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It’s Ok To Be White

It is, ya know? This is the title of a Quora thread. I happen to check it out and post to it when I can. This simple statement has an unbelievable amount of haters. You’d never think such an innocuous and obviously true statement would be controversial. I promise you it is, and if you want proof just visit the site.

This won’t be long I really just want to point out that this social media thread exists and the fact that it’s under constant threat. Posting there is hit or miss whether you will even get through the moderators that can delete it, or be suspended for it if it survives. The content of your post will get it deleted. If you post nothing but statistics and facts without putting anyone down it can get deleted.

This is what “they” want. The war against whiteness is an invention of a subset of white people. They are using anyone they can, thus the all encompassing title “people of color”, to ally with, in their cause. The extinction of “whiteness”. They want my people blotted out and done away with and they are using any and all means at their disposal.

One of the most powerful weapons ever created is solely owned by this clique. The media is being absolutely weaponized against us all. The manufactured hatred of whites by all people of color is a joke. Is there an irrational hatred running through the black community for whites? Yes. It’s being tended to and nurtured to by Jews, straight up. Is it total and the opinion of all black people, or even most? No.

Don’t believe me, listen to some Nation of Islam stuff. It’s actually pretty good. First off, they pay great respect to Jesus and consider him a prophet of great importance. The Jews believe Jesus was a petty cult leader that is burning in a cauldron of human shit for eternity in hell. Yet who do the TV preachers insist Christians send their money and support to? Israel. Same demons will tell ya war against the Muslims is righteous. Man are the Jews crafty, and the American public are dim and getting dimmer daily.

The conflict that is growing between whites and blacks is contrived. The murder of George Floyd? Was an occult ritual. The masonic symbol of kneeling on the neck to simulate death is real and you saw the world partake in a Luciferian ritual and didn’t even know it. All across the world people took a knee just as the masons do. When asked why football players in England were taking a knee they said they didn’t really know. Well, I know. Luciferian, rituals practiced on a global scale. Pretty gross, right?

And so it goes. The masters of the media have given us war over seas. Now it’s time to stoke war at home and they know the playbook already. One group is oppressed by a group in power that must be displaced. This is the tune they sing every damn concert. Are we going to let them do it to us? They are desperate to exploit any real or contrived hatred for each other. They have legitimate seeds to tend on all sides. The tribalism deep within our nature provides the seeds of “us against them” mentality from anyone.

What we need to know, is who our enemies are before we line up for war. The media tells me blacks are my enemy. Farrakan has been very fair, at least all things considered, with regards to slavery. He has put the blame squarely where it belongs. For at least 30 years he has been consistent that the Atlantic slave trade was almost solely a Jewish enterprise. Whatever else his opinions of whites are, on this he has his facts down. Jewish slavers sold to jewish plantations, who used jewish banks, and jewish shipping to export the cotton north to its textile factories. Take Jews from that time in North America and the chance we would ever have ever allowed for chattel slavery is slim to none.

Racial tensions have been consistently stoked by the same group of assholes. The masonic started KKK was started by Abert Pike, a 33rd degree mason who wrote the masonic bible. Not Nathan Forrest, that’s bull spit. So we know the Klan is masonic in its roots and it’s Jews who run masonry.

Today their control of the media is openly admitted by them and so obvious you’d have to be brainwashed to miss it. They are the one’s causing this. They focus on every thing a white person does to a black whether justified or not. Meanwhile they flat ignore the trend of absolutely horrendous crimes against whites by blacks. Elderly being beaten in the streets. Videos of white children being jumped by half a dozen black kids are all over bit chute. Videos of white women being beaten like men by huge black men are plentiful on bit chute. Videos of police abusing , injuring, and murdering whites are all over bit chute. Videos of white women and children being abused are so plentiful for those who care to look for them, an immediate reaction develops. Hate.

The fact that these videos are hidden away off the “respectable” net and not being shown on any national news outlet starts to create a rage that is totally predictable and natural. Our rage needs to be directed where it belongs though. It’s easy to see these videos and hate the people in them. That’s the easy way. Life requires us to take the hard way. That means cooling your passion and asking the questions that need answers. Why isn’t this news? Who controls what is “news”? What do they have to gain from stoking the racial tension in America? Still got that hate? Good. Let’s use it where it belongs.

The war on whiteness is real and totally accepted by plenty of people of color. Our war is with the media and the people running the media. They just happen to be the same clique running finance, politics, and foreign policy. They want to use the tried and true playbook to ruin this country through internal division. We should ally together against our common enemy and then work things out among each other, together, without outside influence. 

First off, we need a cease fire. The black on white crime has to stop or be addressed with sincerity at the very least. We need the good will of each other to cooperate. Then our alliance would scare the power structure like nothing else. The more groups to join the cause the better. Then, like I said, we can work out our differences in satisfactory terms for all parties involved. Or civil war. You decide.

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