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I Have Too Send Johnny To Strangers To Socialize Him

I’ve heard this line my whole life and it was never more ridiculous than today.

My relationship with Quora is interesting. They suspend me for 2 weeks, I make a couple posts, then back to the penalty box. I suggested to a lady that daycare for her 3 year old was too soon and she should wait until at least kindergarten. My wording and her insecurity got me suspended. I noticed a comment on my post, which had 5 upvotes to start things off with a smile.

The lady that commented was clearly disagreeing with me, but she did so with a respectful tone and she asked fair questions. I was hard on the mom who wanted to dump her 3 year old into an unknown environment. I mocked her a bit by comparing the chance to wear a target smock vs impart values and care for her child. I was intentionally harsh to illicit a response. It worked, too well.

The comment was a pleasant surprise. She didn’t accuse me of hating women, being a sexist, or wanting to see women forced to do anything. This is in direct contrast to a different comment I got. The lady suggested I was advocating for the 1950’s where women cooked, cleaned, and did what they were told. First off, I was born in 81 and have no idea about the 50’s other than Leave it to Beaver reruns when I was a kid. Looked awesome to me.

The offended comment was all emotional and wanted desperately to justify her decisions to me, a stranger, that she made the right decision. Look ladies, if you need to justify your actions to a stranger, who you’ll never meet and can’t possibly affect your life, you might be carrying some guilt. Comparing today to the 50’s is mental on every level. Parents, schools, and the community at large were all better than today’s counterparts by orders of magnitude.

I would literally kill to get to live in the 50’s and out of today’s craziness. She hit me with the “I wanted my child socialized” and they were better for it. So I agreed, they will be socialized. Socialized with the most vile and anti-social crap you can think of. CRT, tranny storytelling, and encouragement to be fluid in gender and legitimacy for 3 year olds to change genders, unlimited times, it appears. Why wait till kindergarten when they can learn white privilege before they even have their vowels down. She didn’t answer back.

The reasonable lady was refreshing and I showed her the respect she deserved. She wasn’t “triggered” by my post and she just wanted to challenge it. Love it, real debate still exists. She asked why I didn’t put emphasis on daddy time as well, good point. She also, politely, chastised me for assuming she was trading parenting for minimum wage. Totally legit, I made the target smock comment to be a jerk and she called me out on it. I apologized for being presumptive and explained I wanted to drive home a point. Most working mothers don’t net much after taxes, childcare, and often the job doesn’t pay much, has bad hours, and provides much less personal fulfillment than raising their own child.

I apologized for being too presumptive and admitted that I have no idea what she considers a “good job”. I also agreed with her suggestion that daddy bonding time is just as important. I told her I think stay at home dads are winners in my book, just as long as it’s legit and not an excuse to be a loser. I explained that whatever factors are important to the family in mind, the parents should choose who stays home. Maybe it would be best for mom to stay home until the baby weans off of milk. Then the dad could work from home for a couple years while mom goes back to work/school. This would seem ideal to me. The mom is the gentle, nourishment provider, and connected to the baby in a special way fathers will never get to know. So I think dads should get as much early time as possible and if it means a pause or detour in his career, it’s worth it.

When I suggested all of this she liked my post, more civility, love it. Then she suggested the dad can be in charge on weekends when mommy needs a break. She was traditional and just testing me I think. We had a good conversation for social media.

The same thread had another lady that didn’t want civil interaction. She accused me of bitterness and hatred. She then brought my daughter into it. She told me she hoped if I had kids that they weren’t subject to my neanderthal opinions. She gloated that she had a 40 and 38 year olds daughters and they were doing great. The fact that I’m the age of her daughters must have missed her. She blocked me from being able to respond.

I did anyway by editing the post directly under hers. Told her I explained to my daughter that once her period starts the clock starts. That she’s born with every egg she will ever have and when they are gone, game over. I also told her that my daughter was homeschooled her last year completed in high school. Then she took the GED and makes more money, has no debt, and pays for her own place while all of her friends live at home still.

I told her she should check her self righteousness and bitterness because it comes through like a rock through a window. When I suggested that CRT, tranny storytelling, and sex ed were anti-social. She insisted they were well overdue. I gave up at this point. Our convo is there for people to decide who was the crazy one. I’m crazy like a fox.

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