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Democrat Run Cities Are Corrupt, Color Me Surprised

Over the last few years we have endured the lunacy of liberal cities. They are lawless, corrupt, and totally hypocritical. First off, this is not partisan but the facts are facts. The “defund the police” movement is a democratic movement that is encouraged by looney leftist politicians.

Well, as it turns out, police were very much appreciated by the liberal mayors and other officials. So much so, that they reduced the police force available to the residents, while keeping their own security detail at a cost of millions of dollars a year.

25 Major US cities have already cut their police forces. 20 of the 25 have kept a very large security detail for the “important” people of the city. In May auditors at filed freedom of information requests with all 25 cities. They want to know who is being protected, by how many officers, and the cost of the security to the taxpayers.

Chicago is the best place to start considering they have a cartoonish mayor that sounds mentally unfit for public service. Apparently the city spent $17.3 MILLION to guard “unnamed city officials”. In 2020 alone over 400 police were quietly let go, but not Lori Lightfoot’s cops. Apparently at the same time she was firing the local cops her security detail topped an all time high of $3.4 million. What a POS. How in the world this bitch is in power over anyone escapes me completely. I wouldn’t trust her to wash my car, let alone run a city. Chicago is wrecked until they get better people in charge. Regardless of color.

On to San Francisco, my hometown, liberal basket case. Between 2015 and 2020 the city government spent $12.4 MILLION just to protect the mayor, London Breed. Interestingly they have also promised to divest in police to the tune of $120 MILLION over the next 2 years to reallocate to other programs. Can you say corruption. That’s what this spells and it’s obviously going to be a disaster. The police department declined to say how many officers are committed to this security but the costs tell us plenty. $2.6 million in 2020 alone.

On to my East Coast cousin NYC. This is my all time most hated mayor and he doesn’t deserve to carry a pistol, let alone accept free professional security. The city is so progressive that it has cut $1 billion of its $6 billion budget. NYPD Isn’t releasing any information about the amount of officers but we can guess with the budgets. De Blasio enjoys security for himself and his family. For the citizens you get to be disarmed, irrelevant to police, and totally on your own if danger calls. For the city officials they are surrounded by guns and security. Disgusting.

Baltimore is next, a hell hole for sure. While the city eliminates $22 million from the police budget they spent $3.6 million to protect 3 officials. The mayor, police commissioner, and the state’s attorney. Ya know, the important people. The mayor alone had 6 full time officers and one sergeant costing $1.3 million. The police commissioner had 2 officers at a cost of $464,948. Don’t worry you pesky citizens. Your police are being cut by $4.3 million so they won’t be oppressing you anymore, Yay.

Minneapolis has cut $8 million from its police funding. Oakland’s police budget saw a $14.6 million cut. Portland cut $15 million out of the budget and disbanded its gun violence reduction unit.

The list of cities is typical and not surprising. I’m just surprised that people accept the double standard. Ultra security for the mayor but no security for the taxpayers. The little business owner that lost his shop to arson is not made happier or safer by the multi-million dollar security details that guard the elites.

I’ll leave you guys with a quote that shows just how disconnected from reality these libtards are. NY Council member Daniel Dromm, chair of the finance committee said this,

“We recognize that the City must move away from failed racist policing policies of the past. This budget significantly scales back funding for law enforcement at a time when crime is at an all-time low and redirects those dollars towards services that uplift our communities during this time of great hardship,”

The thing that makes this statement so perfectly outrageous is the total disconnection from reality it exposes. This “official” POS made this ridiculous comment June 30th, 2020. The numbers were in already jackass. Shootings were up 130%, murder up 30%, burglary up 118%, and auto theft just a mere 51% increase. These are the numbers for the year prior to this asinine statement by a supposedly respectable leader. Yuck.

You know we are in crazy times when I, an anarchist, support the police. At least over the security of the politicians. If the taxpayers must pay for their own extortion, it should at least be available for some good, on the rare occasion they can.

It should also be noted, these officials are hiding these facts. It’s requiring FOIA requests and some cities are still refusing to comply and are keeping secret how much they spend ands how many officers they use for their own personal security detail. The mayors of these cities are so afraid of the citizenry they live like monarchs of old. Not the public servant they are actually hired for. I suppose these folks have food tasters too since treachery exists everywhere for tyrants.

That’s the Forbes article I got the info from. Feel free, it goes into further detail on the cities I left out. The bottom line is this. Liberal ran cities are hell holes. They have gone completely looney tunes and drunk with power. I mean some of these cities are the size of small countries. 20 million, or so, people in LA. The city is ran by incompetent little Napoleons. The contradictions from the looney left are so glaring and insulting that I am amazed they don’t cause a revolution, but I would accept a different approach to voting to start with. Stop voting party line and vote for ideas, not personalities. Stop voting for blacks just because you’re black. I wouldn’t care if my mayor was Asian, black, or white, as long as they were devoted to the entire city and advocates for decentralization and localized freedom.

The idea that you need to be “represented” by someone with the same amount of melanin as you is spectacularly stupid and racist. White people have done everything for black Americans. Ended the Atlantic slave trade, made them full and free citizens, and have even past racist laws against whites to try and increase black attendance in schools and careers. All for not, they insist on voting for crackheads, hooking up with hookers twice, then vote for the white guy. Marion Barry from DC is obviously who I’m talking about. Wikipedia explains the issue well,

Barry was charged with three felony counts of perjury, 10 counts of drug possession, and one misdemeanor count of conspiracy to possess cocaine, even though the cocaine belonged to the government informant. The criminal trial ended in August 1990 with a conviction for only one possession incident, which had occurred in November 1989, and an acquittal on another. The jury deadlocked on the remaining charges. Six or seven jurors (of whom two were white and the rest black) believed that the evidence against Barry was overwhelming and that he had displayed “arrogance” during the trial. Against these, five black jurors were convinced that the prosecution had falsified evidence and testimony as part of a racist conspiracy against Barry, and even disputed factual findings that had not been contested in court.[55][56] After scolding the jurors for not following his instructions, presiding judge Thomas Penfield Jackson declared a mistrial on the remaining charges.

Just like OJ, if the jury is more interested in protecting a “brother” than justice, we all lose. This loser was able to let these minor charges cool off for a few years and actually got re-elected. What the fu** DC? Crack cocaine is a hell of a drug and who doesn’t like tempting an STD with an overpriced, catfish, whore? If this doesn’t prove a man’s good character and judgement, what could? Are you people just saints who are above victimless crimes? Doesn’t everyone regularly smoke crack with strange hookers before paying them for sexual services? Was this really the best option the voters in DC had to choose from? If so, they should have rioted. Riots against the state after being abused by them I support. Looting business to exploit a situation to steal, is worthy of a bullet to the head. Surrounding and aggressively demanding change from elected officials is wholly American. Hell, tax collectors used to be tarred and feathered. This ain’t no joke. It was often fatal due to the massive amount of 3rd degree burns and near impossibility to remove the tar without the skin too.

Black criminals get to rely on racist jurors and scared white jurors who are afraid to be objective because ignorant losers equate objectivity with racism. When a black man butchers a beautiful white woman with psychotic levels of rage and then does the same to her white friend, it’s treated like a Twilight Zone episode. They were able to put one, of the many police involved in the investigation, on trial for racism, instead of OJ for double murder. Johnnie Cochran and his dream team including that slime ball Dershowitz are going or already in hell. Kardashian seems like the only actual human being in the whole disgusting affair.

So this is the deal folks. These liberal cities are either ran by blacks or woke race traders so they can’t blame me or anyone but themselves. You know what black people? Libertarians believe in absolute freedom for all, they support the total and complete end to the drug war, and they are for universal concealed carry. Yes, it is heavily weighted towards white people in general and white men in particular. That’s changing more and more every day. Thomas Sowell, Malcolm X, and Maj Toure are all black libertarian figures that hated or hates the Democratic Party. is Maj Toure’s amazing effort to educate and arm his black brothers and sisters. Thomas Sowell is an intellectual heavyweight that has the respect of all liberty lovers, regardless of color. He rejects welfare, racism, or white supremacy as being any obstacle for any black person in America. He is prolific in his writings and wonderful to listen to if you can catch a debate or interview he’s given.

The answer is not to remove security from your neighborhoods. The answer is to decentralize it and broaden its scope. Everyone in the community has an interest in peace, cleanliness, and safety. Empowering the communities themselves is the answer. If every woman has a pistol that she knows and is comfortable with, in her purse, criminals are gambling with their lives every time they attempt to attack a female. If every man has a pistol in his waistband, backpack, etc… The criminal can’t be sure of anything and the risk of death is more motivating than the theoretical maximum one could get from a mugging.

I have wanted to see women get concealed carry permits with the same time they get their driver’s license. Jujutsu is great and I encourage that as well but nothing beats gun in this game. Simply brandishing the weapon will deter 99% of attacks. The 1% that need to learn the hard way, 2 at center mass and possibly 2 more if you don’t drop fast. 

Women should be taught firearm culture and be comfortable with any gun by 16. This is a responsibility if you’re a parent, in my opinion. My daughter moving out came with a house gift of a very easy to manipulate and reliable Taurus 22 ten round mag semi auto. She can fire my 45 but it hurts her and scares her. I would rather she put 10 rounds through the same 4” group of a man’s chest than get maybe one good shot off before blind, deaf, and possibly off balance. Plus 22 is cheap and everywhere. 25, 38, and 9mm are all good but 22 is far more available and getting very good at defensive rounds. 25’s are a hit or miss round that isn’t really worth owning. 38’s and especially 357 frames that accept 38 ammo are great and plentiful. This might be our next step up. 38, 38 special, and finally 357 magnum. I love my mom’s mid 1970’s Colt Python. Stainless and gorgeous gun, but heavy and too much for my 120 pound young lady.

Probably going to get her into a 9mm in between compact and full size. Hopefully the 10 round limit will be gone soon and I can get her something that holds 15 or so rounds. Rack it and follow that front site to your targets chest. Then squeeze off 2 at least, and assess. Keep shooting until the threat is totally neutralized. Then immediately call me and the police. I will then have a lawyer on the phone when I get there. This is how you take your life seriously. Expecting strangers to save you, expecting everyone has good intentions, and walking around with earbuds in and your face buried in a cell phone are all stupid. Criminals have never had it easier and people have never been so easy to make marks of. 

I live in a liberal city in a liberal state. I carry whatever I prefer. Sometimes I rock a holster but my frame is small and it’s hot in Cali so I also carry a backpack a lot. In my backpack I keep my 9mm, an extra mag, and a first aid kit. Being willing to offer first aid will likely go a long way in proving your intention was stopping a threat, not ending a life. Might make the difference between a good shoot and a million dollar trial that is a gamble.

If you still like my site you are used to my inability to remain on point. I write spontaneously and with no real outline. I usually find an article or issue that bothers me and thus, a post is made. Violence and guns are directly correlated. The more guns in a given area the lower the crime is. This is a universal and has not been disputed, ever. In fact the safest town in America mandated all home owners own at least one firearm per home and it’s the safest place in the world, probably.

The text of the law is as goes,

a) In order to provide for the emergency management of the city, and further in order to provide for and protect the safety, security and general welfare of the city and its inhabitants, every head of household residing in the city limits is required to maintain a firearm, together with ammunition therefore.(b)Exempt from the effect of this section are those heads of households who suffer a physical or mental disability which would prohibit them from using such a firearm. Further exempt from the effect of this section are those heads of households who are paupers or who conscientiously oppose maintaining firearms as a result of beliefs or religious doctrine, or persons convicted of a felony.

An amendment to the gun ownership law grants exceptions to convicted felons, conscientious objectors and those who cannot afford a gun.

Fu**ing AWESOME!

The results?

In 2007, there was a follow up, showing the effects of the law on crime and the city. The liberals of course warned that Kennesaw would become the Wild West. Like all liberal predictions, this one belongs in the sewer. (Make sure you flush twice, it’s a long ways to DNC HQ) In the 25 years that the law had been in place as of 2007 not one murder or defensive shooting took place. The first murder finally did occur in 2014, 32 years into the ordinance.

There ya go folks. An armed society is a polite society. You idiot gun control advocates are not for getting rid of guns. You support centralizing them in the power of the state exclusively. Odd for folks who consider the system systematically racist. How about taking guns from the cops instead of the citizens. They can wear bullet proof helmets, body armor, and still use batons. The most dangerous call for police are domestic violence calls. If they were able to enter the situation in full protection they would be able to diffuse the situation and even try to bring some humor to the situation. If the police showed up looking like an astronaut and started a “one small step towards jail…”, quip would be hilarious and disarm the tension. 

Threat deescalation isn’t in the police playbook. They shout demands and with every hesitation, pause, or heaven forbid a question, raises the stakes and the chances of being shot. I have no idea where this mentality began or why it has been allowed to become standard across the country. We are free people with the right to be treated with dignity, civility, and respect. The police should be as professional as any other white collar worker. They should always greet us with sir or ma’am. Everything should be a polite request, unless they have witnessed or are responding to a witnessed crime. They should not be allowed to dress up like soldiers. They belong in a peace officers uniform. They should also be more like the fire department. Only come when called and when you get there focus on protecting life first property second. Let the community focus on crime reduction through neighborhood watch and private security firms.

Basically the cops are hated because they either don’t do their lobs when the blacks are out of control but come down on everything white people do in spades. Look at the double standard for the Jan 6th mostly white protestors, to the mixed but mostly black and all democratic riots that burned hundreds of cities. Why would I back the blue when they leave me out to dry when needed? Why would I back them when all they do is extort, rob, and harass me? I’ve had like 8 large men cops tackle me and beat me senseless. I was put in a chokehold and could barely swallow for the next couple days. After they were finished they dragged me to the bartender just to hear her say I got jumped and only tried to defend himself enough to get away. 

After that they were all apologetic and asked if I wanted a ride home. I told them exactly what I thought of them and that even if I was the type of punk to press charges they couldn’t find shoes in a fu**ing shoebox. Then they got offended and started to seem dangerous again so I chose to just start walking home. I could have made a complaint. The next day my neck was purple and I was all busted up. Nothing hurt like my throat did though, that was way out of line. Then again 8 on 1 would be considered cowardly by any normal person. Cops call it policy. Worthless, pussies, who have no balls and no judgement. They are power drunk lunatics that seem incredibly stupid when you actually engage one in discussion. 

I’ve heard that the police departments look for IQ’s around 90 because this is good enough to minimize negligent accidents, at least enough for taxpayers to pay off without too much griping. It also is just intelligent to follow clear orders but not enough to think on their feet and improvise depending on the situation. That’s why the constant repetition and vague orders. They have a script and can’t go off it without permission. These morons can’t even memorize the Miranda rights. They all pull out the card every time and drag their finger like a third grader. If they can’t commit a paragraph to memory that they use daily how the hell do they know the laws? 

I’ve never seen a copy of the UCC, Driving Codes, or anything else for that matter. What the fu** do they do for legal info? If it feels illegal, arrest and let the jail figure it out. They aren’t even required to know the law at all. My brother spent far more time learning how to shoot than any time on the law. Literally nothing about the law and the difference between the courts, criminal, traffic, family, civil, etc. My brother got to train for shooting while driving a vehicle. Thousands of rounds so that my brother can empty his 16 round mag into your heart in about 2 or 3 seconds. Then he can change mags in a smooth flawless motion that takes hours of practice. Many exercises to clear various misfires. Tactical driving. Nothing about the law they are paid to enforce. Dangerously ignorant cops are not appreciated by anyone. 

Defund the entire cities and start from fresh. The bad apples have spoiled the bunch. Many cities must be cleansed of this cycle of corruption and theft. There is no fixing these people and replacing them piecemeal is worthless. Full sweep of the entire city council and all of the cities “officials”. Then random picks from any number of pooling methods will temporarily fill the positions deemed necessary. Duplicate and worthless departments can be disbanded completely. Then elections can come back. Or just continue doing the same things and expecting better results. Crazy gonna crazy.

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    1. $dbb9581 – I'm a total neanderthal that's completely confused by the society I live in. I'm offensive, honest, and a good man. I'm, here because I pay to be here, and I will say whatever I like. Come one, come all, to the freak show of commiefornia.
      David Baker says:

      I’ve always loved Larkin Rose I can never figure out why you don’t hear more of him. He’s a purist for sure and right on just about everything.

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