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No More Pussyfooting Around

Since I started this project it has undergone several facelifts. For the last year I have started to give the site much more attention. The posts range from mundane to extreme, but have been fairly weak.

Time to get some things straight. I have been trying to soft sell my more extreme ideas because I was foolishly confident I had time to do so. I wanted to give you guys a mix of mostly normal complaints mixed with an ever increasingly urge for action. I now know that there is no time to wake you up any longer. If you are still sound asleep, this isn’t for you. I’m recruiting soldiers and if you want to cheerlead get the fu** out.

In 1992 the UN held a global Earth Summit. They drafted a plan called Agenda 21. This document is open source and free to view, download, and distribute. I suggest you do all three. This agenda maps out the destruction of national sovereignty, a global military, and a one world government based on the communist model. This is fact and you should already know it.

Ruby Ridge, Waco, and the OKC bombings were all tests. They were probing the American people to gauge the strength of their media vs the strength of our common sense and justice. We failed big time and they were allowed to introduce legislation that removed Posse Comitatus. Then they demonized the militia movements and everyone speaking out against the UN or the NWO.

Next came 9-11. A ritualistic murder/sacrifice of several million Americans. 9-11 was the day Bush Sr gave his infamous “new world order” speech. Coincidence I’m sure. This attack was so obviously fraudulent from start to finish it’s embarrassing. Fire has brought exactly 3 steel structured sky scrapers to date. They all happened on 9-11 hours apart from each other.

Then weapons of mass destruction gave us several more thousand sacrificed Americans. Millions of Iraqis. The Patriot act obliterated any remaining protections of the Bill of Rights. Radiation scans at the airport. The TSA, Homeland Security, and the FISA courts. Shameful.

These are all the obvious things that come right to mind. The fact that so many of you fail to even understand any aspect of the world you live in or the demons running it, blows my mind.

As for the monsters we are at war with. They go by whatever religion suits their mission. Jew, Christian, Muslim, whatever gets them your trust. Their real religion is Luciferian and it’s as old as time. There might be a difference between the straight Luceferian and the mystery schools but they are both bad news for sure. Whether you use an esoteric ritualistic sun worshiper, or you worship the serpent from Genesis matters not one bit to me. You are the devil and get the fu** behind me satan.

We are drenched in their symbolism, spells, and rituals and don’t even notice it. Pentagrams, hexagrams, the number of the beast are everywhere. For those with eyes to see and ears to hear it’s deafening.,

We are entering the final stage folks. The final act has begun and the ending is written in prophecy. Whether the elite are actually using the Bible for a play book, or this is just the events that have come to pass are irrelevant. They are setting up the end times and whether it ends in rapture or a poisoned and destroyed earth, matters not to the demons that are running the show.

They have already made great gains getting the people to receive the “mark”. The vaccine is going to be your ticket to the market and society. That, my friends, is exactly what the Bible prophecies. Global government and the antichrist are here, we just might not yet have the understanding to recognize it yet. I promise you the “Beast System” began at least as far back as the dollar was marked with a truncated pyramid, symbolizing unfinished work.

Ordo Novus Seclorum, a new world for the ages. There’s 13 steps in the unfinished pyramid. 13 arrows and 13 leaves on the fig branch. 33 Feathers in the eagle. The hexagram or star of “Solomon” right above the eagle. A hidden owl right next to the upper right number 1. “Whispering spiders come not here”, that’s the motto of the Bohemia club and the owl is their mascot. Annuit Coeptis, out of many, one. You were given the “mark” a long time ago but symbolism was still protected by ignorance. I have interpreted to you just the very surface level meaning of this note in a paragraph. Why, knowledge is power, and until recently it was expensive and exclusive.

Today they have refined their skills and turned propaganda into an extremely effective weapon. This vaccine is a choice. This is where it matters folks. Talk is cheap and action costs. Time to put your money where your mouth is. I’ll stop with the tropes but I am deadly serious. The war is on and you don’t get to fence sit anymore. You choose or the choice will be chosen for you and you will not like what you get. I ain’t selling roses folks, none of us are going to be happy with what’s coming. Even the elites have things that will be sacrificed even in their best case.

I am searching for grit. I recently rewatched the classic John Wayne version and as per usual it wells me up every time. Grit is what I want and talk is cheap. I want to find and cooperate with likeminded folks and we need to do this. I’m an introvert for the most part. I love listening to music, working around the house, and working on little projects. This is all I need and I’m a happy camper. The problem is, if I don’t grow a pair and actually start to fight physically, I will lose my right to peace. I don’t mean I think or support indiscriminate violence. I believe in the non-aggression principle and while not perfect, I follow this faithfully. By physical I mean real world. Get out and talk to people face to face. Show them your concern for them, and that this isn’t selfishness, but compassion that motivates you.

That’s the truth. I love you people, except the murders, rapists, etc… obviously. I want the maximum freedom for the maximum amount of people. I want safety for everyone, and believe they have a right to protect themselves with an RPG if necessary. By protecting you guys I might be protecting myself or someone I know. White, black, jewish, muslim, or alien, they want you drastically reduced in number and confidence. I know I talk shit about jews but it’s not the jewish people I hate, just a clique of tightly knit jews that I hate with a white hot passion, and calling them racial slurs may be immature but it makes me feel better and I know they hate it more than anything.

I don’t know anyone who has died from COVID. I personally know many females who have had crazy adverse reactions after buckling to pressure from an employer. This beautiful and mid 20’s, healthy and never had a problem prior, has inflammation of the heart and has to wear compression socks like an old person due to circulation issues. She doesn’t usually have a period due to the type of birth control she uses. However, after the jab she had a spontaneous period, that was unusually heavy. She told me a friend of hers bled for over a month. They are at war with us.

Silent weapons for quiet wars is a handbook I suggest you folks look into. They have been at this for centuries and they play the long game with a patience and persistence that’s admirable if it ween’t so totally satanic.

Let’s bring back the rebel yell boys cuz it’s time to ride. Regulators mount up!

This place is going to get more extreme/real. Our time is too short to save everyone. Sometimes you have to throw someone from the boat or risk losing everyone. I pray for God to open your eyes and your hearts. I pray that he lift the veil from your eyes. I pray for my enemies too. That they might see their lives for what they are and choose to change. We must fight this. I know that a great many Christians like the paraphrase “Smart as serpents and harmless as doves”. This was referring to their missionary work and not the end times. Sure you can say that he meant it for all situations. Unless you’re a pacifist I think you are totally misinterpreting or willfully using it to validate your inaction. These monsters are after children most and don’t tell me Jesus would have been a dove while monsters were poisoning children.

The patriot movement has always assumed an end date. We are getting to that point because we refused to accept the warnings that were more than what we deserved. Even after they butchered William Cooper they just gave us Alex Jones/Bill Hicks and we totally took it in the ass without even a grumble. That man was such a hero and inspiration to so many of us that it should have sparked some sort of large scale response. As far as I’m aware, I was only 20, there was nothing. 

Since Cooper we have seen hundreds of truth tellers die, be deplatformed, or suicided. Even before Cooper I believe Gary Webb was assassinated. The game is over folks. This ain’t no exercise, it’s “real world”. Fight now with everything you have or lose it all. If you have children you should be fanatical about the condition of things. Wake up folks, from here on out we get radical. Ready to be radicalized, lol.

2 thoughts on “No More Pussyfooting Around

  1. $dbb9581 – I'm a total neanderthal that's completely confused by the society I live in. I'm offensive, honest, and a good man. I'm, here because I pay to be here, and I will say whatever I like. Come one, come all, to the freak show of commiefornia.
    David Baker says:

    Love it! I’m only half way through the OJ essay but I am digging it big time. Another obsession just what I need,lol.

    As for AJ I couldn’t agree more. He was a replacement for Bill Cooper straight up and Cooper called him out prior to his death for being dirty. Best thing I’ve done is remove AJ from my life completely.

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