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SF May Lose Half Their Police For Refusing The Jab

The SF Chronicle tells us, the 35,000 city employees for San Francisco will either accept the jab or face termination. Apparently the city is the second largest employer in the city, with the University of California, San Francisco coming in at number one. So the 2 largest employers are the state.

Here’s the kicker. The city employees are getting the ultimatum, jab or unemployment. The teachers work for the school districts and are not being forced to take anything. They aren’t even expected to do their jobs.

Texas did this to their healthcare workers and lost 150 people within a week. 40% of police have said they will not be jabbed. The city residents are total NPC’s and they have 80% of 12 and up residents vaccinated already. So the public is gung ho on the jab. The emergency workers are not. Who should we give more credence too on this matter? The morons who know nothing except their own experience, or the professionals who get to see the adverse reactions?

The city thinks it’s on the level because it has allowed the good folks who work for them to at least wait until FDA approval. As if that means a damn thing. It’s already got, ‘Emergency” approval for a bug that kills less than 2% of its victims. The adverse reactions for the jab are starting to beat out the virus. The vast majority of COVID carriers are asymptomatic and unaffected and nonthreatening to anyone. 

The adverse reactions from the jab include seizures, Guillain-Barre, and blood clots. These are all either potentially fatal or chronic issues, meaning they don’t go away. Covid is easily beaten by a healthy immune system. The jab can totally wreck your nervous system, inflame your heart and cause blood clots, and a host of permanent issues. Why are we fighting fire with gasoline? Why are we fighting this bug at all, when it doesn’t seem to be responsive to the lunatic protocols they have us following.

Masks are so thoroughly disproved as a mechanism for slowing the spread it’s embarrassing how I have to continue to repeat myself. By now the stats are in for every state and they all look identical. The virus peaks before or after the mask mandate. Then it begins a drastic decline well before masks are removed. Then after the whole thing has run its course masks get removed. They do nothing.

The dumb wisdom of my youth said, “wear your jacket or you’ll catch cold”. Like being cold caused the virus. This is nonsense and the reason the cold months give us seasonal illness has nothing to do with the temperature outside. In the winter people spend way more time indoors with the windows and doors shut. They huddle around each other breathing the same stale air, and trading whatever germ load they might have, all over the commonly shared house. It is the lockdowns that have spread the virus. If not forced into shared spaces for months at a time we wouldn’t have had so much spread.

Fresh air is the number one thing you can give your body to improve your health, mood, and energy. Oxygen is super fuel for the body. They have oxygen bars in malls just so people can get a session of oxygen rich air and it energizes them to spend more time shopping. My guess would be that a closed up house full of a family of 5 has a depleted oxygen environment. Oxygen is only about a fifth of the atmosphere and reducing your intake at all is stupid.

Conversely, CO2 is a trace gas in the atmosphere but makes up quite a bit of your exhaled breath. 3.8 % Of your breath is CO2 and the average human breathes out 2 pounds of carbon dioxide each and every day. You lunatics are out of your minds about what CO2 might do to polar bears, but the facts that it harms your children are trivial, unimportant, and not sourced from the all mighty CNN, so FAKE NEWS.

Hypercapnia, hypercarbia, or hypercapnea, is the physiological term for the condition of, and the body’s response to, excessive carbon dioxide. When CO2 is breathed into the lungs, it dissolves in the water there, diffuses across the alveolar-capillary membrane, and enters the bloodstream. As it combines with water, it forms carbonic acid, making the blood acidic. So CO2 in the bloodstream lowers the blood pH. 

When CO2 levels become excessive, a condition known as acidosis occurs. This is defined as the pH of the blood becoming less than 7.35. The body maintains the balance mainly by using bicarbonate ions in the blood. As the body responds to neutralize this condition, an electrolyte imbalance – an increase of plasma chloride, potassium, calcium and sodium, can occur. In the blood stream, CO2 concentration is also controlled by reversible reactions with two major blood components, plasma proteins and hemoglobin.

In addition, the body uses other specific mechanisms to compensate for the excess carbon dioxide. Breathing rate and breathing volume increase, the blood pressure increases, the heart rate increases, and kidney bicarbonate production ( in order to buffer the effects of blood acidosis), occur. Blood vessels in the extremities constrict, restricting blood flow to these body parts. At the same time, arteries in the brain, spinal cord, and heart dilate, so that more blood flows is diverted to maintain the function of these critical organs. 

When there is exposure to very high levels of CO2, in excess of 5% (50,000 ppm), the body’s compensatory mechanisms can become overwhelmed, and the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) functions are depressed, then fail. Death soon follows.

So far, as I can tell, the people most skeptical of the jab are the nurses, medics, cops, firemen, and the rest of the folks who actually get to see this thing upfront and close. The only people that are jumping at the opportunity to become a test subject are people who have no experience in medicine, no common sense, and no ability to think for themselves. The TV says do it, and they say yes sir. 

The doctors that are being censored are all very worried about the long term effects. In previous trials of the same technology they had 2 different outcomes the vast majority of the time. First is, immediate adverse reaction that ranges from soreness to death. Next, they had seemingly healthy subjects until about 2 years into the study, that just died. We are talking about test animals but who cares. 

I have spoken with several women who have openly admitted that the jab totally messed with their menstruation cycles. Is this meant to sterilize us? Population control is as old as Malthus, if not older. It goes by eugenics, climate change, and other current trends it can exploit. 

There are way too many things happening at once to be taken for coincidence. Global economic ruin, global food shortage and price spikes, energy prices going out of control, meat products doubling in price already, and predicted to go much higher, global pressure to inject poison that has never been proven safe or effective, massive overreaction to a bug with cold like morbidity rates, complete obedience to The Who which hasn’t been elected, isn’t accountable to anyone, and has been spectacularly wrong on every prediction. 

The CDC, FDA, WHO, NIH, and everyone else can GFTS. I have the ability to read, evaluate information, interpret charts and statistics, and make decisions that have so far kept me healthy, looking young for my age (so I’m told), and feeling half my age as far as energy. I have refused any vaccine I have had the choice to. Besides the MMR vaccine that I got as a child I am unaware of any others. I even refuse the tetanus shot because they hide several more “vaccines” in the same shot and rarely, if ever, disclose this. This is a violation of informed consent and should be a hanging crime as it was in Nuremberg.

Please wake up people. This is an attack and it’s obviously so. They have completely given up on even trying to appear interested in the constitution. They are accountable to nobody and they are not afraid of the people at all. You’d think they would have some self preservation that reminds them, they are surrounded by us, and only in power by our permission. They can pass laws but it requires our obedience to enforce anything. If at any time, for any reason, enough of us just said no, they couldn’t do a damn thing about it. 

Take the jab. No. Stay home and wear a mask. No. Close your family business. No. Pay us a third of your income. No. No, No, No… This is the answer and it’s so simple. When I was a kid the state had a brilliant propaganda campaign called, “just say no”. Well, as per usual with the state, just say no actually encouraged a lot of kids to say yes. Especially after finding out that weed wasn’t dangerous at all, the rest of the “forbidden fruit” seemed worthy of personal experience. 

Equating weed with heroin is insane and calling weed a gateway drug is retarded. If there is such a thing as a gateway drug it would be alcohol. That’s the drug that’s in most homes, advertised on TV, and it’s far more unhealthy and damaging to one’s personal life than any amount of pot use could ever come close to.

This mandate coming from the poop capital of the world is laughable. You have 30,000+ homeless junkies shooting up and screwing like bunnies on the sidewalk but your biggest priority is jabbing the healthcare workers who know more about it than the politicians do. 80% Of SF residents have taken the jab but the cops, firemen, and teachers want nothing to do with it. Texas lost 150 nurses after their mandate. Nurses make good money and it wasn’t worth the risk to their health to keep a good job. That says a lot to me.

I’m an “anti-vaxxer” anyway. I believe people should have the choice. If you want it, take it. If you prefer to chance the natural dangers, feel free. If vaccines worked they wouldn’t require anyone other than you to get it and be safe from whatever it claims to protect you from. Vaccines claim to provide immunity, not herd immunity, personal immunity. This means unvaccinated people can’t possibly be a danger to you because you are immune from whatever I might have. So why the obsession with getting everyone vaccinated? Obviously it’s got nothing to do with faith in the efficacy of vaccines, or I wouldn’t be henpecked for making an informed medical decision not to be vaccinated.

Any company that can’t be held accountable for negligence and harm caused by their products, isn’t a company I want to support or even exist. If automakers asked the government to pick up the liability for injuries or deaths due to their unsafe products, the state would have laughed. When vaccine makers flat said, no liability or no vaccines, the government bent over and totally removed liability from the vaccine makers and decided the taxpayers should pay for the broken children caused by an ever increasing, and toxic cocktail of outrageous ingredients. 

Heavy metals, fetal tissue, formaldehyde, bovine calf serum, etc… If you think newborns need massive amounts of these ingredients injected into them all at once and several sessions within the first year, you are looney. These are just the FDA approved current vaccines. Almost all of them have formaldehyde and aluminum. Putting this in a baby at any concentration is criminal. 16 Doses at a time is gambling against the house that your kid will make it through without at least a mild reaction.

If you see a chart supplied by the state it will show the timeline start with the introduction of vaccines. From this starting point it appears vaccines saved the world. If you have a more honest chart that starts in like 1800 you notice the trend towards healthier people starts well in advance of the very first vaccine ever made. Indoor plumbing, modern sewage systems and treatments, and washing hands led to massive improvements in health long before any poison shots did. We went from chamber pots chucked out the window and untreated water, to toilets and sewage systems and treated water. The increase in health isn’t a mystery and it’s got nothing to do with vaccines.

Hell, doctors never even washed their hands before surgery. By the early 1900’s it was common to “wash before supper”. This is a massive social change that gave us the greatest increase in health and longevity ever witnessed by man. The achievement belongs to the civil engineers and geniuses who were able to see the incalculable value to human health that comes from clean environments. 

An Englishman named John Snow first discovered Cholera by investigating the source of well water. The one that was downstream from a sewer was making people sick. The one upstream was not. The priests of science of his day were just as pigheaded and stupid as today. They blamed the miasma of bad air from swamps. John Snow was doing science by observing, hypothesizing, testing, and refining his observations, until he had developed a repeatable theory. Same method we (s)cience fans use today and the same method the (S)cientists mock. 

Be like Snow, not Fauci. John Snow was relentlessly mocked for years and through many cholera outbreaks. He persevered and his efforts will live on for eternity. His contribution to human health is beyond the wildest dreams of anyone practicing medicine today. As for the high priests of medicine, they are just as harmful to actual health and happiness today as they were in the days of John Snow. Science needs to be demystified and people need to become far more curious about the amazing world we enjoy.

We are as natural as the sun rise and our place in this world is of huge importance to all the creatures who share it with us. Science is a method for better understanding our physical world and using our discoveries to advance our happiness. Today science is a religion that is based on faith. Climate science is accepted because somebody told you 95% of UN scientists agree. The fact that this is an outright lie matters not. Even if the UN scientists agreed it would hold exactly zero scientific validity. Widespread agreement about asinine things has been the norm throughout time. Scientific consensus for white superiority existed for god knows how long. The sun was burning coal for thousands of years. I could go on, but if you don’t get my point it’s worthless to continue.

The people that stand out in history are uncommon. They buck the trends at cost to their reputation and sometimes worse. They refuse to accept the mob’s tyranny over their mind and change the world for it. Conforming with the mob, following the latest fad, and blindly following the “authority” into whatever disaster they demand, is cowardly and will be remembered by nobody.  Not that I’m interested in being some folk hero, I just want to be like the folk heroes I’ve admired my whole life. None of them would be putting up with any of this crap today.

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