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Finally Less Whites in US For First Time Ever, Yay

Again from Epoch Times I was alerted to an article that caught my attention.

“America’s White Population Shrank For 1st Time in US History, Census Data Show”

Well, hells bells, this is a great day! The white devils are going away and being replaced with anyone that isn’t white. In 2020 whites made up 63.7% of the US population. The 2020 census puts whites at 57.8%. Is this still just a conspiracy theory? Immigration isn’t a weapon, it’s a blessing, right? Every percentage point we lose, we lose that much more safety, control over our schools, and control over our country. For those who are racist haters, this is wonderful and if the trend continues they will rule over us like 2nd class citizens, in the country my ancestors built.

Totally unsurprisingly, the fastest growing demographic are hispanics. In California Mexicans grew to 39.4% which is certainly low. It’s likely over 40%. The same time the hispanics grew 2% the whites fell by 6%. Anyone living south of the Bay Area already knew this. Sonoma County is where I live and it is basically the border from Commifornia and California, or the state of Jefferson. Perhaps this lawless and treasonous action might finally provide the motivation needed to make the state of Jefferson a reality.

The wild card in the census numbers are the “mixed race” section. “Multiracial” make up 33.8% of the population and it fails to elaborate on the mix they are made of. As I said Mexicans made the largest gains and now make up 18.7% of the population. That means they outnumber blacks by a significant amount. Blacks have been here since America’s founding. The fact that they are now minority even to Mexicans is insane. They’ve been here having babies for centuries. Mexicans just hop a fence or cross a river and they get to be equal with the blacks who have fought and died for this country. As a white man I personally am sickened that free riders and fair weather friends get even entry into my country. Let alone jobs, drivers license, or anything but a boot in the ass that skips them across the Rio Grande.

It’s got nothing to do with my opinion of Mexicans or anyone else. This about my country and keeping it mine. We have borders and their protection is written in the supreme law of the this land, The US Constitution.

Section 4.

The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.

Ok, where exactly am I missing something? First of all, California is a democracy that passes laws by referendum and straight votes. That’s direct democracy, not representative government. Then there’s the borders and the invasion that’s been underway for decades. The national government has totally abandoned us in Cali and allowed our beautiful state to become a Mexican ghetto, that encourages lawlessness. Human trafficking is the direct result of this “humane” inaction at the border. I could care less about the drugs, other than that I’d rather buy American made products, than support human traffickers.

They say that we white folks just aren’t reproducing enough. I can’t help but think it’s because of the propaganda they’ve been drenched in their whole lives. Humans are poison to Gaia. The world is overpopulated. Women should worry about their career before family. Having children is selfish. Blah, blah, blah.

The only population growth was in the cities with a decline in rural America. The cities in this country are hell holes, at least the liberal ones. What kind of people are moving to the cities and out of the country? Not whites I’m guessing. Most white people I know are desperate to leave the cities and move to the sticks. Liberal policies, police that don’t solve crime or harass PoC’s, but they extort every white citizen every time someone J-Walks. Most white people prefer to avoid human waste on the sidewalk. Needles, unconscious losers laying in a puddle of their own piss. The city seems more concerned with housing the 30,000+ homeless far more than doing anything for the taxpayers.

So here we are white folks. We are barely holding a numerical majority but that will be long gone far before they even take the next census. Here we come South Africa. The PoC’s may not even like each other personally. However, politically they will very quickly understand they are allies against whites. It matters not that the 42% of PoC’s come from all over and have nothing in common, besides their hatred for us and their passion to see us suffer. They are political allies in that they want the same things. More for them and less for you. Even if you earn yours and they are given theirs.

Even with the knockout game, the Asian attacks, and racially motivated crime daily, we see only white people are ever charged with hate crimes. If we are irredeemably racist why has so many PoC’s chosen to risk life and limb to get here? Used to see signs saying, “Irish need not apply”. They still made it and became a massive asset to the country. I’ve never seen anything like that for any other group but since it was a white group, who cares. People come here because they know we will hire them and they will be treated with dignity, decency, and left alone.

How will they treat us when we have lost the numerical advantage? The ones educated here are brainwashed to see all white people as hateful bigots. They have been consumed with the fairytale of slavery, Jim Crow, and segregation. We have guaranteed that the next generation will be consumed with hatred, envy, and rage. Even the white kids are going to be openly bullied, violently attacked, and relentlessly abused. The affirmative action teacher will care not one bit, even if they’re white too.

If you think the political situation is looney now, just wait until we have a caucus for every ethnic group on Earth. Or perhaps just a PoC Caucus that works to oppress whites more than represent anyone in particular. Any action taken to benefit PoC’s is going to come at a cost to whites.

It’s no coincidence that Libertarians are mostly white men. It’s European ruggedness and individualism that built America. America was the refuge for the Europeans that needed more freedom than their homelands could offer. They risked everything and soaked this continent in my ancestors blood before it was finally tamed. They were larger than life and there’s nothing comparable today. White people cower from words when our ancestors charged machine gun nests. They conquered a continent and then some. We can’t even refuse to poison our children or show our faces with pride and confidence.

Reduction of the “goyim” has been mission number 1 since the enemy first began. They know white men are their biggest threat and white women make white men, so they are number 2. The reduction in the white population is being explained by opioid deaths and lack of millennial babies. We have a generation so beaten down, hopeless, and pessimistic about the future they are either killing themselves in an effort to feel nothing. Or they have bought the BS and live on hook up culture or just don’t hook up at all. Many of these people are spiritually dead, incapable of empathy, and totally self loathing. I hate to be this way but hey, I calls em how’s I see’s em. These kids are dangerous and I don’t believe they can be fixed. We lost an entire generation because you idiots were watching football, porn, or doing anything except pay attention to your kids. You don’t need to be in the class to see what the effects on your kid.

Parents used to pay attention to their kids work and even wanted to know what they were being taught. Apparently that’s not happening because the schools have gone insane and you have to be mentally retarded to miss it. No matter now, damage is done folks.

CRT, tranny BS, and the push for homosexuality as the norm, is just the beginning. This is about destroying your kids minds and they are doing a bang up job. They also want extreme division among the straight vs gay, black vs white, boys vs girls, and every other difference they can exploit. This is going to make for a balanced race war where white people will have to align by race because nobody else will be trustworthy. This is what they have cooked up folks. Tastes like shit to me but ya’ll can’t seem to get enough.

Maybe when it starts to taste like blood in your mouth you will finally see what has been in your face for decades. You white people, and specifically white men, are slated for the long dirt nap. I’m not tired yet and I intend to die with my boots on. I implore you, join me before it’s too late. It might already be too late but we have to try. Trying and failing is far more honorable than failing to try. Dying isn’t the worst thing that can happen. Dying like a coward and letting your loved ones be enslaved or killed with you is the worst thing I can think of. Even if your fight is useless and ceremonious it matters that you refused to accept a fate chosen for you, instead of the one you were meant for.

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