Masks are Back, I’m Living Through the Zombie Apocalypse

I don’t pay for cable and haven’t watched mainstream news for years. I was totally caught off guard yesterday when I went to my local pot shop. Yes, I smoke weed and lots of it. To my surprise the douche bag at the door checking ID berated me for daring to come in unmasked. 

Well I had no idea masks were back. I freaked out on him and told him I was offended that he insinuate my very breath is poison. I put on the stupid muzzle he offered me and told him this was the last time I would ever be back.

Living in Nor-Cal my whole life has given me plenty of access to the very best weed grown on Earth. I still have access to a thriving black market that is cheaper and tax free. I have chosen to support the pot shops because I support the improvement, as little as it is, to the situation. 

If these douche bags are going to Carter to the madness and not science, they can go fu** themselves. The masks have proven to be worse for your health, not better. They have introduced complications all their own that wouldn’t have occurred without them at all.

If you people want to breathe your own waste and breathe in mildew from the moisture build up, feel free. You have zero authority over myself or my loved ones. I Hate you people so much it’s hard to even control myself. My daughter is getting the fu**ing jab because her employer and her woke friends are pressuring her into it. 

You people better hope tempers cool because right now you are a threat to my safety and my daughter and I am getting unpredictable.

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