a mundane, uneducated, and “superstitious” mother who has spent every moment in the babies life constantly observing, comforting, and learning the language of crying. 

Moms know the difference from pain cries vs hunger, discomfort, or moody cries. They develop a semi-verbal communication that is between mom and baby and the doctors dismiss women as being incapable of understanding their child’s needs. This is so insulting I would tell any doc that disrespected the mother of my child to pound sand and take his Rockefeller founded allopathic medicine degree and shove it up his elitist ass.

The idea that health comes from drugs is absolute garbage that was totally invented by the Rockeffeler institute. Doctors practiced homeopathic medicine exclusively because modern pharmaceuticals required the technology for chemistry and the lab techniques that developed over trial and error. Error in pharmaceutical discovery often meant death or severe poisoning. 

Chemists used to smell everything, taste things, and even try injecting things they had no clue what might the result be. Chemistry is modern alchemy and instead of lead into gold, they are attempting to turn various chemicals into the elixir of eternal life. So far they have gotten stuck on the eternal hard on and consider medically assisted sex to be validation of everything they’ve ever done. Giving Hugh Heffner the chance to bang hookers into his extreme old age is the proudest moment allopathic medicine has to celebrate.

They treat cholesterol by prescribing meds that attack all your cholesterol, even the good stuff. Your brain is like 70% cholesterol, not bad stuff. Do you want your heart to be plugged up with cholesterol? Stop eating like a pig and research heart healthy foods. Beets are just one super food that can help with the bad cholesterol. Health is food and food is health. Look at the extreme change in the average diet in America and the obesity epidemic becomes obvious. 

Eating out was a special occasion at my house. With 4 boys and 2 adults, dinners out were pricy. Maybe once a month we would eat fast food. My mother made my lunches and gave me a quarter a day for a milk. When I was a kid fat kids stuck out like a sore thumb. Everyone was skinny, active, and happy. Special Ed classes existed but it was more like Down’s Syndrome and the like, not autism. These were kids that have chromosomes out of whack and pulled a bad hand from the very jump in the womb.

Autism isn’t genetic and it doesn’t present itself until after the perfectly healthy baby is hit with a round of like 16 vaccine doses at a whack. All mothers have the same story. My baby was bright, smiling, and meeting all of their developmental milestones. Then they come in for the 6 month check up and the doc does everything short of force the mother to accept the vaccine schedule without question or even concern. Then the mother explains how their child totally changed. Stopped smiling, laughing, and won’t make eye contact. Anti-vaxxer.

Question the wisdom of a hepatitis shot for a 6 month old? Anti-vaxxer. Ask that the doses be spread out and allow the baby to process them one at a time, in case one of the 16 end up causing an adverse reaction? Anti-vaxxer. Question the wisdom of the use of mercury, aluminum, and bovine and monkey tissue for safety? Anti-vaxxer. Suggest that measles, mumps, and rubella are not dangerous for children and if they catch it as children they gain the only real immunity that exists, natural immunity. Anti-vaxxer.

There is an epidemic in this country and it ain’t COVID. Our children are more allergic, more asthmatic, and far more autistic than ever before. Whether you think it’s just smarter doctors, you’re a mental midget. 1 In 30,000 50 years ago. 1 In 50 for boys today. Oh ya this is totally just a matter of misdiagnosis on a scale that would discredit medicine completely. 

People used to have family doctors for decades. These were personal and professional relationships. The doctors were humble and openly referred to their work as a practice in medicine. They were honest, loyal to their client’s interests first, and they were accountable to the people they served without question. 100,000 People die every year due to malpractice. A million souls a decade lost to modern medicine and the drive through like service from the modern medical field.

Staph infections, antibiotic resistant bugs, and 6 figure death numbers every year all coming from the hospitals and the pharmaceuticals they peddle. Epidemic levels of autism, allergies, and mental disabilities all started just within the last 40 or so years. The absolutely criminal advertising all over the TV pushing antidepressants on everyone. People running through flower fields and a line about asking your doctor if “generic poison” is for you. 

Then an auction barker rattles off the side effects that include death almost always and still these mega corporations are allowed to direct advertise to idiots that watch TV. I stopped seeing cigarette advertisements decades ago, regardless of the plain and honest warning label that covers a whole width side of every pack. Why are drug companies allowed to advertise with the most vague and dishonest propaganda, but Joe Camel is the devil? Do cigarettes kill 100,000 people a year? Nope, not even close.

The vaccine companies are organized crime syndicates. They own your politicians, doctors, and the CDC, FDA, etc. They have relieved themselves of all liability with regards to vaccine safety. Since the 80’s, when there were like 3 vaccines on the schedule, the producers have refused to produce them unless they are exempt from any injury caused by their product. 

The government has decided that getting your children injected with unsafe, ineffective, and made with ingredients that are toxic to humans, is worth picking up the tab for damaged children. If you can prove to the state, not a jury, that the vaccine injured your child you might receive a pittance for your effort and tragedy. A jury would award an autistic child’s parents millions of dollars in damages and then millions more in punitive awards to punish the corporation. 

The state’s system settles for like hundreds of thousands for the lifetime injury that makes a person unable to care for themselves and consumes the parents lives. Not to mention the impact on a sibling who might have had the same shots but lucked out. They must feel invisible, guilty for their own health, and confused by the sibling they love but can’t emotionally connect with, at all.

They are going to force this new jab on everyone they can. Children that are going back to public school will be forced to take experimental meds, wear a mask, and socially distance themselves. I have always heard the bull shit line that school socializes children and is good for their people skills. This was always bull shit but now its insultingly stupid. Public schools are as antisocial as prison. 

Bullying, herd mentality and forced conformity, and now straight up mental abuse is the normal school day. If you think this is good for anyone you are retarded. School is the only place 99% of the population will ever experience violence. School is the only atmosphere that forces people who don’t like each other to associate with one another. Accept for prison of course. They want to teach your kids how to masturbate, what gay sex looks like and how it’s totally as legitimate as straight couples, abortion is a right and at 12 years old the school will excuse a child to go to an abortion clinic. 

Let me say that again. In California if your 12 year old gets pregnant the teachers will encourage them to consider killing it. The law allows them to excuse them from class, or cut class, to get to a clinic during school hours, so the parent won’t even know they were missing. This is beyond evil and an unacceptable invasion and insult to the parent. 

These people are off the reservation big time and it’s you retarded people that allow this crap to continue. What possible excuse could you use to justify letting a 12 year old leave school, without an adult, to have a medical procedure done that is horrible, disgusting, and mentally injurious. This state requires you to be 21 to buy cigarettes but you can kill a baby without even a note from a parent.

When I was a kid and my folks would go out of town the biggest thing to my mom was ensuring that whoever I stayed with had signed permission to allow the person watching me to approve medical attention if needed. Apparently they wouldn’t do anything beyond save my life without written or vocal approval from the legal parent to do so. So, I can be left with a compound fracture until they get a hold of my mother to set it and cast it. 

The schools have taken the legal scheme of Loco Parentis to include even things that the natural parents can’t give approval for. Loco Parentis is the legal term for giving parental duties to another party temporarily for purposes of school, camp, and the like, where you need to entrust another adult to assume the parental responsibility for the safety of your child. It is why schools used to get away with corporal punishment. In the eyes of the law, they were acting as parent.

As per usual my post is a potpourri of thoughts. The main point is the schools and the absolute disgusting condition they are in. Please people, take your kids back and save them from the demons who want their mind, bodies, and soul. They need you like never before. There has never been an attack on our children like this. They are totally destroying their minds with common core and reducing their ability for self learning.

They prefer your child know the oppression scale far more than they care for times tables. They don’t teach history, they tell stories. They are normalizing perversion to an insane level. Some polls show people think half the population is gay. How fu**ing retarded do you have to be to believe half of the population are out of the baby making game? 

They are told men are privileged and make 20% more than women just for being male. Nothing about the fact that women don’t mine coal, cut down redwoods, or anything else that’s dangerous or not glamorous. Whites are demonized just for being white. Blacks are put on a pedestal for being black, like they had a choice. They want tranny’s telling your elementary kids stories. They want to normalize mental disorders and show hate towards straight, white, and smart kids. 

How much more are you people going to take? Is anything enough to make you try something else? Maybe when your kid starts cutting or using drugs you will finally notice how truly traumatizing school is.

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