Booster Shots For Everyone and Billions of Dollars for Big Pharma

This is inspired by a couple articles that caught my attention. They both came to me via Epoch Times. The first tells us that covid is endemic and going to require boosters like the flue. This is a jackpot for big Pharma. They were already making billions when it was a one time jab, either one or two part, but one full dose.

Getting to make boosters for variants they can only guess at is a gold mine. They are comparing it to the flu shot. As with the flu shot it is rarely effective. Over 1000 different flu variants and they guess on a few of them and design the shot around those. If they guessed wrong, the shot is useless other than the fact it gives people the flu every time they take it. My mom takes the flu shot because they force you to wear a mask all the time if you refuse. Every year my mom gets a heavy case of the flu.

This garbage comes to us from the director of the Oxford Vaccine Group. No conflicting interests, I’m sure. This dude Pollard says that the variants are the real threat now and he seems worried that variants appear to be more transmissible. That’s how viruses work. They are smart and know if they kill the host they die too. The virus will modify itself to be more contagious but less lethal. The fact that we have so many variants means we have heard immunity.

This loser, Pollard says that the variants aren’t stopped by the jab and, “even more of a reason not to be making a vaccine program around herd immunity.” Well shit, I thought that was the goal and we have been hammered with the 70% heard immunity crap for like a year now. The fact that the virus has already mutated and become even less dangerous is the very definition of herd immunity.

Now for the shocking facts that matter. The Oxford Vaccine Group, directed by Pollard, partnered with AstraZeneca to develop the most common COVID vaccine on the market.  The addition of booster shots to their already extremely lucrative and liability free jab will translate to an extra $6 billion/year. Pollard says straight up, this is going to be endemic and the vaccine will be like the flu shot. These people are so bought off you can’t even say “conflicting interests”. They only have one interest, making money at any and all costs.

The next one just fits perfectly with the first. “Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna Poised to Make Billions on COVID-19 Boosters” Again from Epoch Times.

Pfizer and Moderna have already locked in over $60 BILLION for the experimental, yet to be fully tested or approved, and dangerous jab. Analysts expect to see similar numbers as the flu. $6.6 billion for Pfizer, $7.6 billion for Moderna. Moderna refused to comment. A Pfizer mouthpiece was only willing to provide their forecast for the year 2021. Of which it projects a revenue figure of $33.5 billion for the year. This country used to be, just a few years ago, very skeptical of big Pharma. Now they are the high priests in our society. Every single mouthpiece from the state has connections to these companies that are unacceptable. Fauci is so compromised he needs to be prosecuted.

Moderna president admits that they are riding a wave of tyranny that guarantees their profits. He admits that at some point the market will return to a more regular vaccine market. Once the vaccine has to rely on informed consent and good old fashioned free choice, he admits he expects revenues to fall. What an economic genius. He admits that the price will be adjusted when forced to contend with supply and lack of demand.

The vaccine makers have explained to our so called CDC, FDA, and congress that their vaccines are waning after about 6 months. The only answer can be boosters. On Thursday the “regulators” authorized Pfizer and Moderna’s booster jab for the vulnerable and immunocompromised. The exact people that should stay far away from this jab. The FDA just passed it with emergency authorization, safety be damned.

Then on Friday the CDC wanted in on the party. A “key medical advisory panel” unanimously, and anonymously, it woulda seem, approved the use for boosters on the immunocompromised. The approval apparently clears the way for the immediate roll out of the new booster jab, yay.

Fauci says we should expect to be jabbed regularly and it’s “inevitable”.  To NBC News he said, “inevitably, there will be a time when we’ll have to give boosts to the general population.” Well, Fauci I hope you intend on giving me mine. I want you to try to get a needle in my arm before I can gauge out your eyes and rip your throat out. I’ll break your wimpy ass in two and would go down in history for it. I would be memorialized in stone by the many millions who agree with me. Fantasy land. Fauci isn’t coming anywhere near me and he doesn’t go anywhere without a security detail. I’m no threat to him even though he threatens so much about my life and society, it’s criminal. He is protected and I am a domestic terrorist. I’d have it no other way. I know I’m in good company and my cause is righteous.

So the financials are dripping in folks. The Big Pharma criminals are feasting upon a potential trillion dollar cow. It may be after a decade of boosters, but a trillion in total before we discover the adverse reactions outnumber the COVID injuries, by many times, is reasonable. Reasonable prediction of profits. Not reasonable to accept any of this COVID corruption. The real kicker for the criminals is they are free and clear of any and all liability. They could intentionally add aids to a batch of vaccines and all you could do is report it to VERSE and hope they pay for your aids meds.

This is the biggest robbery in history. A trillion dollar con has got to be the biggest ever attempted, let alone accomplished. They fleeced the entire world but European and America especially. The convinced you first, that this was a wet market that sold bats that infected a human with a bat virus. Then it got vague and didn’t seem to really matter where this thing came from. Now we know the US and China were doing “gain a function” research into the Corona virus at the Wuhan Lab. We know this was either released through negligence and poor safety standards, or it was released on purpose. It’s one or the other and I think the latter is far more likely.

They convinced you to wear masks and social distance as if that was of any benefit whatever. Then they locked us in our homes where we exploded the case counts for the same reason the flu jumps in winter. People packed inside breathing stale air. They have completely transformed life in this country in the span of a year. We went from a nation of semi free people, to straight up chattel slaves in record time. Now they are threatening your ability to work, purchase anything, or travel without having proof of poisoning. The best part, they are using the zombies who think the jab will give them their lives back, against those of us who know non-compliance is the only hope we have. 

They are desperate to set the vaccinated against the healthy. They have admitted herd immunity isn’t practical due to variants. That means vaccination is worthless because it causes variants and only protects against the last one. This is going to be the seasonal cold, flu, etc… We are now stuck with this gift from the eugenicists in China and the US. The only winners are tyrants and pharmaceutical companies. Humanity is taking a beating and we are being culled. When is enough, enough?

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