Jan 6th Tourists Are Being Treated Like Child Molesters

Regardless of your level of brainwashing on this subject, you might see this differently. Unfortunately the media has slandered this bunch of folks like no other group in my life, save maybe for the Branch Davidian’s. Since day one the media has been after blood and encouraging the state to act as inhumane as possible.

Well, that’s what we have. The people who were caught up in the moment and had a momentary lapse in judgement, are being treated like terrorists. Solitary confinement, held without charge, and the charges that have been made are minor at best. Trespassing, assault, etc… Nothing compared to the lunatic that shot up the softball game. The media stopped talking about him as soon as they could. They certainly didn’t try to tar the 75 million or so people who voted for the elephant like they have with the 6th.

According to PJ Media,

No one arrested for being in the Capitol on January 6th has been charged with insurrection, sedition or anything even close to toppling the government. Though there may have been as many as 300,000+ Trump supporters in Washington, D.C., on January 6, no firearms were recovered at the Capitol. No one has even been charged with arson, because there were no fires lit, yet some of the non-violent protesters are still in jail.

According to Politico, lawyers representing some of the other accused rioters have said that “their clients’ conditions have made it nearly impossible to conduct genuine attorney-client meetings” and that “Two defendants have contracted Covid in the D.C. jail, and one, Ryan Samsel, claims he was beaten by a prison guard and left with permanent eye damage.”

For non-contact visits with clients, lawyers are not allowed to bring phones or computers, which means the defendants are unable to see evidence against them, including recordings from people’s cell phones. That would seem to be a gross violation of due process.

Meanwhile, in Democrat-run Portland, where Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa rioters have torched the city for over a year and committed acts of violence in the form of firebombing explosives into federal courthouses, ripping down plywood, smashing windows, throwing rocks, and blinding federal law enforcement officers with lasers, 81 percent of those charged will not be serving any jail time. As PJ Media reported, “Forty-seven of the 96 Portland rioters hit with federal charges relating to attacks on federal buildings have had their charges dropped, including charges of assaulting an officer. Ten people have taken plea deals and they have mostly been sentenced to community service.”

So this is America today. Totally disconnected from reality and totally lawless and tyrannical. We have the tyranny of the mob running every liberal city and totally holding the citizenry hostage. It seems unimportant that these pukes have been charged with arson, firebombing federal buildings and blinding officers. That’s assault. They get coddled by the system and swiftly let off the hook for their crimes. “Community service?” For destroying the community they are “punished” by serving the community they burnt down. Pathetic beyond words.

The massive amount of people at the capital building were peaceful. While caught up in the moment and clearly acting as a mob instead of individuals, they were still responsible enough to be respectful of the building, officers, and non-violent.

Compare the Jan, 6th sight seers to the lunatics in Portland, Seattler, and every other liberal city and show me where I’m missing something. If you are muscle for the Democratic Party you have free reign to act lawlessly and without respect for life or property. If you are conservative you aren’t even allowed to speak plainly without being publicly flogged by the PC mob.

The double standard is disgusting and i’m not buying it anymore. You looney leftists wanna get in my face, prepare to be cold cocked with a hard right to your jaw. It’;s worth a night in jail to drop a snowflake for me so watch you fu**ing step losers.

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