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More Vax News From The Twilight Zone

I’ve made several posts about this jab but it isn’t going away. I’ve never witnessed such propaganda to accept medical treatment. They have Hollywood, politicians, and anyone with any celebrity pushing the rest of us to get jabbed. It plays like a guilt trip that you owe your loved ones and society at whole.

I have never seen a press to poison the population like this before. Mandates, threats, and refusal to access society. That’s the way they want to “incentivize” us to get jabbed. The government is trying with every distorted legal loophole they can discover, to mandate jabs for post office workers, teachers, and everyone else working for the state.

The fact that the jab does nothing to protect you from COVID, but does have adverse reactions, is irrelevant. Also the idea of 100% vaccination being necessary for herd immunity is brand new and absolute BS. Recent research suggests the jab is totally useless to the variant, and we have anecdotal evidence too.

The “honorable” Rev. Jesse Jackson has landed himself in the hospital with COVID. Funny thing, he was fully vaccinated. Still his wife and himself are hospitalized with COVID. Big surprise, NOT. The manufacturers have been saying the antibodies are waning and the efficacy is waning as well. They also have a generic type jab that they seem to think works for all COVID variants. Why would a virus mutate if it didn’t have too? The jab likely caused the virus to mutate in a way that made the jab less effective.

The CDC says as much and told a press conference that the jab protection is waning against the so called variant. She didn’t say the jab was even capable of stopping the variant. In one CDC study the efficacy against infection has plummeted to 53.1% for both the Pfizer and Moderna jabs. This is awesome you’d think we’d start to see people quietly at first, but growing with numbers as it becomes safe, start to attack the jab and the corporations and governments pushing them. Nope.

The CDC explained the issue to our government and they decided to mandate boosters to fix an efficacy problem. Water not starting your car? Add more water to the gas tank and try again. Boosters of poison that have no efficacy with the original COVID strain. The variants don’t seem affected at all by the jab, regardless of how many jabs taken or the adverse reactions suffered.

The adverse reactions are being reported at an estimated 1% of all reactions. Even with the 99% of reactions unreported the VERSE system is still swamped and can’t keep up with the cases as they continue to build up. Too bad they weren’t asylum seekers. Someone might care for their cause and actually improve it.

UVA has “disenrolled” Students who Refused the Jab. Even students with medical exemptions must wear masks and take tests weekly. The twerp who seemed to be speaking for the university was drunk with power. He said weekly tests were a start but they might become more frequent. They are torturing students to give in. Mind you these are students with medical exemptions and they are being harassed, humiliated, and discriminated against for a medical condition. If they had Hepatitis it would be private and legally kept so, or the university would be liable for violating the medical privacy of the student. COVID has taken medical privacy away, it’s made our personal health the business of absolute strangers who know nothing, and it’s taken away informed consent. All of this is the very least of what has been lost. The “freedoms” we had 5 years ago compared to today make 2016 seem like a libertarian utopia.

The UVA has already achieved 99.6% of the students jabbed, and 92% of the staff. If this doesn’t account for fully vaccinated, what will? The vaccine theory has never included a 100% vaccinated population. 70% was the traditional ratio for herd immunity. We know this was all BS because of the measles outbreaks. Every year we hear about measles outbreaks and it’s an outbreak among a 99 to 100% vaccinated community. I live in liberal California where if the TV actor, wearing a doctor jacket and stethoscope, tell mommy anything, she does as told. 

Still, Marin County is one of the most affluent counties in America. They also are the least vaccinated county in Cali. The one area these idiots actually think is when it comes to their kids. These educated, very wealthy, and healthy people think vaccines are a gamble that’s not worth taking. You can’t call these folks bumpkins that hate the government. They chose to look at vaccines the same way they examined their food and just like they want to avoid corn syrup, sugar, and GMO’s, they want to avoid formaldehyde, aluminum, and bovine calf serum. Informed consent.

Even with the near complete vaccination levels among the students, several hundred were expelled. They call it “disenroll” but that doesn’t seem to even be a word. When I looked it up I got a link to this article. So they had to invent a word that sounded less offensive than expel. Who cares if the effect is expulsion from campus and removed from the student rolls? They offer medical exemptions to the jab but I’m unaware of mask exemptions. So the folks who have medical exemptions from the jab are going to be forced to wear masks inside, outside, and anytime another human being is anywhere near them. 

Discrimination over medical conditions are illegal as far as I know. If some wheelchair bound lawyer comes in and tells you you have 30 days to make the place wheelchair accessible, the company is stuck complying or face lawsuit. This country is so utterly insane that it must be in destruction mode. We are seeing the house built on lies, contradictions, force, and fraud crumble in front of us. Hopefully it swallows the scumbags who built it.

According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, 749 campuses have imposed jab mandates. Well folks, what a great time to rethink college at all. The disgusting curriculum, the racism against whites and asians, and the demand to force ineffective, untested, unapproved, and novel technology upon healthy young adults, are all good reasons to rethink college. Then there’s the insane costs that can’t be discharged through bankruptcy. The harm that college can do to your young adult is incalculable. 

The benefits are a gamble at best. Depending on the degree the student wants, college might be an obstacle instead of an asset. Computer science is a good example. If you wanna pay 6 figures to learn the obsolete computer science they have had time to develop a curriculum around, have at it.  Employers want bright, self starters, that can learn the employers way without having to prove to their new employee that his way is the right way and the college way will not be accepted. 

Nothing worse than the new guy who was God’s gift to anything they haven’t yet done in real life but were perfect on paper. Your ego is your enemy, if you want to succeed. You need to drop your fantasy about the worth of a degree and learn what your employer wants, appreciates, and demands. If he tells you, you learned nothing useful and were totally misled about the industry they schooled you for, listen and do as you’re told. Or get used to serving mochas with the rest of the college educated baristas.

COVID Has given us so much to complain about, legitimately. It has some silver linings. The state has totally dropped all presence of legitimacy. The health agencies have shown themselves to be criminal propaganda tools for big Pharma, that have conflicting interests that make them absolute embarrassments to health. Schools and teachers have shown themselves to be absolute worthless scum. They have no interest in your kids and want them poisoned before they will do their jobs. The fact that the jab is thousands of times more dangerous to minors than any strain of COVID is, matters not.

It has shown parents the ugliness of public schools and the total disregard they have for the parents or their kids. We have seen the massive double standard between citizens and illegals. We have seen the total abandonment of any Constitutional pretext in their actions. We have got to see what they really want. They want us living in an outdoor prison where everything from our speech to our food is regulated. They are desperate to bring in an absolute police state with no regard for life, liberty, or justice. 

We can’t claim ignorance anymore. If you can’t see what is happening right in from of your face, you are lost. Another silver lining is the separation between us on this issue. We can now know our allies by simply being able to see their face. This germ isn’t partisan it’s a matter of humanity. Do we have any left? If we expect to retain our human status and avoid being made chattel slaves, we had best start acting like free human beings now. Everyday we continue to act like sheeple we are offering them a deranged justification to treat us as the beasts of burden that they see us as.

Non-compliance is our only recourse and it’s perfectly moral. I would even suggest following the rules is immoral. Helping your oppressors is cowardly and not a characteristic of a moral, free man. If you call this freedom you are broken beyond repair. Your mind has been stolen from you and replaced with obedience. You’ve been domesticated and broken by your master. Enjoy your freedom to do what your told, eat what is given to you, and traded in or killed if you become a burden. 

I would rather die fighting than spend a single second complying with tyrants. If you question my resolve or think this is hyperbole, try me. I don’t want to die, but I’m not scared of it. I have a clean conscience, my daughter is grown and can take care of herself, and I am still a perfect age for fighting. Martyrdom sounds like shit, but if it starts a movement towards freedom I wouldn’t even question it. I would only demand it be public and as brutal as possible. My final act on Earth would be an example of the evil we are fighting against. We either win this fight or the world is lost. We are the only thing standing in the way of global government and the Agenda 2030 achievements. The entire world is depending on us, how could we possibly let them down? We save ourselves by saving the world. Not the Bush/Obama way. The Jefferson and Washington way. 

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