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Border Invasion Part 2

As I mentioned, this new rule set for asylum is 140 pages and we only got through part of it yesterday. This will be my final post on this particular document. From here on we can discuss the results. They will be heartbreaking and outrageous. There is no longer any reason not to illegally cross our border. The kicker, it’s better that they turn themselves into immigration than take their chances in sanctuary cities. The new rules allow them safe residence without any fear of deportation. 

2. Background and Purpose of the Rule 

The purpose of this proposed rule is to address the rising number of apprehensions at or near the southwest border and the ability of the U.S. asylum system to fairly and efficiently handle protection claims made by those encountered. The proposed rule streamlines and simplifies the adjudication process for certain individuals who are encountered at or near the border, placed into expedited removal, and determined to have a credible fear of persecution or torture, with the aim of adjudicating applications for asylum, statutory withholding of removal, and CAT protection in a timelier fashion and in conformity with procedural protections against erroneous denial of relief or protection. The principal facet of the rule is to transfer the initial responsibility for adjudicating asylum, statutory withholding of removal, and CAT protection applications from IJs to USCIS asylum officers for individuals within expedited removal proceedings who receive a positive credible fear determination. 

The purpose is to remove the proceedings from a court setting and immigration judge. To empower the bureaucratic loons to grant asylum based upon their own criteria and personal bias. It removes the adversarial system and replaces it with a cooperative system. Whatever, the purpose is to flood the US with foreigners who have never offered a single positive aspect to our culture. They hate whites and want them replaced with low IQ simpletons who seek free stuff and easy living.

This is only going to get worse, if you can believe that. There still exists a border patrol, for what, I’m sure I don’t know. They will be disbanded and the borders will be nothing more than a historical monument to pre-woke racist America. It will be turned into a social security center and inoculation center for immediate acceptance through the “border”. Then they will be centrally planned commie, administration of labor centers. Bureaucrats will be charged with deciding as to where they will be sent, what they will do for work, and the services they have access to. They will also be assigned appropriate housing. Think about the mini houses they seem to promote and consider this a special achievement for only the highest officials with families to house as well.

Communism is truly awesome folks. That’s what this is about. Names matter not, actions tell us everything. The US hasn’t made a step towards capitalism and away from communism since I have become politically aware. There isn’t even a case that it’s a fair fight. The achievements of the commies have been incredible so far, and they are only one serious crisis away from total transformation. They are hounding us one crisis after another to get their “struggle”, but these are contrived crisis. A very real crisis is coming. Economic, racial, and corruption all provide the ingredients for a crisis of epic proportions.

The rule making document goes into a section of tables that are totally irrelevant and meant to muddle up the report. The bottom line for me, in all of these tables is simple. They have seen a massive increase in asylum and fear claims. This has lead to a massive backlog of cases and an increased waiting time for the poor immigrant. The other relevant information is the number of cases and approvals. Out of 263,402 claims for fear from going home, 235,420 were accepted. Less than 30,000 denied out of nearly 264,000 applicants is surely ridiculous. Anything over half is an obvious fraud. Unless the criminals attempting to make their first action in this country a crime, just happen to be the most honest group of individuals possible. 

3. Population 

The population expected to be affected by this rule is the total number of credible fear completions processed annually by USCIS (71,363, see Table 3), split between an average of 59,280 positive-screen cases and 12,083 negative-screen cases. This can be considered the maximum, “encompassing,” population that could be impacted. However, we take into consideration larger populations to account for variations and uncertainty in the future population. 

This section goes into the folks affected by this rule changing. It accounts for every classification of immigrant and even the employers that depend on these losers. The citizens are not mentioned and definitely not a “stakeholder” in this, according to them at least.

For applicants who have established a credible fear, the opportunity cost of 12 hours to file Form I-589 at the lower and upper bound wage rates is $205.32 (12 hours x $17.11) and $471.00 (12 hours x $39.25), respectively, with a midrange average of $338.16. In addition, form instructions require a passport-style photograph for each family member associated with the Form I-589 filing. The Departments obtain an estimate of the number of additional family members applicable via data on biometrics collections for the Form I-589. Biometrics information is collected on every individual associated with a Form I-589 filing, and the tracking of collections is captured in the USCIS Customer Profile Management System (“CPMS”) database. A query of this system reveals that for the five-year period of FY 2016 through FY 2020, an average of 296,072 biometrics collections accrued for the Form I-589 annually. Dividing this figure by the same five-year period average of 110,937 initial filings (Table 3) yields a multiplier of 2.67 (rounded).74 Under the supposition that each photo incurs costs to applicants of $10,75 there could be $26.70 in additional cost-savings at either wage bound.76 The resulting cost savings per applicant from no longer having to file Form I-589 could range from $232.02 to $497.70, with a midrange of $364.86.77 

I have read and reread this section as well as the pages that follow and am totally incapable of of telling what it actually means. Is this explaining the cost savings they are providing the loser who wants entry based upon a claim of fear? Or is this the “wage” offered to the applicant for their time? I think it’s the first but it could go either way with the way this is worded. If I’m supposed to well up over the few hundred dollars it takes to apply for asylum, citizenship, or anything else? There isn’t a single government form I fail out for free. Registration, FOIA requests, and hell it even costs $25 just to take the pistol test in Cali before you can purchase a handgun. Then I’m charged to fill out the FFL paperwork. These are the barriers to my constitutionally protected rights. Not to mention an ATF tax stamp for a class III weapon. I have to pay for the application to carry concealed and it can owe denied. 

Taxpayers are charged to park, work, live, eat, own anything, etc… Charging a few hundred dollars for the thousands of dollars it costs in man power to process these hundreds of thousands of claims is a deal. According to our government it’s an overwhelming burden to the good people who have never added a single cent to this nation’s economy, and plan to abuse our system like a cheap whore.

The distributional impacts would accrue to asylum applicants who enter the U.S. labor force earlier than under current regulations, in the form of increased compensation (wages and benefits). A portion of this compensation gain might be transferred to asylum applicants from others that are currently in the U.S. labor force or eligible to work lawfully. Alternatively, employers that need workers in the U.S. labor market may benefit from those asylum applicants that receive their employment authorization earlier as a result of the proposed rule, gaining productivity and potential profits that the asylum applicant’s earlier start would provide. Companies may also benefit by not incurring opportunity costs associated with the next-best alternative to the immediate labor the asylum applicant would provide, such as having to pay existing workers to work overtime hours, if in fact it was necessary or they were requested to work overtime. “

“Next best alternative?” Like an American citizen that has had their lives destroyed by the government? How many people would gladly work out in the sun getting vitamin D and exercise at the same time. The only reason white people don’t want to work for vineyards is because they would be the only white person and Mexicans are rude as fu**. Having worked in construction and the trades I have first hand experience of what this folks work like, act like, and treat whites when they are the majority.

They act like you aren’t even there. I have always hidden the amount of Spanish I understand and played it like I am totally unaware of what they are saying. While they might not all just sit around talking shikt about you, they do talk shit and it’s constant. They are hacks and comparing their work with any of the white men I have worked with is a joke. They have no respect for our laws, the safety of their work, or even the innocence of our daughters. Yesterday I had to do start up on a A/C system in a house swarming with these people and I almost quit. I’m not an employee and I don’t depend on a paycheck or employer. Working around 50 dudes who I can’t communicate with is dangerous and makes me extremely angry. I don’t like working when I’m furious. I like having fun and enjoying my work. Mexicans are torture on my senses during work.

The saving grace is this. I work for myself, on my terms, and for those who I want to work for. The army of incompetent losers are all hourly paid, property of the contractor paying them. They probably started with one Mexican. That dude had a cousin, and that cousin had a brother, and now you have an entire payroll of Mexicans that white people will refuse to work for, with, and certainly not under. This is how it works and it’s disgusting how pathetic these business owners are. Liberal to the bone, but happy as a pig in shit to use illegal labor. Minimum wage of $15/hour, 3 months maternity leave regardless of gender, impossibility to fire anyone without proof of an outrageous offense, or face lawsuit, free healthcare, and on and on. The attack on employment has given the small business a reason to use illegals for labor. The fact that these pukes more than likely supported all of the things making his business impossible, is just poetic justice for myself. For him, it’s reason to heroically employ an immigrant who just needs to feed his 30 kids.

The early possible entry into the labor force of some positive-screened credible fear asylum applicants is not expected to change the composition of the labor market, as it would affect only the timing, not the scale of the labor force. However, there may be some labor market impacts from asylum seekers who currently enter the labor market with a pending asylum application and who may no longer be entering the labor market under this proposed rule if they get a decision sooner on their asylum claim. As we cannot predict how many people would be impacted in such a way, we are not able to quantify this impact.” 

No big deal folks. The composition was already set, this just hurries things up. They can calculate anything they want and have done so several times in this very report. They use estimates, and past trends to estimate the future. They don’t want to table out the future this will produce, even 78 pages in and we are still scared to tell the truth about the effects.

They use the same mealy mouthed crap to explain their inability to estimate the tax benefits from the employment expansion. Reading it leaves me with a clear answer why they don’t “quantify” the tax implications. How can you dress up a tax burden to be a tax surplus? They assume the only taxes they will get are social security and Medicare. The 2 tax items you can’t exempt yourself from. I personally claim 5 and try to never give the state a single extra cent. The fact that they force us all to give them interest free loans, all year and then, if they decide we deserve it, they refund some. They never pay a dime in interest, and they will throw your ass in prison if you decide to decline their offer to lend them whatever they consider “fair”. Wesley Snipes probably paid the government millions of dollars before he finally came across a great book that proved the income tax was illegal. The law is no defense in America.

In closing, we have noted that the impacts developed in this section apply to the population that receives a positive credible fear determination. Additionally, for the subset of this population that receives a negative asylum determination from USCIS, the possibility of de novo review of their claim by an IJ may benefit some applicants by affording another opportunity for review and approval of their asylum claims.”

Finally some truth. This report is concerned with the impacts on the felons crossing our borders. The taxpayers are irrelevant. At least unless you’re Walmart, Home Depot, etc.. When I first started construction I was working as a helper for a countertop guy. The track home construction site was almost all white. The only trades that were clearly Mexican were landscaping and drywall. Literally every other trade was completed by a salty white dude. I left construction when I was around 20. I got involved with HVAC and the remodel market and out of new construction.

When I returned in 2007 to take on there foreman position of a huge condo project I was shocked. It was as if I had been transported to Mexico. They were not just a majority over all, they were 90% of the actual workers. Still white superintendent and plenty of white foremen, but the labor was all Mexican. I tried to roll with it at first and figured these must be better Mexicans than the ones from my youth. I was very shortly introduced to reality. Not only were they worthless, they were also less able to communicate than the ones from my youth.

Now time to bust some BS myths about the noble savage we call hispanics. They are pathetically lazy compared to whites. They work at a snail’s pace and never consider anything an emergency to them. The only thing they care about is the taco truck that seems to come through 5 times every 8 hour day. They have no pride in their work and if called out on it and told to improve, they just bail. If you can’t communicate with them, how can you supervise them? My Mexicans were from here, but you couldn’t tell. They both spoke Mexican instead of English, even when I was right there with them. We would eat together and they would speak Spanish instead of offering me a chance to join them in conversation. They didn’t even consider this rude because they were aware of how I responded to disrespect.

Costs of Staffing to USCIS 

USCIS will need additional staffing to implement the provisions presented in this proposed rule. The staffing requirement will largely depend on the anticipated volume of credible fear referrals. In addition to asylum officers, USCIS will require additional supervisory staff, operational personnel, and organizational structures commensurate with the number of asylum officers needed. USCIS anticipates an increased need for higher-graded field adjudicators and supervisors to implement the provisions of this proposed rule. Approximately 92 percent of the field asylum officers are currently employed at the GS-12 pay level or lower.91 Under this model, USCIS will be assuming work normally performed by an IJ. EOIR data indicate the weighted average salary of $155,089 in FY 2021 for IJs, $71,925 for Judicial Law Clerks (“JLC”s), $58,394 for Legal Assistants, $132,132 for DHS Attorneys, and $98.51 per hour for interpreters.92 Notably, entry-level IJs are required to adjudicate a wider array of immigration applications than asylum officers, and their decisions are not subject to 100 percent supervisory review, unlike current USCIS asylum officers. As such, under this proposed rule, USCIS asylum officers making final decisions on statutory withholding of removal and CAT protection cases would be at a GS-13 minimum, considering they will be conducting adjudications traditionally performed only by IJs.93 In addition, first-line Supervisory Asylum Officers (“SAO”s) reviewing these decisions would be graded at a GS-14.94 Currently, not all SAOs are at a grade GS-14. However, aligning all first-line SAOs to a GS-14 ensures operational flexibility and makes this position consistent with the similar work processes and functions performed by the first-line Supervisory Refugee Officer position. 

I’m done with this crap, it makes me angry and just pisses me off. I will provide a link to the document and ya’ll can read as much of it as ya like. It is just another step in the war against America from within her own people. Another piece of evidence against these traders to be entered into their court records.

One last paste.

(iii) A credible fear hearing shall be closed to the public unless the alien states for the record or submits a written statement that the alien is waiving that requirement; in that event the hearing shall be open to the public, subject to the immigration judge’s discretion as provided in 8 CFR 1003.27. 

You get that folks? Criminal courts and records are public because we have a right to know our neighbors and their criminal records too. Illegal aliens, that are felons just by the nature of their presence in this country, enjoy private hearings for their attempt to prove they’re too afraid to go home and have to stay here where Uncle Sam can protect, feed, house, and educate their half dozen kids.

This is war and it’s on. This is well past the “voting out the bums”, stage. We need to burn this thing down and make America a smoldering heap, that only the most hearty and motivated pioneers would want anything to do with. The free market refers to it as “creative destruction”. It usually refers to an industry that gets disrupted by new technology and isn’t usually so extreme. No matter, we are in extreme times and we need radical solutions. In case you are in a coma, we are under attack and it’s getting hotter every day. Blowing a bridge is our last defense. After a fight fails to save a bridge the answer is to blow it up to remove it from the enemy. We need to blow up our foreigner relied upon economy. Boycott all restaurants, services, and every other company that “services” you with a foreigner that can’t even speak English. 

How can you possibly work and live in a country for a decade or longer and not even learn enough to communicate. Let alone lighten your accent. Are you too stupid to learn the international language of business? Or is it personal and you refuse to learn and use it out of spite? Either way it’s proof of how worthless you are. I would have Spanish down within 6 months of living there. Accent and all. I would do this to improve my own life there, first off. Second, I would learn the local language out of respect for the people who live there. I’ve always heard about the “ugly American” who makes us look dumb to foreigners. Well, I don’t know any ugly Americans, but all I have to do is look outside to see plenty ugly Mexicans. Mexican flags flying everywhere. Refusal to learn the most basic vocabulary of the people who built the country, and they blast their God awful music everywhere. These lame ass sounding songs are all about selling dope. The biggest Mexican acts are cartel affiliates. Even their so called art is an offense to the decency of anyone with an ounce of morality.

Again these angels made the biggest gains in the latest census so get used to more and more. Also get used to having no say over anything. The increase in number will increase their machismo and embolden them to ignore our laws even more than they do already. Finally, get ready for a massive increase in Mexican born representatives. The natural born citizen rule is one for the president. You will be “represented” by people who owe their loyalty and their hearts to Mexico and Mexicans, miles ahead of any consideration of you and yours. 

I feel like I’m watching a loved one die right in front of my eyes. I love America and I am loyal to her and her founding principles to the end. Watching her be poisoned by the people paid to protect her, her own people hate on her, and the founding stock be replaced, abused, and robbed, is too much. I want to fight. I know no other way, yet where do I start? If I wanted to live in Mexico I’d move there. I want them removed from America and I don’t care what the methods are. Bribery, threats of violence, or actual violence are all okie dokie to me.

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