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“Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act”, This is Lunacy

Thanks again to Epoch Times I have the 2700 page bill that is waiting senate approval and sleepy Joe’s signature. This TRILLION dollar bill is insane and it covers every aspect of travel in this country. It even makes demands on the auto makers to include mechanisms for measuring the driver’s blood alcohol content. 

The roads have been “constitutional free” zones my whole life. This toilet paper completes that mission and turns the roads as well as your personal property into mechanisms for tyranny. Mad Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, (MMADD) have done more to destroy the constitution than any other group I’m aware of. This group of distraught mothers shouldn’t be given any authority or consideration in the drafting of legislation.

Laws are not to be taken lightly and allowing special interest groups of emotionally injured females to make demands upon the entire nation is lunacy. This is why laws should never be named after a victim, Megans Law, etc… We can’t govern 350 million individuals based on the sick actions of one person.

Nothing these mad mothers will do can ever bring their loved ones back. If they were killed by a drunk driver the driver was likely charged with vehicular manslaughter, or if in California, you can even get murder for killing someone in a drunk driving accident. When MMADD first started agitating for stricter laws they were successful. Government scientists tested and came up with a BAC level of .1 for the legal limit to operate a vehicle.

This was scientifically decided by testing many different people in different environments and at different levels of blood alcohol content. When put into action and used this .1% BAC as their guide as to who gets to drive away and who gets a DUI, you’d think MMADD would have claimed victory and happily went back to being normal women. 

Nope. The arrests were not meeting the expectations that MMADD had developed by anecdotal evidence and crazy emotional impairment of their ability to think objectively. So they continued to lobby the Congress and continue to give sob story after another to the criminals that exploit women emotionally for votes. Men are objectively better at making hard decisions. They rely on facts far more than emotion. Emotion shouldn’t be a factor in the legislative process. A man can feel empathy towards someone without letting it affect his responsibility to be objective. Women are emotional first, reasonable second. Responsible, maybe, maybe not. I love women and the most important people in my life are my mother and daughter. I would do anything for these two women, including lay my life down for them. I am not against females in any way, I just accept that we are different and those differences matter sometimes.

When the arrests failed to satisfy the expectations of MMADD, they lobbied to have the BAC level lowered to .08. Apparently this minute change in the legal limit resulted in a windfall of arrests for drunk driving. This suggests to me that this .02% was likely the difference between finishing 2 beers at dinner vs one. I have never seen any science that says this .08 was anything other than a fraud to boost DUI arrests, not protect drivers. If your goal is DUI arrests, go to hell. If you want to see less people hurt by drunk drivers I support you, if education is your weapon. If the police are your weapon, you are a pox on our society, not good for anyone. You have turned the cops into tyrannical road pirates, unconstrained by the Constitution, and emboldened to act with impunity like a Mexican Federally, instead of a “peace officer” in a Constitutional Republic.

Fear is a powerful motivator. It is also easy to illicit fear from ignorant sheeple who know nothing. Look at the fear over COVID that is as dangerous as lightning, and just how much tyranny they’ve got out of it so far. Who knows how far it will actually go before we stop it. They aren’t going to stop unless they have to. We are our only hope. We must come together and refuse to be “governed” by criminals any longer.

Damn brain of mine can’t stay on topic. I wanted to talk about the whole bill, but it is 2700 pages so I guess it’s reasonable to tackle it in a series of posts. This was the most offensive section to pop out at me, and I had to talk about the beginning and lunacy that has given us the current DUI “laws”. Mothers who have lost a child should not be making legislation. Laws need to be drafted by dispassionate, objective, and constitutionally sound motivations and purpose. Special interests, conflicting interests, and straight up bribery is running the show, today. My interest is simple. Leave me alone and don’t take my stuff. Apparently this is just too damn much to ask of the folks at MMADD, the ADL, the SPLC, and AIPAC. Who lobbies for the Constitution? Who advocates for freedom? A trillion dollars to overhaul our transportation infrastructure is not for you, I promise.

The interstate highway system was started by Ike after seeing the Autobahn in Germany and copying it. Ike, as with Hitler, wanted a system of wide roads to be able to send troops to any part of the country if the citizenry got uppity, or invasion. Invasion was a joke excuse and America is just about the best guarded piece of real estate on Earth. Invasion would require the enemy to contend with the 400 million privately owned firearms far before the military got there. In WWII the only reason Pearl Harbor wasn’t followed up with an invasion of the west coast was the belief that every blade of grass would hide an armed American. Our gun culture and its legendary status among the world is the only homeland defense we need.

This will be followed up with more because of the shear size of the text. Our laws are so disgusting that they need to be thousands of pages, in order to hide the offensive parts from the vast majority of us, who don’t have time to read every word of 3000 pages of legalese.

For instance, section 23007 is on “Promoting women in the trucking workforce”. This legislation is disgraceful and criminal. Consider this part one, because it’s packed with unAmerican garbage. We should demand an end to this BS law making crap. Laws should be single issue laws that are plainly written and short enough to read in an hour. These multi-trillion dollar, pork barrel, corporate welfare schemes are unacceptable. I would bet my left arm that not one single politician has even read this crap from start to finish. Pelosi told us the truth, once. We have to pass these things to find out what’s in them. Disgusting.

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