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Sustainability Equals Genocide, Sound Good?

This should be of particular concern to my fellow Californians. The globalist sustainability project has started here and it’s branching out from here. The first county to adopt sustainable development from the Agenda 21 goals was Santa Cruz. Followed by my county, Sonoma. I don’t spend enough time in Santa Cruz, it’s a beautiful place. Unfortunately it’s just not for people anymore.

They started by hounding the farmers. Regulating well water of farms was the first big step in control. I’m pretty sure all wells are monitored now whether you work a farm or support a single family. The “wildlands project” is the mechanism for removing people from the rural areas and into the cities. It starts off fairly reasonable. 

The plan for this system is all encompassing. It’s biggest asset is its secrecy and its ability to work on the county level. These projects are sold as local initiatives to protect the environment. If you hear a county board member talk about sustainability you know they mean absolute control over the people, land, and resources.

So what’s the deal with the fires in Cali? I have lived here my whole life and I used to live much closer to the Sierra/Nevada mountains. We have always had a fire season and always had fires. 99% of which are started by lightning. Up until about 10 years ago wild fires were never a fear for those living in the woods. Now there’s tons of people that are willing to leave their long lived homes and the gorgeous scenery that made up their neighborhood, for fear of losing it all, including their lives. A lot of single lane roads service these communities and make evacuation damn near impossible, unless you have a dirtbike of course.

I’m currently working a job in Cazadero. If you’re not from here that likely means nothing to you. Its where the redwoods take over from the coast. It’s where Armstrong Woods are and there is so much open land one could spend a lifetime walking and appreciating it. The fella I’m working for is off the grid. He has an unusual home that gives him a panorama view of an absolutely gorgeous valley. Not another building in sight. I think he’s hanging in there since he’s paying me quite a lot to add A/C to his dream home. Still, hearing him contemplate leaving due to an obvious change in conditions is heartbreaking.

He is in a situation where a fire could consume the whole area and thanks to the roads being one lane and broken to pieces, he’d likely burn in his vehicle trying to evacuate. He has every reason to be worried. I was talking with him yesterday and told him Texas has twice the forest land as Cali. I then carefully asked him why we don’t hear about Texas burning so much that the entire country fills with smoke? He wasn’t ready for anything else. I could tell I sparked a thought but he wasn’t ready to fully accept the thought he came across. No matter, time takes care of these things. I plant seeds and move on.

I believe these fires are absolutely on purpose. The neglect of our forests, refusal to cut fire breaks, and PG&E failing to trim trees from their power lines are all reasonable explanations for the increase in fires. The issue is the one of choice. Who decided to stop maintaining our forests and why? As I said fires in Cali are a norm. Vast regions being burnt and taking out cities with them is totally new and never been a thing before.

By allowing this situation you accomplish 2 things. First, the folks living in the line of fire are likely moving instead of rebuilding. Second it scares people away from areas that can be affected by fires. Every place in Northern California is a fire danger. The northern part of my state is beautiful and majestic. Whether you like the amazing coastline that offers an unbelievable picture scene every corner you take. Or you like hunting and camping in our amazing redwoods. Nor-Cal is special to me and it’s heartbreaking to see it conquered without even firing a shot.

While talking with my client he explained a phenomena to me called “dry lightning”. He explained it as a clear sky with lightning that’s violent and out of nowhere. I had to look this up because I was sure he was describing an energy weapon that he just didn’t understand. Truth is, I don’t know. The phenomena is real but it doesn’t come without clouds or dust. Something needs to cause the static build up to discharge the massive voltage that sends an electrical arch from the sky to the ground. He said it was a clear sky. I’m inclined to think he was getting to see an advanced energy weapon in action. I didn’t tell him what I thought for obvious reasons. 

Once your county signs on to sustainable development you lose your voice and will likely lose much more. This is a globalist scheme that’s intended to control the human population and they could care less if every other species went extinct. They want us culled to about 95% of our current population. They want to control, surveil, and own everything on Earth, yourself included. These pukes are smart and knew that this crap could never be introduced to a country, let alone a state. They focus on the county level and that way they can take over each county in time and not have to get a state law passed. County ordinances work fine for their purposes. Even better because the death from a thousand cuts aspect, keeps us just mad enough to sit own our hands, but not mad enough to hang anyone.

In Sonoma County there is a housing crises. We have an exploding population of folks moving north to escape So-Cal and the City, SF. The main freeway from the city north is HWY 101. They have been doing construction on this stretch of highway for as long as I can remember. In that time the traffic has gone from ok, to disgraceful. In the 40 mile drive I take to get down to Marin I go through 2 bottlenecks that reduce the 3 lanes back to 2. This 40 mile drive, tops, takes an hour and a half some days. We just paid $40 BILLION to have the maybe 10 mile stretch through Santa Rosa widened. They added a carpool lane that’s of no use to 99% of commuters. However, it’s ok for a Prius and guess what the city folks drive? The traffic is worse than it was before they started and it cost $40 Billion and took years of BS dealing with the construction. In the end it worsened traffic for 99% of us. It gave the road pirates another revenue stream. Getting caught in the carpool lane without the sticker or a second human being is around $400.

As for the housing, the situation is worse. We seem to be very weary of “urban sprawl”. So much so that we have decided to limit the available land one can use for anything. They use zoning as a pretense to force you into living where they want you to, not where you want to. 

Before the UN took over this county, it was an amazing place. Sonoma County is truly one of the hidden gems on this Earth. If you could replace the people it would flourish and grow to be a regional powerhouse. Just wine grapes and weed offer the county billions in revenue every year. People don’t want to live in roach motels called apartments and pay $2500 a month for the one bedroom it gets them. 

We lost over a thousand homes during the Tubbs fire and they are only interested in rebuilding Coffey Park. A small middle class neighborhood in town. The beautiful estates that dotted the landscape of the surrounding hills, not coming back. We don’t ‘NEED” ostentatious living like that around here. Unless you have the bread, that is. Money talks round here like nothing else. The corruption is so blatant and irrelevant to Joe six pack that they pretty much just do their business in the open. Pay for my campaign and I’ll get your zoning issue taken care of. Removing the mundanes is the goal. The wealthy can stay where they want, for now at least.

Sustainable development is a UN Agenda 21 program of total control and removal of human presence from “nature”. In the world of Agenda 21 you aren’t really human or matter at all. Certainly you aren’t “sustainable”. Look at the drought, the wildfires, and pollution. It’s all your fault and you’re killing Gaia. That’s the whole deal folks. All of this absolute nonsense is just plain old tyranny wrapped up in environmentalism. 

Rosa Koire was a heroic democrat that lived in Sonoma County for as long as I have at least. She wrote a very compelling book called Behind the Green Mask. I recommend it to everyone.

Unfortunately this freedom fighter was lost to lung cancer, in May of this God awful year. I am so bummed that I never ran into her in this small, bumpkin county. I’ve included a picture of her to honor her memory. Her love for life jumps off of the screen as if it were the real deal. A special lady in an awful world. Buy the book and then give it away when you’ve read it. Hell, buy a dozen and hand them out to anyone with any power and a heart. If that’s not already an oxymoron.

New housing requires so many regulatory hurdles it’s not worth it and that’s the goal. Wrap the world in red tape and people just throw their hands up and quit. Soil samples, environmental impact statements, and on and on. If you intend on disturbing the habitat of some lizard you will be denied. The bugs and snakes are protected by your taxes. You are funding your own genocide and you don’t get it. The delta smelt? That’s the reason to turn off the water to what used to be the world’s bread basket. Now using water is evil and farmers are gluttons who deserve your hatred not appreciation. Vineyards are okie dokie though. Go figure, these people are truly deranged. This land used to be huge milk producers, walnuts, and orchards of all variety. Now the only thing grown is self righteous indignation and tyranny. 

I tell you what isn’t sustainable. This form of “governance” if you can call it that. This deceitful rule by stealth plan is showing itself everywhere. It’s grown too large to remain in the shadows. Like John D Rockefeller who remained in the background to disguise his true size and scope in the business world, so to does the agenda 21 puppets. Just as it became impossible for Rockefeller to hide, so too has it become impossible for the eugenicist, social engineering, oligarchs to hide. More important, they can’t hide their intentions any longer. 

The World Wide Web has been their undoing. The liberation of information has sparked a revolution. This might be in its infancy and so terribly fragile a gentle wind could destroy it out right, yet it exists and if tended to, it will grow to consume the globalists and their minions. The war is on folks and you are desperately needed for the fight. Join humanity and clear your head of all the filth and garbage that’s been implanted into it. Open your mind and heart to the possibilities ahead of us. Stop living in fear and accept the world on the world’s terms. If you see evil, fight it. If you hear lies, correct them. If you hear sustainable, smart anything, or anything mentioned by the Agenda 21 document you had better fight for your life against it. 

The whole point of sustainability is population control. First cull and then control the leftovers. If these people cared about the wild life why would they let the forest burn down and destroy the animals and their habitats? How many millions of deer have we lost to these fires? Elk, bear, and everything else. The fires are to scare you into, or actually push you into the cities. They don’t want people on wells and if you are lucky enough to have a natural spring on your land, they absolutely hate your guts. They want everyone on the city water system. This way you can all have water “treated” the same. Same amount of prozac, or fluoride if you like better, in the water for everyone. Why stop at prozac/fluoride? Why not lithium, xanax, or just straight up arsenic? We have a national case of Munchausen syndrome. We are being soft killed by our environment and hard killed by war, gangs, and police.

Globalism is the rotten foundation on which “sustainable development” has been built. These are not global good guys, they are globalists, as in they want to rule the world and everything on it. They are eugenicists too, so if you’re genetically “unfit”, you probably ain’t sustainable either. Global cooling, global warming, and now just climate change has been the labels of some of their programs. The amount of CO2 emitted by humans is laughable. It makes up .004% of the atmosphere. All CO2 not just the anthropogenic stuff. Earth is a closed loop system. There is the same amount of water today as there always has been. It simply changes state and location. Likewise Co2 is the same as it always has been regardless of human action or inaction. Carbon on a carbon based Earth, with carbon based life and the whole entire organic chemistry industry, based around the carbon molecule should tell you carbon is cool with the Earth and not a problem.

Hell, common sense busts 99% of their BS anyway. That’s how totally controlled your mind is. Simple thought experiments and common sense can make their claims seem ridiculous but the public lacks the faculties to see the truth staring them down. Wise up or be put down. There is no room for you worthless breeders in sustainable America. If you think I’m wrong, prove it. Please prove anything I say wrong. I would be happy to be wrong about everything. I’m not though. Unfortunately things are even worse than I have said. I am losing hope that we can, or even have the will to change things. This is my outlet to try and reach as many people as I can. I’m a very small fish in a massive sea. I am doing the best I can but competing globally in the information market is tough. Certainly when you talk about things that are socially verboten.

No matter, I am as stubborn as a mule and believe I have a duty to tell y’all what I know so you can use the info to protect you and yours. For the vast majority that think I am self serving by doing this, fuck off. This is a passion project plain and simple. I’m passionate about humanity and I am horrified by the possible future coming our way. We all bleed red folks. We all have a stake in this game. We all have something to lose. We all have so much to gain.

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