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Technocratic Dictatorship, Sounds Like A Blast

It’s time to meet our enemies head on. The governors and politicos are just puppets. The real enemy is the banking system and the control freaks that want a one world order. Technocracy is the system being pushed so hard on us. A system where technology allows a small oligarchy to control vast amounts of people. Ever wonder why some technology exists? Why they obsess over internet connection and shrinking of tech to the point of microscopic robots.

These are the new tools of tyranny and they expect us to adopt it all by choice, if not excited for it. The internet of things, the full coverage of 5G, and the explosion in cell towers are going to track every aspect of your life. Using your dryer at the wrong time, they can just turn it off. Maybe give you a frowny face on your social credit score.

This plan has been in the works for like 70 or 80 years. As soon as the technology started to allow for the idea, it was born. It started with the UN and World Bank. Before you can control the world you need to rid the world of nation states. The UN is a global institution that’s sole purpose is the destruction of national sovereignty and absolute obedience to the international president of the UN. 

The World Bank was instituted at the same basic time, to complete the second aspect of national sovereignty. Currency. When the World Bank came into existence the fiat money system was only adopted by a few countries mostly western. The World Bank and IMF used loans to rebuild war destroyed countries to rob them of all their material wealth and accept a fiat system ultimately controlled by internationalist private cartels.

Since the end of WWII and the adoption of the UN the US has been at war to affect these changes ever since. Vietnam, followed by all of the South American conflicts and then the Middle East are all motivated by the same goal. Piracy on a national level and punishment to any dictator who dares to buck the fiat system. Saddam traded oil for dollars for many years. Maybe having his ass kicked in the early 90’s motivated this. By 2003 he was threatening to trade oil for only gold and all of a sudden he had nukes.

Libya was in the process of removing his oil markets away from the west and wanted to design a regional gold currency for gold trading. He was raped with a buck knife and beaten and stabbed to death by the savage criminals we support called ISIS. Libya was no western democracy. It was the very best country Africa had to offer. As dictators go, Libya lucked out and the vast majority of Libyans supported their leader and knew the rebellion illegitimate. Gaddafi was actually pretty awesome. I have no interest in this type of governance but cold blooded dictator, he was not.

Gaddafi offered incentives for his people to get married and have kids. I believe id you had enough kids your rent was taken care of. He actually had similar social plans as Hitler. He wanted all of Libyans to have a chance at university, regardless of sex. The man looked to enrich and empower all of his people and loved Libyans. He wanted to exchange their national resource for hard money that could enrich the country so much more than French paper notes ever could. The French called up Uncle Sam and said hey Hillary, we got problem with pajama man. He’s threatening our oil sources by demanding payment in gold, which we have none of. You guys might wanna help us since you are in the same boat.

Alas, according to Hitlery, we came, we saw, he died, cackled, cackle, cackle. If you’ve seen the video of the way Gaddafi was murdered and laughed, you are straight psychotic. Empathy, horrified, and white hot with anger towards our leaders for doing this. That’s the appropriate response from a healthy mind. If you think Hillary was being appropriate, proper, or even human when she described this awful experience while cackling like a witch, you are a broken person that has lost empathy, conscience, and humanity itself. 

In 2003 we attacked and leveled a country that was in the process of ditching the dollar as a reserve currency and trading oiled for a gold backed currency or possibly the Euro. We were just told Saddam was Osama and the confusion exists still today. Ask 70% of Americans why Iraq happened. 9-11 Will be the answer more than not. The day before “shock and awe” gave us the largest world wide protest ever recorded. Millions world wide took to thew streets to do what they could to stop what was about to happen. Noble as it was, it was ignored by the media, the people, and most of all the resource prates we call the military.

You’d think when the exact same scenario comes up again in another huge oil producing country, we would take notice. Nope, the people seemed less interested if not supportive due to propaganda being pushed 24/7 about a rebellion against a dictator who’s killing innocent citizens. Nope. The rebels were not Libyan they were ISIS brought in under American air cover and bombing campaigns. Today the most civilized and beautiful country in Africa has devolved into a battleground ran by warlords. They have instituted chattel slavery and I hear you can own your very own black person for like a $100. Slaves in the 1800’s cost $1000 in 1800 money. Maybe $40,000 today. Muslims hate blacks and have treated them with extreme brutality for as long as I’m aware. 

The list of countries that are not connected to the World Bank/IMF system can be counted on one hand. North Korea, Iran, Cuba, etc… See a trend? Irag and Libya were on the list but not anymore. The Bank of International Settlements is really interested in the numbers and they will tell you all about their “progress” and even show you the financial health of countries according to their fiat holding.

Our enemy is the money masters that control the world through debt and interest. They lend out incredible amounts to 3rd world countries and when the nation defaults the IMF gets to come in and take over governance of everything. They decide what the people get to keep and what has to service the debt. These debts are designed to be perpetual and just like a front loaded interest payment, they are for the lender and not the benefit of the creditor. 

This was all started from the ashes of WWII and the chaos of that time. The state if Israel, the World Bank, The IMF, and the UN all were born in the short time from the end of WWII to 1950. 2 World wars in which the winners were able to reshape the world and play around with natural borders like kids drawing on a menu, gave the elites a cartoonish level of ambition. They saw the incredible leaps in technology and began to ponder the implications of a world completely controlled and surveilled by a central authority. Each year and achievement just justified their cause and inspired them to continue in earnest.

Now we have the internet of things, smart grids, smart meters, and dumber and dumber people. The system is being set up to constantly communicate both ways. Power sent and power consumed. If you are a glutton and demand to wash your clothes at the wrong time, they will just turn your appliance off. The “Real ID” roll out is all about tracing you. RFID chips will hold information that you don’t even gave access to. The COVID Jab is absolutely part of this system. The electromagnetism of the jab is explained as a mechanism to be more effective.

We are out of time folks. The type of system coming in is not going to be something we can opt out of. It will be forced upon every species on Earth. They want a system where they can control you with AI and sit back and enjoy the spoils. I’m incapable of thinking like these demons so understanding their motivations are hard for me. I have no desire to see anyone be forced to do or be anything. I want peace and prosperity. I want world peace and the end of war. I want a return to hard money and the end to the money manipulators. I want humanity to finally free itself from the same tyranny that’s been holding us down since time began.

It’s time to face your enemy head on. The banksters have to go immediately. America needs to repeal the federal reserve bill that was illegal anyway. The US Treasury should go back to minting our money and it should consist of gold and silver coin, bar, etc only. The World Bank should be handed to the countries that it has destroyed. Both the IMF and World Bank should be left to protect themselves and we outta cover the travel expenses to get all of the dirt farmers starving thanks to these 2 institutions. Then let nature take over. Let the gods of money protect themselves and see how pathetic they are.

Know your enemy and face him straight on. This is the only way to win. Running around without a clue who the enemy is, is what they want. No, no, no! We know who they are and we know how to fix this. Fiat money needs to be abolished. Fractional reserve banking is treason to the nation it’s done to. Finally, any private cartel holding absolute power over the economy and is not accountable to even the president, is a joke that must have shocked the robber barons when it passed. This obviously needs to end and never come back. Letting robber barons write their own laws is disgusting and also the normal way laws get passed. Our representatives don’t write or read these laws. Interest groups do and pay representatives to vote for them.

Cryptocurrency, gold, silver, bullets, and whatever else that’s hard money needs to replace the fiat system. The banksters need to be arrested and put one trial without bail. The economy needs to be returned to the nations of the world. Our money needs to be the choice of the nations of the world. Sovereignty must return and any debts owed to the fiat system should evaporate. Global reset is a good idea after all. A reset of the currency that puts the power back into the hands of the people. The reset they have planned is hell on Earth. Let’s just cut off the cancer and keep living best we can.

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