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If You Thought $1 Trillion was bad, Now it’s $3 Trillion

The trillion dollar plus infrastructure bill has yet to be passed by the senate. No matter. They have a new $3 trillion bill that’s already flown through the house and is awaiting the senate as well. So the senate is debating and likely going to pass $4 trillion in absolute wasteful pork spending.

This wonderful legislation comes via Bernie Sanders. Who doesn’t want a million year old Jew to design legislation that has absolutely no practical way to pay for? At least he’s got a counterpart in the senate, Chuck Schumer. I would bet my life that neither of these Jews have read a single section of this disgusting law.

This bill made it out of the House on a 50-49 vote down party lines. Not a single republican voted for this crap. Why is this acceptable to anyone? This isn’t some minor difference that we can overcome. There are at least 2 large sections of the country that hate each other. Why must we continue to live with each other?

The US is massive and could fit Europe inside of it. We need to separate and it needs to happen fast. Otherwise violence is coming fast. The looney left is determined to rule over the rest of us. You’d think they would be jumping at the chance to separate. After all, you folks accuse us of racism, ignorance, and every other pejorative out there. Why not let us go?

My guess is that they know they can’t. Their constituents are losers welfare queens, single moms, drug addicts, and all PoC’s. Who out this group is going to keep the economy running? The producers in this country are conservative, self starters, and invaluable to any country. Without the surplus provided by the producers, the redistributors have nothing to bribe the losers with.

This country is done and needs to be remade into at least 2 separate countries. If you want socialism and state control of your life, fine move were you belong. If you are a free market, self governed, and responsible, move where you belong. Problem solved.

We are in a situation that makes 1860 look tame. The differences that have developed between us are irreconcilable. The civil war was fought over tariffs. This situation is one of absolute tyranny that shows no end. The dems want to steal your money, life, and soul. They are drunk with power and the people that support them are just as hateful and jealous as the politicians.

We either separate now peacefully, or we are going to end up killing each other on a scale that should horrify everyone. Maybe a million Americans lost their lives the first time and those boys had respect for each other. The raw hatred between us today will be a nightmare for everyone. 

Just for what it’s worth, liberals. You will lose and your leaders will hang you out to dry. You should really get smarter and come back to Earth. If you think you can continue to boss people like me around, you have another thing coming, like bullets.

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