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School’s In, or You Out Yet

We are entering yet another school year in the Twilight  Zone. In California both the teachers and the students are going to be jabbed or relentlessly harassed. These folks have all been given deadlines to fall in order, or resign. Healthcare workers, teachers, and all kinds of private business’ have completely thrown out the idea of medical privacy and they are forcing experimental gene modification on their employers.

I personally think this is wide open for direct lawsuits against any employer who gave you the ultimatum, ”jab or unemployment”, and any adverse reaction occurs. The unfortunate fact of the matter is, the biggest chains, Walmart, Home Depot, etc… are all in bed with the state and going to have state protection from liability. All of these cases will probably get dealt with through VERSE.

So here we are. We have a possible virus that has the same death rate as lightning for 75 year olds. For children it would be like being struck twice in the same year. They are exploiting the fear that is just absorbed by every single person who keeps cable news on in the background, which is many, many people. They have already accomplished so much with just television that my mind is daily blown. 

Read stories or watch some documentaries about the plague. This killed like half of Europe and they never got a handle on the cause until way after it had taken tens of million of lives. The death counts in London were in the hundreds a day. Dead bodies were visible to the entire public. You didn’t need any press to know you were living in a super dangerous pandemic. Turn off the TV and there is no pandemic. No overwhelmed hospitals, no case or hospitalization spikes, and no safe vaccine. This is truly a made for TV movie that can be disproved with a nice road trip across the states.

So what about school? We know that schools were garbage pre covid. They are either worse or much more relaxed in being garbage. Your only option is to pull your kids out ofd public school. They get paid per student, it’s that simple. If they see a mass exodus from the schools it will destroy their budgets. Money is the only thing these people care for or are motivated by. Take it away. Starve the monster and nourish your child at the same time.

Here’s some charts from the Libertarian rockstar Tom Woods,

Tom Woods is an indispensable force in the liberty movement. He has been Spectacular during the whole germ and he’s blasted us with constant data sets showing the state for the lunatics they are. This man runs a super successful podcast, he’s a multi time NYBSL author, and he developed a large portion of the Ron Paul Homeschool curriculum. So Tom is someone you need to know on so many levels. However, today if you have school aged children, Tom is your answer to the biggest problem facing you. What to do about the schools?

I have used this program personally. The last year my daughter completed in high school was through the Ron Paul Homeschool program.  She gripped a bit because she was used to an environment where the Bible was nothing but mocked and christians insulted. The RPHS isn’t a “Christian” curriculum. It does however discuss the Bible, the early religious movements, and the development of Christianity as a universally European aspect of what defines western culture. 

It represents Christianity in a fair light and actually teaches about it instead of egotistically saying, “ I do science.” No you don’t, dip shits. You do cult, and cult things. Consensus is for cults, not independently verified and replicated scientific theory. Science can’t decide if we live in numbers of infinite universes, an expanding and contracting universe, or anything that can be called tested, independently verified, or anything close to what I was brought up to understand science as. When I was a kids you could buy chemistry sets that actually had some good chems. Erector sets, rock tumblers, and gardening. Train sets, hot wheels, and mini bikes. It was truly amazing. Just to rub it in to all of the snowflake offspring, almost everyone had either a single pump, 30-30 replica, or a single pump pistol for BB’s and pellets. 

If my folks bought me a chemistry set and a mini lab in the garage I’d be constantly using it and refine my skills. Taking lab notes, learning technique and developing a mentality for safety, all for fun. It turns out I love chemistry and consider it basically magic. We manipulate molecules in a variety of methods and endless number of chemicals that are constantly growing, to create something totally new and converted completely from one thing of lesser value, to something better of higher value. Alchemy of sorts, which is what chemistry was called before alchemy got such bad press.

The idea that I could have become a chemist is laughable at this point. I do hobby chemistry and like distilling alcohol just for the fun. The school starts chemistry with brutal, nonsensical, and seemingly designed to be as intimidating as possible math, conversions, a totally new language, and they make you do the paper part before ever even showing a demonstration. Chemistry should open with an exothermic, color changing, or foaming demonstration that grabs the attention of the kids. Atomic weights, balancing equations, and Sao much more can be taught as needed. Need to convert mass to moles? Do it for an experiment. PH Levels are safe enough check out and experimenting with strong acids and bases should be like day 1. This would to avoid careless chemical burns after seeing personally the effects that these have on other things like paper, a chicken wing, or whatever.

I firmly believe that chemistry, physics, and the rest of the hard sciences are being dumbed down beyond any understanding at all. Only the kids that know they want to go to college and might be interested enough to self teach, will be even be able to hold an intelligent conversation. Schools used to dissect frogs, access a chemistry lab with enough material to blow a room up, and there were AV clubs, HAM radio clubs, and all kinds of tinkering opportunities. What do they have now? Tranny storybook time? CRT and racial discrimination. They bemoan any club unless it’s for women, girls, gays, or PoC’s? Coding class would be perfect for today’s market but that’s too white. 

Coding, copywriting, app development, and crypto technology are goldmines. Just look at apps like Coinbase and Binance. They have democratized currency and investing. Robinhood did it’s smartest customers dirty but still works for what it is. We need a million Facebooks and Twitters. Remember Myspace? I do, and it can happen to Facebook fast. Amazon is here to stay but Amazon is the greatest consumer experience available for those who know what they want. If Amazon begins to censor conservative books, products, or services, they will lose a massive market share.

The only reason these platforms even have retained their conservative products is the access to the marketplace on Facebook. Small business use Facebook for marketing and it’s great for this. I am banned for life and can’t market my trade through them. 95% of my work is word of mouth, so while I would really like to use Facebook to get access to clients. 2, COVID posts banned me for life. I wish I would have left it politics free and just for business but I had no idea that would happen. Now I’m using craigslist, next-door, etc… Still doing well but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care about the Facebook ban.

I wanted to get this out to appeal to you all with the most sincerity and honest good will I can muster. I care deeply for the safety of your children. They are the only innocent among us and deserve our protection at all costs. Costs to reputation, career, friends, and family are trivial to sterilizing your child. Messing with the cycle of egg production just happens to be the reaction to a shot that was worthless at best, fatal at worst. They already have the legal right to act as absolute supreme authority over your children when they head towards school, until they walk through the home door. Even the student commute is the schools “responsibility”, and they consider them their own property. 

The parents are seen as optional, to be evaluated constantly, and possibly reported to CPS over whatever lie they can dream up. This is kangaroo court and you don’t get to confront your accuser so the blatant motivations, might not be apparent to the pukes that live off of tyranny, and illegitimate embarrassments, to the very notion of justice. They are the model for what an out of touch, egomaniacal, power hungry monster can become. Under the guise of protecting victims, California has a “victims bill of rights”. The sad fact that it expressly contradicts the US Constitution, has meant absolutely nothing to this states courts. Victims are protected by restraining orders, prison sentences, and plain old self defense. The people being prosecuted need protection from a court that remedies 95% of cases with plea bargains. Animals, trees, and bugs are far more important to Californians than the millions of human beings living in cages that Make pig pens seem spacious.

The “school to prison pipeline” is real. It wasn’t just for blacks either it was clearly the only expectation anyone had for myself. The fact that my first night in Juvenile Hall was at the tender age of 13 wasn’t a coincidence I don’t think. From 13 to 18 I was I and out for a week here, a weekend there. The last stretch I did was 3 months and I turned 18 a month before my release. I began my adult life already on probation and easily finding ways to violate it. This began a cycle of catch and release that did nothing but make me more angry and less social. My final stretch was 10 years ago and it was 55 days in Marin Co jail for misdemeanor possession of concentrated cannabis and possession of a deadly weapon for a baton. 

Never spending much time around black folks, and certainly never a minority to them, Marin was a change from So Co. I have done time with blacks and Mexicans since I was 13. Never had a problem, and at 18 I was a skinhead that made no bones about it. On my release date a POS tried to bait me into a fight by calling me a race trader, for playing basketball with 2 whites on 2 blacks. The staff talked me down, Thank God. Anyway I happened across this young man a few months later and beat the living crap out of him. Gotta love the cosmic justice. I even got to do it right in front of my girlfriend who was “excited” by it. 

The funny thing, Those black kids knew who I was and we got along fine because we showed respect for each other. One was a kid from Vallejo that had a stab scar 8” down his stomach. No punk for sure and he played aggressive ball with me just fine. I have come to understand male interaction on a scale most people get to avoid. Lots of interracial interactions that go down in an environment where a bar of soap can cause a serious injury. There was one black dude with a chip on his shoulder when I was around 30 and doing time in Marin. I called him out as a racist, told him I gave a fuck less if he hated my white skin, and if he wanted to settle it then I would happily oblige and happy to do it off camera. Then he gasped and insisted he couldn’t possibly be racist. I told him why, if I said the same to you the whole black group of y’all would jump me. He then seemed to accept this as a fact and from then on he treated me cooler and cooler. By the time I was released we were as friendly as anyone.

I’m a freak product of the public schools. Do not assume that because I retained my soul your child will. I am incredibly stubborn. I refuse to respect authority that assumes it without any right to do so. I have paid the price for living this way. i’ve never learned an easy lesson or taken an easy ride. I’ve also never been convicted of a single crime that had a victim. The only person I have ever been punished for mistreatment, is myself. 

One exception is a fight I got into when I was 16 that was blown way out of proportion. I got in a fight with someone I had beef with and I had the upper hand. I had him by the hair and threatened to punch his “jewish” nose. This turned a high school fight into a hate crime. When the boys father came to pick his kid up he got fired up big time when I kept calling him a kike from the cop car. Funny thing, I didn’t even know the kid was jewish until after I said it.

Well as per usual, no consistent thought process or even rational to my rantings. Hopefully they are entertaining at least. The big message is to get your kids out of school. Do anything other than public school. The outcomes range from me, to suicide, to shallow and fake. Purpose is absent from most kids and young adults. Wokeism, hedonism, and shear selfishness is ruling our society. This starts, is tended to, and weaponized in school. It’s the only science practiced. Pavlov and Bernays began the only scientific discipline that was wanted. Control of the masses. Whether you are Pavlov’s dog just salivating while being taunted with food. Or you take advertising as simple product marketing. You are a moron. These 2 men worked out social engineering to a science and refined it to be proven, effective, and covert mind control. Whether it was “liberty torches” to help big tobacco sell smokes to women, or the carrot and stick approach to vaccines, guns, and plenty else.

School is regimented, fully designed to mentally brainwash anyone that thinks different or poses a threat to the power structure. They are abusive on every level. The fact that children must ask before using the restroom is trained obedience. Being out of class without a “hall pass” is immigration without proper paperwork, ya? Having zero freedom to choose your environment, classmates, or teachers is nothing like anything in real life. 

If my coworkers or manager sucks, I’m gone. If you don’t talk polite to me, I ignore you. If I don’t like the situation I change it. Pull up stakes and move on. Only in prison/jail is this reality. So you’re just conditioning them for a life of prison. Whether an open air prison for their minds, or an actual concrete and steel cage, matters not. Freedom means the freedom to say no. Free people get to say no and owe nobody a single reason for their answer. Free people don’t ask to use the restroom. Free people don’t raise their hands and ask for permission before they are allowed to engage in debate or conversation. Free children are not second class citizens who owe the adults anything short of civil indifference. The teachers that like to lord over elementary students are the most insecure, deranged, and childish people imaginable.

No more public schools!!! No students, no funds. No funds, nom CRT. No CRT, no civil war. Good stuff.

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